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I am an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at the University of Groningen. >> CV

As a micro development economist, my research focuses on i) markets and products for coping with risks and shocks, ii) organizational structures, and iii) microeconomic determinants of labor productivity. I study these topics in particular in the context of microfinance. I use both applied micro-econometric and experimental economics methods, such as randomized controlled trials, natural experiments, and lab-in-the-field experiments, and I usually collect primary data in low income countries.

Research Interests

Development Economics, Microfinance, Applied Microeconomics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Journal Articles

Czura, K., Klonner, S. (2023). Financial Market Responses to a Natural Disaster: Evidence from Local Credit Networks and the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Journal of Development Economics, 160 [link]

Czura, K., Englmaier, F., Ho, H., & Spantig, L. (2022). Microfinance loan officers before and during Covid-19: Evidence from India. World Development, 152, 105812 [link] [fai blog post][working paper]

Kemper, N., Czura, K., Schumacher, H. (2018). Unfair incentives: a behavioral note on sharecropping. Economics of Transition, 26 (2): 303-331 [link]

Czura, Kristina (2015). Pay, peek, punish? Repayment, information acquisition and punishment in a microcredit lab-in-the-field experiment. Journal of Development Economics, 117: 119 - 133 [link]

Working Papers

"Menstrual Health, Worker Productivity and Well-being among Female Bangladeshi Garment Workers" with Andreas Menzel and Martina Miotto, R&R Journal of Development Economics >>PDF

"Flexible Microcredit: Effects on Loan Repayment and Social Pressure" with Anett John and Lisa Spantig, CESifo Working Paper No. 8322 >>PDF

“Do flexible repayment schedules improve the impact of microcredits? Evidence from a randomized evaluation in rural India” >>PDF

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Contact Information

University of Groningen

Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AE Groningen (visiting address)

P.O. Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen

E-mail: k.czura@rug.nl