Welcome to the homepage of the Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology (MCCB) Laboratory led by Prof. Hak Joong Kim at Korea University!

The current research topic of our laboratory includes chemistry and biology of siderophores, elucidation of natural product biosynthetic pathways, and chemical epigenetics. Particularly, we are interested in discovering novel approaches to solve pending problems in treating bacterial infection and cancer by integrating the disciplines of organic synthesis and molecular biology. 


Spring 2017

Students who are interested in the MCCB laboratory are welcome to contact the advisor via email. Currently, we are recruiting graduate students with motivation and enthusiasm for 2018 fall semester

Homepage updates!

[2018.01.02] Two undergraduate students - 도영, 주희 - AND Two new students -수정, 상은- came in MCCB ! Welcome! ;) 

[2017.07.13] "People" page was renamed to "MCCBians" and several updates including the photo changes were made. 

[2017.07.04] Three undergraduate students – 경아, 수정, 민기 – began researching in MCCB laboratory. Welcome and enjoy science!

It is still early January. However, we have already published three papers in 2017! Please check the [Publication] page to see what we have achieved. Particularly, the Org. Lett. paper principally co-authored by Woon Yong and Dawa is one that we are proud of bragging about. [link] Please enjoy reading it and see where we are heading for in our siderophore program.

Three new students came in town! A new grad student, Haeun Lee. Two undergraduate interns, Sunah Jun & Young Jin Choi. Hope them to enjoy and be indulged in great researches at MCCB laboratory. :)

The official title of the lab was changed! Adios, BCCB. Bienvenida, MCCB!