"Passionate about improving the quality of life of people using technology"

Barcelona, Spain (photo by Julien Morot)

Laia Subirats (1985, Barcelona). I am a data science researcher, innovator and lecturer who loves learning. I love working in innovative, interdisciplinary and international environments. I am very passionate about improving the quality of life of people using technology.

I am a data science researcher and innovator at Eurecat - Technology Centre of Catalonia and a part-time lecturer at Open University of Catalonia. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from Autonomous University of Barcelona (2015). I have more than 10 years of experience in R&D projects in disciplines such as artificial intelligence, social networks and ontologies; both in national and international centers. I am co-/author of more than 20 technical and scientific publications and 1 patent in the areas of artificial intelligence and bioinformatics.

To summarize, my fields of expertise are:

  • artificial intelligence in medicine
  • data science
  • knowledge representation
  • case-based reasoning

Laia Subirats in Mathematics genealogy project and Laia Subirats in ORCID

Barcelona, 2014