Koh Onimaru, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Assistant professor, molecular oncology lab (PI: Hiroshi I. Suzuki, lab web page), Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Other links:

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Koh_Onimaru

Reseachmap: https://researchmap.jp/koonimaru/?lang=english

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2428-9510

Github: https://github.com/koonimaru

Contact: koh.onimaru(at)gmail.com / koh.onimaru(at)med.nagoya-u.ac.jp (Please replace (at) to @)


2013 Ph.D. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan


2013 Postdoctoral researcher, Mikiko Tanaka Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

2013-2016 Postdoctoral researcher, James Sharpe Lab, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain

2016-2018 Postdoctoral researcher, Shigehiro Kuraku Lab, RIKEN (CLST)

2018-2019 Special Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratory for Phyloinformatics (PI: Shigehiro Kuraku), RIKEN (BDR)

2019-2020 Special Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratory for Bioinformatics Research (PI: Itoshi Nikaido; https://bit.riken.jp/), RIKEN (BDR)

Scientific interest: Evolutionary biology. I am currently interested in the fin-to-limb transition. Morphogenesis is a complicated system as it involves thousands of gene regulations and cell interactions. I am wondering how random mutations at DNA level affect such a complex system and happened to change its morphology to others. To solve this question, I am trying to combine (a) developmental biology, in which morphogenesis actually occur, (b) numerical modeling to deal with the non-linear and multibody dynamics of morphogenesis, (c) comparative genomics to identify mutations that affect the morphogenetic system. The fin-to-limb transformation is a good example to tackle. My ultimate goal is to find out the general principles of biology.