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I love music. I have collection of music that keeps growing no matter what I do. I love house music and have been collecting that from the start. Grew up on electronical things, and love exploring house music beats, techno, anything new.... and I still play my vinyl whenever I can... more recently I have found accessible music making on electronicals THE best thing.. the world is getting cooler for music lovers.. sound lovers... word lovers... just lovers of the arts in general....

I update my site when I can, but I offer you these few mixes I put online to keep you jammin'. If u find my creative ideas interesting, let me know... I'd love to host cool stuff for people here... it's not too tough....

Recently I have been reemerging and reawakening and have been making waves yet again..... a number of new musically minded souls and spirits have been sending me good vibes.... let's hope for sunshine.

My links have been updated, and they work on most mobile phones too--that landscape looks just fine-- .. I have also moved all my links to Mixcloud, just click play... thank GOD.

Here are some mixes I have posted, I will keep them coming when I can..


Updated 4/22/18 - just a few days after the blur...

Updated again: 6.19.19 - Back on my feet, down, but not out.


Aaron Robinson- May16th.LiveNoEditz - A bunch of trax I mixed together

AaronRobinson -March 6th Mix. Vinyl,Digital, fX. -- Some more trax I mixed up one night.

Aaron Robinson July.14 LiveMix, Digital --- Even more magic I keep online... - Aaron Robinson - - kinderhood - kinderhood -

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