Committee Chair Contacts

Lang Ranch has at least one event each month and we are able to provide these wonderful activities thanks to our Committees and Chairpersons.  We always welcome new volunteers! The list below contains the contact information for the Chairperson of each committee.  Please feel free to email the Chairperson if you would like more information or if you are interested in helping with that committee.

Awareness Week Kristin Snowden
Leahastar Schwanauer
Heather Exposito
Beautification Suzie Morton               
Boutique Amy Wang                  
Community Tree Lorraine Kollman
Disaster Pamela Valance 
Directory Diane Humphrey
Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration OPEN

eScrip Juli Rice
Fall Festival Nicole Seidman
Fall Festival Baskets Anne Rubin
  Julia Blietz
Family Portraits            Vicky Nave
Field Day OPEN
Green Ribbon Week Kristin Snowden 
Leahastar Schwanauer
Heather Exposito
Honorary Service Awards Kathleen Davidson
Hospitality Shannon Lomeli
International Night Nazli Salminejad
Jog-a-Thon Ken Hobmann
  Shani Eldridge
Kids Making ChangeLisa Cusworth  
Kindergarten Park Day Kelly Cobb-Adams
Name Badges Coordinator Juli Rice
Open House Dinner OPEN
Publicity Meghan
Reading Incentive Program Lisa Cusworth
Christina Kane
Reading Incentive T-Shirts     Lisa Cusworth
Reflections Erica Turzak
Meghan Turner
Nah Young Kim
Rubber Ball RunMeghan Turner
Susan Medhurst
Talent Show Coordinator Nicole Seidman
Teacher Appreciation Erica Turzak
Valentine’s Family Dance Lisa Cusworth
Volunteer Coordinator Melissa Stoops
Walk-to-School Day Hilary Appel
Welcoming Committee Ashley Maziasz
Wellness Committee Kristin Snowden
Year Book Laurie Kearney
Kathy Tores                   


Room Parent Coordinator Michelle Paymard
Book Fair  Jennifer Joseph
Box TopsNah Young Kim 
Fiona Wong