Karl Wegmann
Ph.D.    Lehigh Univ., 2008
M.S.     Univ. of New Mexico, 1999
B.A.     Whitman College, 1996

I'm always interested in hearing from self-motivated students looking to join our research group. 

Please contact me or the students currently working with me for more information
office ph: +1-919-515-0380

This could be your office... well at least part of the year!

Current Graduate Students

Rachel Atkins
Ph.D. student: 2016 - present
Research: Planetary surface processes and Geoscience Education ; co-advised by Dr. Paul Byrne (NCSU)
Rachel's webpage

Gantulga Bayasgalan
Ph.D. student: 2013 - present
Research: Climatic and Tectonic Geomorphology of the Hangay Mountains, central Mongolia

John Wall
Ph.D. student 2013 - present
Research: Lidar geoarchaeology and sinkhole detection; co-advised by Dr. Del Bohnenstiehl (NCSU)
John's webpage

Col. Julian (Nuttman) Chesnutt
PhD student: 2015 - present
Research: Mass Wasting across the Solar System

Adam Lee
MS student: 2015 - present
Research: Evaluating Steam Geomorphic and Water Quality Changes from Natural and Analog Beaver Dam Structures, Wake County, North Carolina

Current Undergraduate Students

Dustin Travels        Geology major (2018) - Evaluating the effectiveness of beaver impoundments for urban stream restoration, Wake County, North Carolina
Melanie McCaskey    Testing for clast shape and bedload grain size differences between pre-European and modern stream gavel deposits, Wake County, North Carolina
Callie Swaford    Testing for clast shape and bedload grain size differences between pre-European and modern stream gavel deposits, Wake County, North Carolina
Phillip Paige    Identifying the Anthropocene in sediments preserved along Richland Creek, Wake County, North Carolina

Former Students: Where are they now?

  • Catelyn Joyner (2016): Lacustrine megaturbidites and displacement waves: the Holocene Earthquake History of the Lake Creek-Boundary Creek Fault at Lake Crescent, Washington, USA [M.S. Thesis]
    • Geologist - Golder and Associates, Richmond, VA
  • Stephen Smith (2016): Tectonic and climatic controls on landscape evolution in the Hangay Mountains, Mongolia and Olympic Mountains, USA [PhD Dissertation]
    • Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology, Center for Integrative Geoscience at the University of Connecticut [PhD Dissertation]
  • Matthew Morriss (2015): Dynamic and Tectonic Landscapes in Eastern Oregon Reveal Neogene to Quaternary Rearrangement of Topography [M.S. Thesis]
    • Ph.D. Student, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Oregon 
  • Nathan Lyons (2014): Hillslope-Stream Coupling in Tectonically Active and Inactive Regions [PhD Dissertation].
    • Post-doctoral Fellow, Tulane University - Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Sean Gallen (2013): The Development of Topography in Ancient and Active Orogens: Case Studies of Landscape Evolution in the Southern Appalachians, USA and Crete, Greece [PhD Dissertation].
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, Colorado State University
  • Mark Voli (2012):Tracing the Sources of Suspended Sediment Inputs to Falls Lake Reservoir, Neuse River, North Carolina [M.S. Thesis].
    • Environmental  Scientist at Dewberry Engineering, Fairfax, VA
  • Robert Lewis (2011): The Lasting Impacts of Post-Colonial Agriculture and Water-Powered Milldams on Current Water Quality, Wake County, Raleigh, North Carolina [M.S. Thesis].
    • Msc Student, Science and Religion, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.; Previously an Envionrmental Scientist at AECOM, Greenville, SC
  • Jennifer Cessna          2009         Graduate Student - Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin
  • Joseph Kasperski        2010         Geologist - Golder Associates, Richmond, VA
  • Evan Riddle                2010         Graduate Student - Oregon State University
  • Kelly Johnson             2011         Geologist, Mid Atlantic Associates, Inc., Raleigh, NC
  • John Mass                  2011         Geologist - AMEC Inc., Raleigh, NC
  • Julie Johnston             2011         Owner & Geologist - Johnston & Bowman Geologic Consulting, Olympia, WA
  • L. John Michaels          2011         Geologist, New Mexico Dept. of Transportation, Sante Fe, NM
  • John DeDecker            2012         Graduate Student - Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
  • Nathan Simmons         2012         Environmental Scientist - ECEA, Gastonia, NC
  • Christopher Stanbery   2013         Graduate Student - Boise State University, ID
    • Austin Jacobs                    2016            
    • Alex Harris                         2017            
    • Robert Lane                       2017
    • Hallie Nunamaker              2017