On sunday July 19th , District Deputy Vic Procure held a Degree Exemplification in Salmon Arm. Any Knight that held 1st & 2nd degrees was asked to upgrade. A virtual/ real time exemplification was held, using pre-recorded videos as well as Vics leadership. Dan Ouilette (7107) and James Lockwood (12202 Coldstream) received their degrees. As well, Michel Saabs son, Bechara, received State degrees

On July 19th, in a special ceremony, Bechara Saab was initiated into the Knights of Columbus, along with others. He is a doctor,as is Michel, and resides in Switzerland. Michel is a past Grand Knight and currently is the Faithful Navigator for the 4th degree knights. Janet is a past president of the Catholic Womens League. Here is some personal information ,supplied by Michel. My wife and I came to Salmon Arm 31 years ago, on July first 1989. We had 6 children and our third child had died in infancy. Our five living children are now adults and while they do not live in Salmon Arm, they periodically come for visits.Our son in the picture initially came for a one week visit and had to stay in Salmon Arm as the COVID 19 pandemic greatly restricted international travels. His name is Bechara John Saab. Bechara means "Annunciation". This was my father's name as my father was born on March 25, the day of the feast of the Annunciation. (Hail Mary full of Grace...).Janet and I met and married in Edmonton in 1970. I had to provide the Edmonton priest an official certificate from my diocese in Beirut certifying that I was Catholic, baptised, confirmed and not previously married. Janet was "Anglican" and we enrolled in the mixed denomination preparation for marriage. Following our Catholic wedding, and for the next 20 years, we would go to 2 masses on Sunday, one in a Catholic church and one in an Anglican. One day, Janet on her own accord decided to join the Catholic denomination.This took place in Salmon Arm when Monsignor Mac Intyre was our pastor. She became quite involved in our parish and participated in the Catholic education of the children. Our youngest 2 children, Bechara John and Adam, taught catechism under the supervision of their mother. Janet was also in charge of the RCIA program and I became involved in that ministry. Janet and I also served on the Parish Council to Father Peter, Father Joe, Father Jay, Father George and now, Father Dale. At one time, our parish had a program for preparation for marriage,and we both served in that ministry.We were also involved in the "Pregnancy Support Centre", an interdenominational organisation aimed at supporting would be mothers who had chosen to keep their pregnancy and refused to have an abortion, and for its first year, we hosted the meetings in our home. Janet took a course in Calgary and came back to become the first accredited Executive Director of the Pregnancy Support Centre of Salmon Arm .We were involved in the Parish visits of the sick and shut-in and were part of the Friday Bible study group til the COVID 19 put a halt on these two activities.

July 14/20..Trustees Lorne & Randy along with G.K. Craig , Financial Secretary Pat & Treasurer Ken doing our best social distancing semi-annual audit. (in the church parking lot!) A special Thank you goes out Bro. Patrick for all the hours it takes to put an audit together. The demands are high!

June 19/20.......We had our first get together in over 100 days.We kept our distance ,sat in the shade and had great conversation. 8 people showed up.including Father Dale, ........ You know the song...Don't sit under the apple tree?, well we did!

CATHOLIC VANCOUVER JUNE 08, 2020Knights of Columbus say founder’s beatification an answer to prayerBY AGNIESZKA RUCK SHARE TWEETA statue of Father Michael McGivney is carried past an honour guard at St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Conn., in 2015. The Knights of Columbus are looking forward to the beatification of their founder Father Michael McGivney, who spent two years as a young seminary student in Quebec. (CNS photo/Mary Chalupsky, The Catholic Transcript)The upcoming beatification Mass of Father Michael McGivney is an answer to prayer for thousands of Knights of Columbus in B.C. and Yukon.“My first reaction was ‘Oh, man, our prayers have been answered,’” B.C. and Yukon state deputy Dale Hofer told The B.C. Catholic. “Behind the Our Father and the Hail Mary, the Father McGivney prayer … is third in line of the most popular prayers that we pray in council meetings and district meetings.”Hofer estimates Knights have printed and distributed at least 50,000 cards with an image of Father McGivney and a prayer for his canonization in B.C. and Yukon alone. “Who knows how many are being distributed in other jurisdictions? We’ve been praying so hard for this to happen.”John Toporchak has been a member of the Knights for 60 years. The Vernon resident said Father McGivney deserves the recognition coming to him.“The Knights are a good organization for the Church. We look up to the Church and we look up to [Father McGivney],” he said. “He started a good organization and he deserves quite a bit for that.”Father McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus, now an international movement whose charitable works reach around the globe. With more than 2 million members, it is considered the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization.But before all that, Father McGivney was a parish priest in New Haven, Conn., with a deep love for his parishioners. He invited lay men in the community to help him create a Catholic fraternal organization with the goals of strengthening their faith and supporting struggling families in the community. In 1882, he officially founded the Knights of Columbus, and it quickly took off.The Knights were expanding beyond the borders of Connecticut when Father McGivney became ill during a pandemic in 1889-1890 now thought to be caused by a coronavirus. The priest died of pneumonia just two days after his birthday. He was only 38.“There were other organizations in those days, but this one was a little different,” said Hofer. He believes Father McGivney had great foresight and vision, recognizing the importance of lay people serving the Church and the community many years before the Second Vatican Council did.

2020-21 executive council....June 2020

Fred Banham and Bruce Weicker with Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station #106 receive $500 in support from the Knights of Columbus, including members Edwin Krieg, Ken Nowicki, Pat Harford and Lorne Lazzarotto, during a presentations at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. (Lachlan Labere - Salmon Arm Observer)

2019 Lottery grant check presentations....

latest.....Lottery Fund Dist Budg 2019

Jan 07/2020....Knights and the new banner

1. Chaplain.....................Fr Dale Normandeau

2. Grand Knight...............Craig Haliburton

3. Deputy Grand Knight.......Norm Leslie

4. Financial Secretary..........Pat Harford

5. Treasurer.......................Ken Nowicki

6. Recorder.......................John Davies

7. Warden.........................Alex Leible

8. Chancellor..................... Eugene Casavant

9. Lecturer......................... Appointed by GK

10. Trustee #1.....................Edwin Krieg

11. Trustee #2.....................Karl Wulff

12. Trustee #3.....................Jack Adair

13. Advocate.......................Ernie Schan

14. Inside Guard..................Dennis wahoski

15. Outside Guard............... Joe Labonte-Smith

All degrees at one time.........................Facebook Pictures from the BC & Yukon State Inaugural Combined (1st, 2nd & 3rd) Degree at St. Bernadette's Parish / Surrey on Saturday, January 25. 64 candidates from 17 councils went through this exemplification.

For several of the past few years, we have had the privilege of traveling to Northern BC with Empowering Life Series. Our primary educator, Tia MacDougall, has spoken in communities located along the Yellowhead Highway, also known as the Highway of Tears. This year Tia was able to speak to young people in Smithers, Houston, and with members of the Moricetown Indian Band about topics such as depression, love and abuse, and pornography, and healthy relationships.

The feedback that we have received highlights the importance of Signal Hill's work in educating young people about their value and the value of every person. Students described the presentation as "honest" and "relevant", saying that they learned about the impact of pornography on relationships, as well as the negative consequences that frequent sexual hook ups can have on their mental health.

Joyce Henderson

Hi Ken

A big thanks to the Knights of Columbus for the generous donation of $500 to the Good Food Box

In consultation with the Neskonlith Band office, three families who are in need of support have been identified on the reserve in Salmon Arm. Each will receive a Good Food Box containing fresh fruits and vegetables each month for the next 11 months.

Thank you for making a difference in these families’ nutrition.

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