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TWO UPDATES IN ONE DAY!   Like two tails on ONE FOX! (1-26-09):

STHE123OKNP has just arrived and he's already cranking out the hits!  If you think you can match speeds with the blue blur, then you'll want to check out STHE123OKNP's debut game, Sonic Adventure 2 Hero!  And after that, look at his new and even BIGGER (if you can believe it) game, Sonic the Hedgehog Klik & Play Version.  Indulge in this double feature at a rapid pace by hiking over to the games section ASAP.

THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL!   Let's paint it BLACK (then red)! (1-25-09):

Zeke is back for the third time in his new game, Zekewars 3.  Missed the first and second games?  So did I, but better late than never.  Head over to the games section and catch up!

CHEWIE, GET US OUT OF HERE!   You could use a good KISS! (9-6-08):

Han Solo, captain of the Millenium Falcon, embarks on a new journey.  A journey of VENGEANCE!  Help Han blast his way through many exciting stages, cripple the Empire and earn back your image as the man who shot first.  Watch all of this excitement unfold by downloading Star Wars: Han Solo's Revenge, in our games section.

 SWAB THE POOP DECK!   This game's rated ARRRRrRRRRsome! (8-22-08):

Captain Jack's not through yet.  JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE ARMS!  Check out his newest and greatest adventure based on his movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game!  You best start believing in ghost stories, and head over to the games section.

COCKADOODLEDOO!   Somebody's riling up the CHICKEN COOP! (8-20-08):

It's Rocky and Ginger.  Find out what they're up to in the newest software based on the hit movie, Chicken Run, in our games section.

SMASHING!   Stop the brawls, AWESOME times are here (6-6-08):

Sakurai is pleased to release the final installment of his legendary series, exclusively on KNP Korner!  
Download Super Smash Brothers Awesome in our games section.

SNIKT!   It's an XCELLENT day for an update (5-4-08):

 Calling all true believers!  X-Men: Wolverine's Journey has torn its way into our games section.

WHOA!  May showers bring DEADLY flowers (5-3-08):

There's danger in the skies with the KNP Korner's release of The Goose of Death in our games section.

AW HELL YEAH!  Hot NEW YEAR game update (1-4-08):

Brace yourselves for high flying action with Jonny Comics' classic title, Tribute to Moon Strike, in our games section.

AMAZING!  Hot NUCLEAR games update (12-18-07):

Scope out the newest member to the illustrious KnP Korner library, Delmore's Vacation, in our games section. Also be sure to hit up the critical darling, The Man With No Name.

URGENT!  Hot NEW games update (3-14-07):

Check out the latest addition, The Curious Incident of the Metool in the Day-Time, in our games section.