Kristen E. Fauria

I am a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley working with Michael Manga and William E. Dietrich to understand how mass is transported and dispersed across the Earth's surface in pyroclastic density currents, submarine explosive volcanic eruptions, and on landscapes like the Leesville Hills of Northern California (pictured above). I use a combination of tools to address these problems such as laboratory experiments, field observations, X-ray microtomography, and numerical modeling.  


7.28.2017 - I just returned from the AGU-SEG Hydrogeophysics Workshop at Stanford. Loved how the workshop format made room for lots of discussion and it was interesting to learn how shallow geophysics is being used to address Critical Zone questions.

5.23.2017 - Work on floating pumice with Michael Manga and Zihan Wei was highlighted by the Lawrence Berkeley Lab News Center. Check out the news release here.

2.10.2017 - I've recently returned from the AGU Chapman Conference on Submarine Volcanism in Hobart, Tasmania. What a great week learning about the vents, spreading centers, volcanoes, and observatories in our oceans as well as the frontiers ahead and the exciting questions that remain unanswered!

12.29.2016 - Why does pumice float and why does pumice sink? A new paper with Michael Manga and Zihan Wei and that addresses those questions was recently accepted in EPSL.

12.17.2016 - Governor Brown delivered an exceptional speech at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting. Mong-Han Huang and I met with Governor Brown onstage afterwards.

09.03.2016 - Check out our new paper on particle entrainment in pyroclastic density currents in JGR: Solid Earth and here.

01.15.2016 - I've just returned from the 2016 Workshop on Volcanoes at Santiaguito Volcano, Guatemala. The photo below shows a plume from an eruption at ~8am on January 9, 2016 of Santiaguito's Caliente Dome. 

12.13.2015 - It is hard to believe that it is AGU time of year again. I'm looking forward to talking science with colleagues new and old this week. 

05.08.2015 - I passed my qualifying exam! I'm happy to say that I'm now a PhD candidate. 

04.27.2015 - The MESH expedition and the Roger Revelle have docked safely in port in Auckland, New Zealand. The past three weeks on the Roger Revelle have been incredible! Thanks so much to the crew of the Roger Revelle, the Jason and Sentry teams, and NSF for making MESH's scientific discoveries possible.

04.04.2015 - I'm on the Roger Revelle, half way between New Zealand and Tonga, exploring Havre seamount as part of  MESH expedition. We are using autonomous underwater vehicle, Sentry, and remotely operated vehicle, Jason, to investigate new features from an explosive 2012 silicic eruption. After a week, we have collected over a hundred rock samples and made some significant discoveries on the seafloor. We have two more weeks of exploration to go. Follow our progress on our blog and expedition page: http://web.whoi.edu/mesh/

12.20.2014 - I had a great time at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting. Here is a link to my poster if you'd like to check it out:  2014_PDC_Fauria_3.pdf
04.20.2014 - I have safely returned from a fun and productive week of field work at Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone. Thanks to Shaul Hurwitz for coordinating a successful field expedition!

04.02.2014 - I gave a presentation on suspended particle capture by vegetation at the Upper Truckee River Watershed Advisory Group spring meeting, Stateline, NV. 

03.29.2014 - Returned from a week of Colorado River rafting with the UC Davis Ecogeomorphology class. Thanks to the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences for enabling an exceptionally fun and educational week for UC Davis (and former UC Davis) students. 

Contact Info:
Kristen E. Fauria
Department of Earth and Planetary Science
University of California, Berkeley
307 McCone Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-4767