Kentucky Cumberland Area Narcotics Anonymous Service Committee

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a simple, successful and proven way to maintain a drug free lifestyle, THAT YOU CAN AFFORD.  There are no fees or dues charged for participation in the NA program.   All of our members have first hand experience with drug addiction and support NA through their own efforts and voluntary contributions.   There are now 61,800 weekly NA meetings being held in 129 different countries.   We are a global fellowship motivated by a common desire to carry the NA message of recovery to the still suffering drug addict.   Our message is that ANY drug addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use drugs and find a new way to live.   THE ONLY REQUIREMENT FOR MEMBERSHIP IN NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS IS THE DESIRE TO STOP USING DRUGS.

CANAC is the Service Committee for NA Groups located in the Lake Cumberland Area of Southern Kentucky. CANAC develops, coordinates and maintains NA services for its member Groups and NA as a whole.   Our purpose is to make recovery from drug addiction widely available in the rural communities we serve.   We achieve that purpose by establishing communication links between our Groups and those still suffering from active drug addiction, primarily through the distribution of meeting lists, contact information and NA approved literature.    These resources facilitate the referral of drug addicts from Hospitals, Courts, Jails, Prisons, Probation & Parole, Churches, Schools and other Social Service providers, to NA Groups in the community.  When satisfied that these communication links are sustainable (based on current resources and participation levels) we sponsor social activities and outreach programs designed to enhance the addiction recovery experience. (Click on Resources Listed in Sidebar) All of our member Groups have agreed to validate attendance by applying a uniform stamp to attendance forms; (pursuant to NA World Service Bulletin 31N). However, we are not affiliated with any outside entities and we do not request, accept or receive grants or government assistance of any kind.

The WE CAN Area also welcomes referrals from Employers, Family Members, Business Associates and our Friends in AA!  IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM (OR KNOW SOMEONE THAT DOES) WE CAN HELP.   WELCOME TO NA!