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 Australia's Snowy Mountain Scheme (1948-72)
 One of the largest hydro-electric schemes in the world.
 Tanganyika Groundnut Scheme (1948-51)
 A failed plan to cultivate peanuts in Tanzania.
 Queensland British Food Corporation (1948-53)
 A failed plan of massive farming in Australia.
 Colonel Leblanc's Africa Expeditions (1949-59)
 The story of a travelling salesman.
 Barbara Toy Journeys (1950-61)
 Travelling North Africa and Middle East with Pollyanna.
 Autocar's Land Roving From India (1951)
 A 6000-mile test trip from Calcutta to Calais.
 Toronto Brothers Overland (1952)
 Doug & Warren Wilkins journey around the globe.
 Sani Pass Crossing (1952)
 Series One testing at altitude.
 Australia Centralian Journey (1952)
 A visit by a Victorian family.

 The Great Trek (1953)
 A family of four from Bath (UK) to Salisbury (Rodhesia).
 Adamson's Expedition (1953)
 From Nairobi to London.

 OxCam Trans-Africa Expedition (1954)
 Oxford and Cambridge circuit of Africa.
 Operation Roverland (1954-55)
 From Tasmania to England.
 Sir Laurens Van de Post Expedition to Kalahari (1955)
 Searching for the Bushmen...
 Operation Enterprise (1955)
 From UK to Nairobi testing Turner Diesel engines.
 OxCam Far Eastern Expedition (1955)
 Also known as First Overland from London to Singapore.
 Weaver's Expedition (1955)
 Helena and Hal travel from London to Cape Town.
 Gunbarrel Highway (1955)
 Len Beadell's solo reconnaissance of central Australia.
 Cold Ash to Durban (1955)
 A trek from England to South Africa and back.
 The Rudolphs' Passage to India (1956)
 Two new PhDs driving from Austria to India.
 Group Captain Peter Townsend (1956)
 Around the world trip.
 12,000 Miles by Land Rover (1956)
 Orr family trip from Brazil to Canada.

 OxCam South American Expedition (1957)
 Another Oxford and Cambridge trip.
 Foster-Bateman Canadian Expedition (1957)
 Around the world with
The Grizzly Torque.

 George Rodger Trans-Sahara Expedition (1957)
 Photographing Africa.

 Edis Expedition (1957-59)
 A London-Singapore-Australia and back adventure.
 Serengeti Shall Not Die (1957-59)
 Prof. Bernhard Grzimek study of this ecosystem in Tanzania.
 The Himalayan Adventure (1958)
An overland expedition of three housewives.
 Rallye Méditerranée - Le Cap (1959)
 Crossing Africa from
Algiers to Cape Town.


 Herber Zipkin's Trans World Expedition (1959)
 A long distance cinematography tour.

 Trans Darien Expedition (1960)
 The first team to go from Panama to Colombia.
 Ken Campbell (1960)
 Rhodesia to UK with an 80" Series I.
 LROC Review March 1961 issue
 Gipsy Doctor (1963)
 Wendy Carnegie trip from UK to India with a caravan.
 Trans Australia Crossing (1966)
 The Leyland Brothers trip from West to East.
 Pegasus Overland (1968)
 Five young men from Liverpool (UK) to New Zealand.
 Grannies Safari (1968)
 Grandmothers' expedition from UK to Australia.

 Spanish Trans Himalayan Expedition (1969)
 A climbing expedition from Barcelona.
 Sahara South (1969)
 Testing Range Rover prototypes...
 Trans Sahara Expedition (1975)
 Dakar to the Red Sea in FC101 with powered trailers.
 Camel Trophy (1980-2000)
 20 years of worldwide expeditions.
 Dollars and Chocolate (1995-96)
 London to Nepal in Lightweight.
 Trans Global Expedition (1998)
 London to New York.
 The Land Rover G4 Challenge (2003-08)
 A global adventure.
 Bering Strait Crossing (2008)
 From UK to Alaska with amphibious crossing.
 Land Rover Bursary (2008-)
 Run by the Royal Geographical Society.
 London to Singapore (2016)
 Recreating OxCam First Overland 1955.
 Retro Road Trip 1957 (2016)
 A family of four from France to Iran and back.

 Overland Live (2009-)
 Lots of personal expeditions!

 Land Rover Expedition (2013-)
 Personal expeditions with Landies.
 Not related with official Land Rover Experience!
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