Kiryong Chung

Chung, Kiryong (정기룡, 鄭其龍)

E-mail: krchung at knu dot ac dot kr

Department of Mathematics Education, Kyungpook National University (KNU), Daegu, Korea


Assistant Professor, KNU, September 2015 ~ present

Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS), Sep. 2011~ Aug. 2015


Ph. D., Department of Mathematics, Seoul National University, August 2011

Thesis title: Compactified moduli spaces of rational curves in a projective variety

(Thesis advisor: Young-Hoon Kiem)


B. S., Department of Mathematics Education, Seoul National University, February 2002,

Bachelor thesis title: On the “closed” partition of unit interval [0, 1]

(Under advised by Younggi Choi)

Research interests

Geometry of Rational Curves Spaces

Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves (supported on curves or surfaces)

Enumerative Geometry (Classical&Virtual curve counting theory)


Sep. 2010 – present, General Member, Korean Mathematical Society (KMS)
Nov. 2015 – present, Associate Member
Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)


Visiting Research

▶ Fordham University, USA, October, 2014 (invited by Han-Bom Moon).

▶ RIMS, Kyoto University, Japan, MSJ-SI 2013, Development of Moduli Theory (invited by Mathematical Society of Japan).

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, October-December 2012 (invited by Sheldon Katz).

 University of Georgia, USA, May-June 2012 (invited by Han-Bom Moon). 

Honors and Awards

▶ Korea National Research Foundation 2016-2019 (2016R1D1A1B03930421).

▶ Korea National Research Foundation 2013-2016 (2013R1A1A2006037).

"Gheorghe Țițeica" prize, the Romanian Academy, Dec, 2018. (Title of the paper:“Moduli of sheaves supported on quartic space curves”)

▶ Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Mathematical science of departments, Seoul National University, February 2008.

▶ Obtained a secondary school mathematics teacher’s license in Korea, Department of Mathematics Education, Seoul National University, February 2002.

▶ Mathematics Competition of University Students, Encouragement award, KMS, Korea, October 2000, 2001.

▶ Mathematics Competition of University Students, Special award, KMS, Korea, October 1998, 1999.


 YeungNam Seminar on Algebraic Geometry IVDIGIST, Korea, November 2018.

 YeungNam Seminar on Algebraic Geometry IIYeungnam University, Korea, April 2017.

 YeungNam Seminar on Algebraic Geometry IYeungnam University, Korea, November 2016.

 Summer School on Algebraic Geometry 2015, Anmyon-Do, Korea, August 2015.

▶ Mini-workshop on moduli spaces and its related topics, KIAS, Seoul, May 2015.

 Summer School on Algebraic Geometry 2014, DamYang, Korea, June 2014.

▶ Summer School on Algebraic Geometry 2013, Yangyang, Korea, June 2013.

▶ Summer School on Algebraic Geometry 2012, Yangyang, Korea, June 2012.

 Symposium on Projective Algebraic Varieties and Moduli, Busan, Korea, February 2012.

 Geometric Journal Meeting, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, 2012-2013.

 22-th Algebra Camp, Seoul National University and National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, August 2009.

 21-th Algebra Camp, Seoul National University and National Institute forMathematical Sciences, February 2009.


 Military Service: May 2004-May 2006 (Korean Army)

 Editorial Member: Journal of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education Series E: Communications of Mathematical Education (Jan. 2019 ~Present)

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