KymographDirect & KymographClear

Automated kymograph analysis from Erwin Peterman's group
KymographDirect and KymographClear are two open source tools for the automated analysis of kymographs.

These tools are described in the following article:

Pierre Mangeol, Bram Prevo and Erwin Peterman. Molecular Biology of the Cell 27:12 1948-1957 (2016).

Please cite this reference if you plan to publish with KymographDirect or KymographClear.

KymographDirect - program for the automated analysis of kymographs

KymographDirect is a free stand-alone application to extract quantitative information from kymographs, in an automated way, with unprecedented accuracy and robustness. KymographDirect can extract features such as position, velocity, particle intensity, and computes relevant statistical analysis of these quantities. Even kymographs with multiple crossings can easily be analyzed.

To best benefit from KymographDirect, we strongly recommend to use kymographs generated with KymographClear, because these kymographs are of high quality and because this gives access to special features.

To learn more about all the program capabilities and see some snapshots, consult the user manual.

Download KymographDirect
Install packages 
for Windows (version 2.1, April 6, 2016)
for Mac OS 
(version 2.1a, February 24, 2017)
You can use these tutorial files to try th
e program.

KymographDirect 2.1 source code written in LabViEW 12.0 can be downloaded here.

Note: KymographDirect 2.1 for Mac uses LabVIEW 2015 run-time. If you have been using KymographDirect 1.0 for Mac, please update LabVIEW runtime to 2015 version (included in the package).

KymographClear - kymograph generation for ImageJ

KymographClear is a macro toolset for the popular image-processing tool ImageJ to generate high-quality kymographs. A special feature of KymographClear is that it allows users to separate direction of motions in the kymograph thanks to a Fourier transform based algorithm. Forward, backward motion and pauses are colored in different colors which helps greatly kymograph interpretation.

 You can download KymographClear 2.0 here.

Please consult the user manual to learn how to install and use KymographClear.

A sequence to test KymographClear can be downloaded here.

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