THERE'S NO PEACE FOR ME!   Even HERE! (3-09-09):

Wolverine might not be part of the X-Men any longer, but he's far from dead.  Let's just say he's a fast healer.  But where does a man roam after he's truly lost it all?  There's a hint in the title of Startopia's new game, Wolverine Goes to the Texas State Fair, in our games section.

COMRADES, REPORT IN!   Reporting in, I'M INJURED! (3-04-09):

Pri'vet, fellow worker!  You must be tired after a long day in the cold snow.  Perhaps you would like to prop up your valenki and rest by the Klikster's roaring fire?  I'll be more than happy to share the country's new game with you, as well.  Just head over to the games section and download A Social Communist Simulation, friend.


Sonic Adventure 2's saga continues on the KNP Korner, courtesy of STHE123OKNP.  If you feel like conquering the world then check out the darker flavor of Sonic Adventure 2 Dark.  Or maybe you'd like to compete a little, so call up some friends and download Sonic Adventure 2 Multiplayer!  He's also decided to share Sonic 3D, Sonic vs. Mephiles, Sonic Riders, and Futurama with us.  You can find all of these in the games section.

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