Town of Lakewood

St. Louis County, Minnesota


Effective Monday, May 3, 2021, the Town of Lakewood office will be open to the public.  Masks are required when entering the building and social distancing of six feet. Community gatherings and rentals are closed at this time until further notice.  Town board meetings are conducted in-person and electronically by either teleconferencing or video conferencing.  We will continue to conduct Town business electronically by email (, by phone 218.525.4991, or US mail during town office hours.  Information may also be dropped off in the mailbox near the front entrance of the town hall.  The Fire and Emergency Services will continue to respond as always.

Go to the Announcements Tab for Board meeting teleconferencing information.

Please use social distancing when recycling.  If you social distance, no more than one person is allowed at the bins at a time.  Please stay in your vehicle until your neighbor has finished recycling.  Thank you. 

The Treasurer is in need of a Deputy Treasurer.  If you are interested, please call the town hall (525-4991) and leave a message.  Thank you.

The Township is not seeking Snow Removal Quotes at this time.

The Township is seeking not Roads Quotes at this time.  Lakewood Roads Quote Application.  

The Township is not seeking Mowing quotes at this time.  Lakewood Roadside Mowing Quote Form

The Township Office is located in the Town Hall at the intersection of Strand Road and North Tischer Road, with the Recycling Center located next door.  The Zoning Administrator holds office hours in the Township Office.  The Town Hall is available for rental.

Township Office
    3110 Strand Road
    Duluth, MN 55803
    phone (218) 525-4991
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    9:00 AM to Noon
    Closed on Federal holidays.

Zoning Administrator: Shona Phipps
Hours: Monday Evenings 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (except Federal Holidays)

All zoning matters, questions and applications can either be dropped off in the drop-box at the town hall or emailed to for review (fee payment will be directed at the time of approval).

Email questions or to request an 
appointment with Shona at:

For information on renting the Town Hall
call the office at 525-4991.  See the Rental agreement tab.

3110 Strand Road, Lakewood, MN