Volunteer Information

The Lake Forest Church Association 
is an all volunteer organization

To volunteer, call our Volunteer Coordinator
at 732-600-1401  or  Email lfcafoodpantry@gmail.com    
and offer to volunteer!   It's just that easy.

Tuesday & Thursday VOLUNTEERS
We distribute food at the Pantry 
on Tuesdays and Thursdays   from 9am to 12:30pm.
We usually assist about 25 families on any given day,
so that means filling approximately 25 orders of groceries
custom made for each client, depending on the
number of adults and children in a household.
Clients are given appointment times to pick up their food.
We use a wire shopping cart, and shop for each family.
This work requires a team of 4 to 6 volunteers.
Each team forms its own procedures for filling orders.
In some cases one volunteer prepares the order for one family.  
In other cases the team may pull from areas of the pantry 
with all members working on each order.
It's a treat to be a part of a team, 
and we have a lot of fun together.
It gives you a really good feeling to do this work
because you know you are helping people
and doing so in the name of Jesus.

Wednesday morning VOLUNTEERS
Wednesday is the shop, haul, and stock day.  
Volunteers go to the Food Bank in Milford 
and shop from the shelves as well as 
pick up the order submitted over the weekend.  
Volunteers with pick-ups (currently a group from the Air Base) 
haul the food to Harrington.  
We then stock the shelves 
and that requires a team of about 6 volunteers.
It's just like stocking shelves in a grocery store,
only there is laughter and fun and people working together.
Everyone chips in together and it's satisfying
to see everything go into the right place.

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