Preventive Inspections

Performing a preventive inspection on your equipment saves you money and aggravation.

(1) The equipment operates more efficiently, saving on your electric bill.

(2) You can have reduced breakdowns and failures.

Note: Keep in mind that a PI program is a "snapshot in time" when we are there and working on the equipment.

Equipment can still experience problems, because of power failures, brown outs and etc.

(3) We try not to do preventive inspections during the months of June, July, August and the 1st half of September.

We want to keep those months open for hot weather emergencies.

We offer a preventive inspection program that is designed to fit your budget.

It will be discussed in detail with you, then a checklist is created for us to use during the inspections.

At a minimum, the following is performed:

Condensers are cleaned.

Condenser fans and motors are inspected.

Refrigerant charge is checked.

Contactors are inspected and changed if needed.

Wiring is inspected for corrosion and overheating.

Evaporators are inspected for cleanliness. If there is product in the refrigerator, cleaning of evaporators are arranged for another date.

Evaporator drain lines are blown out.

Evaporator fans inspected.

Inspection of tubing for vibration and potential rubs and leaks.

Oil level of the compressor is checked ( if possible )

If applicable, filters and belts are changed.

Door gaskets and hinges are inspected.

Time clock and defrost heaters ( if applicable ) are inspected and tested.

After the preventive inspection is done, any potential problems are written up with the estimated cost of repair for your approval.

Needed repairs are additional.

Please call the office for details, and we can send you a sample form for your review.