Karl W. Wegmann

  Assistant Professor of Geology
  North Carolina State University
  Campus Box 8208
  2800 Faucette Drive
  2123 Jordan Hall (Office)
  ph:      919.515.0380
  fax:     919.515.7280
  email:  karl_wegmann@ncsu.edu
  Twitter: @karlwegmann, #NCSUGeomorph


Current Research Interests:


Geomorphology, Active Tectonics, Geoarchaeology, Paleoclimatology:  

Landscape-scale tectonic and climatic geomorphology; fluvial geomorphology, 

paleoseismology, landslide processes,impacts of anthropogenic change 

on geomorphic systems, and application of GIS to the Geosciences.

Active and former research locations:
  • Crete, Greece
  • North Carolina Piedmont
  • Southern Appalachians highlands
  • Mongolia
    • Hangay Dome
    • Deluun Range - Altai
    • Lake Khovsgol rift
  • Italy
    • Romagna and Marche Apennines
  • Cascadia Subduction wedge - Olympic Mountains
    • Clearwater River basin
    • Lake Quinault
    • North-central Olympic Peninsula
  • Cascade foothills - Southwest Washington