• A garden whose heritage and species rose collection has 2 stars in the "Guide Vert Michelin" (since 2005) : "Worth a detour" .
  • Labelled « Jardin Remarquable » (2010).
  • Who is Odile Masquelier ? 
Odile Masquelier is the owner and designer  of La Bonne Maison Garden, where she has been working for 50 years.
A Heritage Rose lover, she has gained an extensive knowledge concerning their cultivation
 as well as a botanical and historical one.
Her conferences and articles published in Europe, USA, Australia,  New-Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Africa and South America
have  brought her an international notoriety.

Latest pictures of the garden (spring 2018) : 











Video From JardinJardinier

To remember André Eve at La Bonne Maison
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November 2016 : Historic Rose Journal

December 2015: ROSEN Bladet (Swedish rose journal)

Joséphine de Beauharnais (1807 - 1876)

 Odile Masquelier


September 2015: MY GARDEN (Japanese magazine)

October 2014: ROSANOVA (Italian magazine)

July 2015 : A FOOD LOVER'S PILGRIMACE TO FRANCE (Australian book)

Visitors' comments : 
  • "Your roses look healthy and happy. They enjoyed a supervised freedom." (2008)
  • Pictures from a garden's member "Pastelle" http://www.lumieresdelombre.com/archives/2013/05/19/27193556.html    (May 2013)
  • "The magic and charm of the garden are outstanding and your gardening methods are truly admirable. Together you have created a paining, a tapestry, a collage, of colour, texture and scent which surpasses anything I have ever seen." (Jenny Harper, June 2013

Where are we?

La Bonne Maison 99 chemin de Fontanieres La Mulatiere

Attention : Do not trust the  GPS who don't indicate the good position.
Mark 112 chemin de Fontanières 69110 Sainte Foy les Lyon, in front of the small parking.
Tips to arrive :
  • Look carefully at the above map or
  • Insert on your  GPS LAT.N 45° 44' 30.06", +  LONGIT.E. 4° 48' 32.43"