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    1. Entrepreneurs Society
    2. incorporated received tax-exempt 501(c)3 status
    3. organization into its own storefront thanks to the generosity of entrepreneurs
    4. social enterprise class developed a plan for a cyber cafe and copy shop.






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Why join the One of The Clubs?

Because your membership will add to your Life of one of the world's finest online clubs,

and you can take advantage of the many club services that are available.

Whether you join One or All 3 clubs the VIP PASS you're interested in,, or koolphotos camera club, the Clubs is here to serve you.

Your membership will bring you 12 monthly issues of the News magazine, filled with Artist,

Art Lovers and Creative information and the latest news.

Your membership entitles you to:

Exciting, colorful monthly magazine

Discounts at ebay Store

Discounts on art supplies

Discounts on Photo supplies

Free classified ads

Distinctive club decals

Art Gallery Events

Internationally Schools

Tours Art Collection

Technical tips and information

Outstanding Exhibits Events and Artist Fest

Benefits and Rewards

Membership in the brings you the monthly Art Prints, our colorful,

informative 100-plus page magazine, many call the world’s best Art & koolphotos club publication.

It features Artist news products and exciting articles about everything from Art to Artist works

You’ll find dozens of ways to enhance your Wall Art Collection and ensure its lasting value,

along with new Exhibits

Technical Service Advisors provide assistance to members confronted with technical questions.

The Club Library located within the World Office offers a range of Artists related information.

Many Art Gallery's and dealerships and Independents offer discounts on art Prints to Club members.

What services can I expect from my local clubs meeting chapter?

Local chapters publish newsletters at least quarterly to inform you about upcoming events.

Most chapters host monthly meetings, as well as offering driving, technical and social events.

Your chapter is also your liaison with local dealers and independent Art shops, and,

as noted above, can assist you with obtaining discounts on pints

What is fest360global Art fest?

fest360global, our annual national club gathering, includes both competitive and non-competitive

exhibits, events, Art sessions, Artists displays and

presentations as well as plenty of socializing with fellow members.

Friends of members, the club's Artists guide, lists volunteer members worldwide offering help

to the traveling member who encounters difficulty on the road. Art Dealers throughout the US are also listed.

Friends of club can be a real lifesaver and is available from the World Office for a modest fee to members only.

Membership Rewards Program

You may be eligible to receive an allowance based on the purchase Art

A membership of one year (365 days) or more immediately preceding the purchase date

of the art gallery is required to take advantage of this program.

A member in good standing cannot have any lapse in membership during that 365-day period.

Terms and Conditions:

Objective: Increase overall club primary memberships by an average of 4% per year through 2010.


Create a marketing plan designed to increase the number of new members and increase the retention percentage.

Actively recruit new members art owners

Actively recruit owners of used website

Improve retention

Increase the percentage of new members joining from Internet-based groups

Increase the percentage of new members referred through independent repair shops

Initiate a survey program to obtain meaningful statistical samples of why people join,

why people stay, and why people leave.

Strategic Direction: Build into the club organization the flexibility to create a home for Art enthusiasts in the World.

The club membership consists of geographically based chapters to which almost all members are assigned.

The base and nature of BMW enthusiasts is changing, with increasing participation by non-members

members in Internet-based generic, model-specific, and special interest groups.

These groups are meeting some of the social and technical information needs of Art enthusiasts

and in some cases, the driving event needs as well.

Many of these enthusiasts are not interested in participating in chapter-based activities, at least initially.

To grow the club and achieve our vision, the club must adapt its organizational structure to

create a home for the growing diversity of Art enthusiasts looking to associate with others of similar interests.

Likewise, the club leadership structure and national support staff must adapt to a changing membership structure,

to include adjusting the span of control of regional vice presidents and the addition of representation for non-geographically-based members.

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Upcoming meeting

  • Why a Cyber Cafe360global
  • In this technological age, where the Internet is like ‘air’ to so many people, it is easy to assume
  • that ‘everyone’ has a computer and/or access to the Internet, and knows how to use it.
  • But this is not the case for many living in the USA
  • The Teen Cyber Cafe360global was created by area teens and adults to bridge this ’digital divide’
  • so that everyone can enjoy better educational, vocational and social opportunities.
  • This designated computer and multimedia room provides educational and creative
  • opportunities to help folks improve their computer literacy skills on the desktop
  • and on the Internet. It helps people stay connected to their community and each
  • other -- both on- and off-line, while staff, bulletin boards and literature racks provide vital
    • links to support services offered by partnering organizations and others.
  • Partners
  • Career Center
  • Community Coalition for Teens
  • Sponsors
  • jo Beans
  • Become a Partner or Sponsor!
  • Contact at for more information about how your
  • business or organization can support the Cafe360global