The Knowle Astronomical Society welcome you to our website
If you're interested in astronomy this is the society for you! Our members range from people with a casual interest in the subject to serious amateurs and professionals. You don't need any specialist knowledge to join, nor do you need to own a telescope. You can also be sure of a friendly welcome.

We normally meet on the first Monday of the month but tend to avoid bank holidays etc. Please check out the meeting dates on the "Meetings Calendar" menu item. 

Doors open at 7.35pm ready for an 7.45pm start and are held at Dorridge Village Hall, Grange Road, Dorridge, 
Please see the 'About Us' link for more information, including how to get to the venue.

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Meanwhile, check out if tonight will have clear skies; the phase of the moon or if the ISS will be visible at ''.

Also, why not try 'flying' around the Milky Way and view our closest 100,000 stars from your armchair, seeing where our solar system sits in the great scheme of things!!

Also see our 'Sky Notes' for what to see in the night sky this month.


The Society’s next meeting will take place on 7th September 2015 at Dorridge Village Hall. Doors open at 7.35pm ready for a 7.45pm start (or as soon as the chairs are out)!

WHAT TO SPOT over the summer:
  • Saturn: Open rings in prime view all month.
  • M13 - Globular Cluster in Hercules close to the zenith.
  • Epsilon Lyrae: A double, double star system near Vega.
  • M57 Ring Nebula in Lyra.
  • 'Coathanger' asterism 1/3 way between Altair & Vega (Summer Triangle).
  • 1st Sept: Neptune in Aquarius at closest approach to Earth