Forward inflation expectations: Evidence from inflation caps and floors

(with T. Walker)

Journal of Macroeconomics 70 (2021)

Optimal Grid Selection for the Numerical Solution of Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems

Computational Economics 56, pp 883-928 (2020).


Households, Auctioneers, and Aggregation

(with N. Katz and T. Walker)

Revise and Resubmit, European Economic Review

In Preparation

The Method of Moderation

(with C. Carroll, K. Tokuoka, and W. Wu)

Mathematics and Physics

On Sums of Sets of Primes with Positive Relative Density

(with M. Hamel)

Sums and Products of Distinct Sets and Distinct Elements in C

Magnetic Switching Depending on As-patterned Magnetization State in Pac-man Shaped Ni80Fe20 Submicron Elements

(with B.R. Pujada, J. Svendsen, B.C. Choi, M.H. Park, Y.K. Hong, and D.W. Erickson)

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