Candidates running for Supervisors in the March 12th, 2019 Township Election are:

Supervisor A: Jerry Larson

My name is Jerry Larson and I have served on the Lakewood Town Board of Supervisors for the last twelve years.  Recently, I filed for a fifth three-year term and would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.

I have resided with my wife, Diane, in Lakewood since 1976.  During this time I worked for St. Louis County for 36 years in the areas of child protection, planning and contracting.  I served in the U.S. Army and am a Vietnam Veteran (Military Police).

Although the township’s population has significantly increased since 1976, through compliance with our township zoning ordinance and our Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Lakewood has retained its rural feeling.  I support continuing this focus.  I support our senior and youth programs, i.e. recreation, scouts education, etc.  I also place a high value on civility, collaboration, and volunteerism.  Safe roads, water quality and green forests are also a priority.  The wise use of our tax levy dollars is integral to meet the ongoing needs of our township. 

Lakewood remains a safe, healthy and beautiful place to raise a family.  This has occurred through the collaboration, sustained efforts and participation in Lakewood township business and activities by our residents.  Because our residents care, Lakewood Township works!  Through the continued volunteer efforts of our fire department, insurance rates remain low and our safety is a priority.  Our Township staff, board members and volunteers are dedicated workers and available when needed.  Questions, call Jerry Larson at 525-1106.  Please vote!

Jerry Larson

This article was also printed in the February 2019 Town Crier, however, the last paragraph was inadvertently left out. My apologizes to Mr. Larson. (Clerk Hanson)

Supervisor B: Bob Iverson

Hello Neighbors,

I am Bob Iverson and I am running for township supervisor. My wife, Sandy and I have lived in Lakewood for 30 years. I have seen this area grow and prosper. As township supervisor, I would work for all residents to ensure that everyone is represented and treated fairly.

My professional experience has many facets. I have been a small business owner. I ran a home inspection business for 4 years. After that I owned and operated a computer repair business named Macintosh Doctor for 10 years. I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for 7 years at Cirrus Aircraft. For the past 17 years, I have worked in Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

I am active in my church and I have served on the board of elders for many years. I was President for 4 years and oversaw the replacement of our boiler and the replacement of our sanctuary windows and re-leading of the stained glass contained within those windows and the design of a new large window above the altar. I was responsible for contracting with a design engineer, securing bids on the projects and overseeing the installation. The combined cost of the two completed projects was $140,000.

My goal is to serve the residents of Lakewood in a fair and just manner and ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely. I want to be a voice for the people and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Supervisor B: Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell is a candidate for Supervisor B, however, he did not have a submission for this newsletter.  Mr. Campbell is the Lakewood Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief.


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