Langstone Pilot Gig Club is Hampshire's first Cornish Pilot Gig Club and we have been introducing gig rowing and racing to our local community since 2013. We are based at Northney Marina on Hayling Island and we row all year round in the beautiful waters of Chichester and Langstone harbours. We are a (CASC) Community Amateur Rowing  Club run by volunteers and have around 150 members of all ages from 12 -80 plus years old, which includes all levels of fitness and ability.  As a CASC our mission is to provide facilities for the promotion and participation in rowing, to be open to the whole community and to keep costs low and achievable to all.

Within our club we are very lucky to have a fantastic combination of extremely successful racing squads who row at the highest levels of the sport, a thriving training programme for those who aspire to reach their full potential along with ample opportunities for social and endurance rowing.

Our membership consists of both recreational rowers and those who wish to race in regattas throughout the summer. We train regularly every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. Rowing opportunities extend to mid week social rowing and morning and evening training rows and an exciting list of longer expedition rows which ensure all our members have the chance to enjoy rowing for fitness, fun or friendship.  

We attend numerous regattas throughout the summer months, and participate in the Jurassic League, which includes 8 of our fellow clubs located along the Jurassic Coast.   The racing season starts in March with the Three Rivers Race in Caradon building up to the World Pilot Gig Championships in May in the Isles of Scilly. The season culminates in the Newquay Championships, Brixham Vets, Swanage Supervets and Great River Race on the Thames.  These events attract large crowds and the racing is fun, colourful and exciting. 

We believe that rowing can advance physical and mental health and wellbeing.  We offer introductory rowing sessions for the community at no charge to highlight these benefits. We want to attract more people who may feel that they are not able to participate in sport, as rowing offers a more gentle and accessible way of exercising outdoors and with others. 

The sport provides the opportunity for the whole family to participate either rowing together or supporting the club. As well as the fitness and competitive side, and the joy of being out in the fresh air year-round, our members enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team, both in and out of the boat.  


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