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Announcements for All Choirs

General Information:

Welcome to choir at KCS!

Email, and this website, are my primary tools for communicating details for the many choral department events scheduled throughout the year. Here you will find upcoming deadlines and events on the home page, a current concert calendar for the entire year, and a specific page for each choir. Please bookmark or favorite it, and refer to it as needed throughout the school year.

Feel free to reach out to me by email or voicemail if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Mrs. Holsapple


317-272-2227 Ext. 3203

Indianapolis Children's Choir

The Indianapolis Children's Choir (ICC) meets weekly in our choir room for students in 4th-8th grades on Thursday evenings. Please go to www.icchoir.org for more information or check out the flier below.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines:

Recordings now on Teams!

All classes have now been entered on Teams. They can access videos and audio recordings for Christmas preparation under class notebook.

Christmas Concert 2019

Our next required performance for all choirs is the Christmas Concert on Tuesday, December 10, at 7:00pm in the Kingsway Worship Center. Students should be in full concert dress for this event and bring any props needed for special numbers.

Concert dress is listed on each child's choir page if you need reference.

Parents may order a recording of this event through "On The Spot Productions". They offer DVD, Blu-Ray, and Flash Drive formats. Their website is www.onthespotvideo.com and the order form is attached:

Solo and Ensemble

Students interested in solos should select music with Mrs. Holsapple as soon as possible.

Ensembles are currently rehearsing during SRT time on Tuesdays for grades 6/7/8.

Official registration for this event, which takes place at Avon High School, on Saturday, February 1, is now published. Costs are listed below:

Solos (Vocal or Piano): $15.00

Accompanist fee if needed: $18.00

(Piano soloists must be studying privately)

Ensembles: $7.00

Registration is due by Friday, November 15.


Hendricks County flyer 2019-20 Grades 4-8.pdf