Thought Leadership

Here you can find some articles I have written over a period of time. These articles are basically on innovation, systematic and strategic Registered & Protected

Systematizing Innovation

…‘innovation can be structured’. It means we can put a process for innovation in place, which will make the innovation drive systematic and predictable. The systematic and predictable nature of innovation can become a boon for organizations… For complete article Fill the form

Strategic Innovation

To survive in the fierce competition and create a unique identity, companies have to take risks… For complete article Fill the form

Great Innovation ≠ Successful Business

Successful innovations are not necessarily a guarantee of successful business

.… The missing link is innovative and constantly evolving strategies to back innovative product… For complete article Fill the form

Be ready to accept defeat in roads of innovation – or learn to generate more ideas

Recently, Toshiba Conceded Defeat in the DVD Battle. The war was between joint venture of Sony, Matsushita, Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung for a technology – Blu-Ray and HD-DVD a technology promoted by Toshiba and its group of companies supporting it in technology as well as distribution and production.

The question to be asked is – what should an organization learn from such failures? … For complete article Fill the form

Lessons on Innovation and Growth from P&G  (With Mr Naresh N Shahani, MD BMG India)

. …Consumers will continue to buy premium-priced products as long as they are confident they are getting value for their money. Innovation drives value. … Innovation is especially important during this global financial crisis.”… For complete article Fill the form

Ideate - Save the sinking ship

…How this time can bring us together and make us more innovative to reckon with the challenge – this challenge is not questioning us only on one front of economics but also on cultural and creative fronts?... For complete article Fill the form