About Us

Knudson Masonry was established in 2008 in Centerville, SD. Knudson Masonry is a family-owned business. Troy Knudson is the head mason with 20+ years of masonry experience. Troy's excels in working with brick, block, & stone, and can become restless when behind a desk, which is why his wife, Jen, manages the office operations. Their four children are supportive of the family business, each of them having carried their fair share of bricks.

While Jen is stationed at their office in Centerville, Troy's work takes him all over the region. Being fully licensed & insured Knudson Masonry is accredited by the Centerville Chamber of Commerce and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Knudson Masonry works on both residential and commercial projects, regardless of the size. Troy's 20+ years of experience has equipped him to deliver a quality product on any project. From refacing numerous buildings in Downtown Sioux Falls, to working on numerous schools in the Tri-State Region, to residential houses, fireplaces, and mailboxes, Knudson Masonry's experience, passion, and quality are seen in each brick and confirmed with each satisfied customer.


Growing up on a farm in rural SD, Troy is no stranger to hard work and understands the importance of producing a quality product. The Knudson's put their heart into every project because they are passionate about masonry and believe in their product. Quality masonry not only adds visual appeal to a structure, but has greater strength, durability, and longevity than many other alternative materials available. Troy & Jen are passionate investing in the Midwest by building with masonry products. Whether is be adding curb appeal to your rural acreage, or refacing your office building in the heart of the city, Knudson Masonry can make it a reality!

Centerville Chamber