THERE'S NO PEACE FOR ME!   Even HERE! (3-09-09):

Wolverine might not be part of the X-Men any longer, but he's far from dead.  Let's just say he's a fast healer.  But where does a man roam after he's truly lost it all?  There's a hint in the title of Startopia's new game, Wolverine Goes to the Texas State Fair, in our games section.

COMRADES, REPORT IN!   Reporting in, I'M INJURED! (3-04-09):

Pri'vet, fellow worker!  You must be tired after a long day in the cold snow.  Perhaps you would like to prop up your valenki and rest by the Klikster's roaring fire?  I'll be more than happy to share the country's new game with you, as well.  Just head over to the games section and download A Social Communist Simulation, friend.


Sonic Adventure 2's saga continues on the KNP Korner, courtesy of STHE123OKNP.  If you feel like conquering the world then check out the darker flavor of Sonic Adventure 2 Dark.  Or maybe you'd like to compete a little, so call up some friends and download Sonic Adventure 2 Multiplayer!  He's also decided to share Sonic 3D, Sonic vs. Mephiles, Sonic Riders, and Futurama with us.  You can find all of these in the games section.

Newshound?  Check out the old site updates right here!

K&P Korner's Kwik FAQ by DJ Klikster

    • Q: What is Klik & Play/Klick and Play/KNP/K&P/Klik N' Play?
    • A:
        I recommend the following viewing material: 



    • Q: What is this outrageously chill website?
    • A: This site is your freebie gaming paradise! Utilizing the modern game developer's most trustworthy tool, known as Klik N' Play to the layman, we are able to provide you cutting edge titles at absolutely no cost.
    • Q: So these games are free?
    • A: I'm pretty blown away by the concept myself. Just imagine all the hours of fun you'll have with the only cost coming from your monthly ISP bill! What a sweet deal, eh?!
    • Q: I can't open these stupid games.  "RAR" isn't even recognized by my computer.
    • A: The games aren't stupid, you are!  Just kidding, we value you here at the KNP Korner and don't mean to be condescending.  As a symbol of our appreciation for your loyalty, please accept this link to the official website of WinRAR, which will help you extract our games:
    • Q: When will there be more games?
    • A: I get this one all the time, you'd be amazed! This site must really be something else if I keep getting so many requests for more games. Wow, I'm so impressed with myself.
    • Q: Can I submit my own games?
    • A: Please do, one man can't run this show all by himself! Just send them as attachments to, but we can make special arrangements if your game is too big for e-mail.
    • Q: Klik N' Play sucks!  Let me use something else.
    • A: We wouldn't be the KNP Korner without Klik N' Play games, so don't try to peddle your newfound wares upon us!  Besides, there's plenty of other sites for those kinds of games.  Klik N' Play has an irresistible charm, forced "open source" files, and a simple GUI that turns development time into fun time!
    • Q: I'd love to bless you with my genius game making skills, but I don't have the tools necessary.
    • A: Are you kidding me?  Genius?  Regardless, you needn't worry any longer.  Klik N' Play is free as long as you consider yourself a student in the school of KNP Korner:
    • Q: I can't get these games to work. Fix them!
    • A: That's a tall order, but totally understandable since apparently users of Windows XP have run into issues with Klik N' Play. If you really can't get a game to work, shoot me off an e-mail and I'll see what I can do for you.
    • Q: Where's all my favorites? There's a distinct lack of Metroid, Sonic, Mario, Franchise X, etc.
    • A: While we're no strangers to the dangers of fangaming, they're not the only thing we're going to showcase on our fabulous site. There are far too many other popular venues for fangaming (like the amazing SFGHQ) for us to take a nice slice of that pie. We're going to take a much more tolerant approach and allow games of all kinds to roam on our domain. What's the worst that could happen?
    • Q: Many of these questions seem contrived, and not necessarily "frequently asked material". Is there somewhere I can send my own inquiries to be addressed on the site?
    • A: Well certainly, but please don't belittle our other FAQs. You'd find it quite astonishing how often we are asked these truly profound questions by our enormous user base! Send your questions to the same e-mail used above,
    • Q: Can I donate money to your site?
    • A: No, dammit!