Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can read something’s about me and my ideas. This site has information about my growing up, my ideas and some information about my professional and other personal activities.

When I was a kid

My father taught me – a seed struggling for survival has better endurance than one which grows in the shelters of a gardener. I made my way through with this lesson to sustain in the toughest times and being in shelter and warmth of my family otherwise.

When I was in grade 5, construction of our home started. Looking at the construction engineer, I decided to become an engineer, not knowing what it takes to be an engineer and what engineers do, besides making houses. My brother regularly taught me mathematics till grade 5. He knew I want to become an engineer and he found that I am very weak in mathematics; I could not remember simple method. A method taught to me in morning I could not recall in the evening. Once, he ridiculed me severely for this and mocked at me saying – ‘for becoming an engineer you need to study mathematics, let us see if you can pass grade 10 ever’. It was such a cutting remark that I started working on my math very diligently. I started solving whatever mathematics problem I could see, even started adding, multiplying digits of each passing by vehicle on road.

In next three years, I made a huge impact that my mathematics teacher started asking me to solve the problem for the class. In grade 12 my friends, for my fast mathematics, started asking me – ["computer ko lekar bramha ne rachaya kya?" song of a Bollywood movie - Hindustani] “Did god make you using a computer?”. During my grade 12, my brother who taught me math till 5th was doing his M.Sc. in Physics and he used to ask me if I could solve his seemingly tough calculus problems, to his surprise I used to solve those always.

I used to offer trivial information to my friends, on the move, such as – the registration number of the vehicle overtook us is cube of 11 i.e. 1331. The number of cars of a particular brand passed through the other side of the road during our journey from one place to other is about 57%. Since, the chances of passing of cars are random so statistically the brand is sold most. A typical analyst! Hum? Math taught me being attentive, fathoming concepts at deeper level and taking the challenges head-on.

Because of such command on Mathematics some of my friends started calling me an analyst and in engineering some used to call me – “walking solution of BS Grewal (here BS Grewal refers to the book)”. BS Grewal is the author of the reference book ‘Higher Engineering Mathematics’ which most engineering institute used to refer at least in Madhya Pradesh during my engineering days. The habit of childhood, which was actually to improve my Math, was the reason for such ‘unofficial’ accolades.