Currently :

  • On January 8th : new edition of : "Chroniques d'un jardin de roses anciennes" (Arthaud Poche) on sale at La Bonne Maison

  • The garden will open March 1st 2021, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 12h30 (Saturday by e-mail appointment). Entrance 10€, free until 18 years old and students)

  • Your message will be most welcome (contact@labonnemaison.org)

  • Trees, Fragrances & Birds' Songs : the best remedy to STRESS : it is "VITAMIN GARDEN"

  • A garden whose heritage and species rose collection has 2 stars in the "Guide Vert Michelin" (since 2005) : "Worth a detour" .

  • Labelled « Jardin Remarquable » (2010).

  • Who is Odile Masquelier ?

Odile Masquelier is the owner and designer of La Bonne Maison Garden, where she has been working for 50 years.A Heritage Rose lover, she has gained an extensive knowledge concerning their cultivation

as well as a botanical and historical one.

Her conferences and articles published in Europe, USA, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Africa and South America

have brought her an international notoriety.

Latest pictures of the garden (March & April 2020) :

'Park's Yellow Tea Scented'

'Belle Bassou'

Caltha des Marais

'Park's Yellow'

'Maréchal Niel'

Malus 'Red Jade

Malus 'Indian Magic'

Melianthus Major M. & Euphorbia

Prunus avium flore plena

Prunus 'Pink Perfection'

Prunus 'Kanzan'

Rosa mutabilis


'Clg. Devoniensi'

'Comtesse du Cayla'

'Ctesse du Cayla '

'Lijiang Road Rose'

'Lijiang Road Rose' close

P.'Haku Unkaku'

P.x lutea 'Nike'

P.Haku Unkaku

P.Haku Unkaku

V.plicatum mariesii & le banc

'Hoshi No Flamenco'

P. 'L'Espérance'

Rosa hugonis

'Mme Grégoire Stachelin'

'Mme Grégoire Stachelin'

Ancholie de semis

P. 'Godaishu

Rosa laevigata

Rosmarinus prostratus


Glycines & Saule


P. 'Hesperus'

To remember André Eve at La Bonne Maison

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Some articles published in foreign's magazines:

November 2016 : Historic Rose Journal

December 2015: ROSEN Bladet (Swedish rose journal)

Joséphine de Beauharnais (1807 - 1876)

Odile Masquelier


September 2015: MY GARDEN (Japanese magazine)

October 2014: ROSANOVA (Italian magazine)

July 2015 : A FOOD LOVER'S PILGRIMACE TO FRANCE (Australian book)

Visitors' comments :

  • "Your roses look healthy and happy. They enjoyed a supervised freedom." (2008)

  • Pictures from a garden's member "Pastelle" http://www.lumieresdelombre.com/archives/2013/05/19/27193556.html (May 2013)

  • "The magic and charm of the garden are outstanding and your gardening methods are truly admirable. Together you have created a paining, a tapestry, a collage, of colour, texture and scent which surpasses anything I have ever seen." (Jenny Harper, June 2013

Where are we?

Attention : Do not trust the GPS who don't indicate the good position.

Mark 112 chemin de Fontanières 69110 Sainte Foy les Lyon, in front of the small parking.

Tips to arrive :

  • Look carefully at the above map or

  • Insert on your GPS LAT.N 45° 44' 30.06", + LONGIT.E. 4° 48' 32.43"