Isaac Ogg, the band’s first Pipe Major, founded the band in 1921, making Kintore one of the few North East bands to have survived and entertained continuously since the early 20th century.

Following Ogg's lead, in the intervening century, the pipe band has been led by a total of thirteen different pipe majors (two of whom were brave enough to take the job on twice!).


Initially, the band had no formal uniform; however, Gordon Highlanders returning from the war were said to have donated uniforms to the band, hence the reason we wear the regimental version of the Gordon tartan and sport Bydand cap badges. The Gordon Highlanders tartan was designed in 1794 based on the Black Watch tartan, but incorporating a yellow stripe to give it its distinctive look.

In due course, the band acquired what are commonly referred to as ‘Number One’ uniforms.

These were comprised of a tunic top, plaid, horse hair sporran, spats, hose and feather bonnet.

Nowadays, this uniform is reserved for our leading Drum Major.

The rest of the band wear a uniform comprised of a crail jacket, waistcoat, white shirt, tie, kilt, leather sporran, hose and gillie brogues, and glengarry.