Laboratory for NeuroErgonomics


Kickoff 2016.2.1

Research Focus

Leverage knowledge and methodologies of Brain Dynamics (Neuro-) and Human Factor and Performance (Ergonomics) to

  • advance our understanding of performance-related brain network dynamics
  • design brain-computer interfaces to maintain or augment the human performance in real-world settings
  • develop realistic applications of multimedia interaction and brain/cognition assessment at home

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students joining our lab to learn and design brain-computer interface for real-life applications (歡迎研究生與大學部專題生加入)

Research Scope

  • EEG signal processing
  • Machine learning
  • Big data mining
  • Biosignal sensing hardware
  • Brain-computer interface

Recent announcements

  • 2019.8.17 Conference presentation. Yi-Lu Tsai and Wei-Jen Chen presented their works at WACBE 2019 (link).
  • 2019.8.8 New lab member. Yi-Feng Shu and Yao-Hong Huang join our lab to work toward their master thesis.
  • 2019.8.6 New journal paper. Dr. Yuan-Pin Lin's work titled "Constructing a Personalized Cross-day EEG-based Emotion-Classification Model Using Transfer Learning " has been accepted for publication in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (link).
  • 2019.8.5 2nd EEG workshop. Our lab is organizing the 2nd EEG summer workshop at NSYSU during Aug. 5~9. There are 20 students from 8 labs (7 universities) participating this training course. The topics cover ERP/SSVEP experiments, and basic time-frequency analysis and machine learning implementation (link).
  • 2019.7.26 Taiwan-Latvia-Lithuania Joint Research Collaboration. Our lab members (Yi-Wei, Yi-Lu, and Hsing-Yi) are visiting Lativa and Lithuania Groups during Jul. 23 ~ Aug. 2 (link).
  • 2019.6.25 Congratulations! Meng-Yu Yao's project proposal has been granted by MOST (科技部大專生專題研究計畫 108-2813-C-110-029-E).
  • 2019.6.12 New lab member. Sheng-Hsun Chen joins our lab as technical intern to work on cross-platform software infrastructure.
  • 2019.4.27 New journal paper. Kai-Chiang Chuang's work titled "Cost-Efficient, Portable, and Custom Multi- Subject Electroencephalogram Recording System" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access.
  • 2019.4.23 New equipment installed. Another computing server with GPU is online.
  • 2019.4.1 New conference abstract. Wei-Jen Chen will present his work titled "Demonstrating a Collaborative Brain-Computer Interface Framework Using Cost-Efficient and Custom EEG Headsets " at the 9th WACBE World Congress on Bioengineering (WACBE'19). Kai-Chiang Chuang is the co-author.
  • 2018.12.12 New granted project. Our Taiwan-Latvia-Lithuania Joint Research Project titled "Brain-Computer Music Interfacing for Embodied Musical Interaction " has been granted (till 2021/12/31).
  • 2018.11.21 New lab member: Meng-Yu Yao joins our lab to work on EEG research.
  • 2018.11.4 New conference abstract. The work titled "Developing a Cost-efficient EEG Acquisition Device with a 3D-printed Self-assembled Electrode Holder" has been accepted and selected as Oral Presentation at Global Conference on Biomedical Engineering (GCBME) in Taoyuan, Taiwan (Hsing-Yi Liang and Kai-Chiang Chuang are the main authors) .
  • 2018.8.10 1st EEG training course : Our lab is holding the 1st EEG training course at NSYSU campus during Aug. 13~17. Three labs and 13 students join this summer course. The topics are about ERP and SSVEP analysis using machine learning and independent component analysis.
  • 2018.7.2 New lab member: Ting-Yu Chen and Shang-You Yang join our lab to work on their master thesis.
  • 2018.5.12 New lab member: Wei-Jen Chen joins our lab to work on a BCI project.
  • 2018.2.8 New lab member: Zi-Zhen Chen joins our lab to work on EEG analysis.
  • 2018.1.24 Lab visitor: Peggy Cao conducts a short-term ERP project in our lab.
  • 2017.7.24 New lab member: Hsing-Yi Liang and Yi-Lu Tsai join our lab to work on their master thesis.
  • 2017.7.23 New granted project: A project is awarded for Excellent Junior Research Investigators, Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • 2017.7.3 Journal paper published: The work titled "Improving Cross-day EEG-based Emotion Classification Using Robust Principal Component Analysis" has been published in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.
  • 2017.6.27 Journal paper published The work titled "Improving EEG-based Emotion Classification Using Conditional Transfer Learning" has been published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.
  • 2017.6.21 New equipment installed: Computing and data servers are online!
  • 2017.4.3 Congratulations! Kuan-Juan Chiang got admission to Master degree program at Department of Bioengineering in University of California, San Diego, 2017.
  • 2017.3.29 Conference paper accepted: Our work titled "Developing a Portable EEG Platform for Real-life Applications: Preliminary Demonstration" is selected as an Oral Presentation by Symposium on Engineering, Medicine, and Biology Applications (SEMBA'17). Kai-Chiang Chuang is the first author.
  • 2017.3.13 Congratulations! Dr. Lin is recognized by Marquis Who's Who 2017 for excellence in Electrical Engineering.
  • 2016.12.29 New equipment installed: Core facility of EEG recording has been established.
  • 2016.10.12 New granted project: Our proposal entitled "Toward a Real-life Affective Brain-Computer Interface Framework" has been funded by MOST (105-2218-E-110-008).
  • 2016.8.1 New lab member: Kuan-Juan Chiang (undergraduate student, NTU EE) joined our lab to learn EEG data mining.
  • 2016.8.1 New lab member: 沈易緯 (105 graduate student, NSYSU IMST) joined our lab to work on his master thesis.
  • 2016.2.1 New lab member: 莊凱強 (104 graduate student, NSYSU IMST) joined our lab to work on his master thesis.


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