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Sustainable Environment initiative by KRWA             

Eco friendly culture

 1.  Consume only as much as you need.

 2.  Prolong lifecycle of usable products.

 3.  Reuse what can be reused by yourself or others. e.g. Furniture.

 4.  Recycle what can be recycled. e.g. Paper, Plastic, Metals.

 5.  Segregate harmful waste for safe disposal. e.g. Batteries.

 6.  Use natural renewable  sources of energy. e.g. Solar

 7.  Design energy efficient buildings suited to local climate.

 8.  Use natural light and air where possible.

 9.  Switch off energy consuming appliances when not needed.

 10. Use energy efficient appliances. e.g. LED/CFL  lights.

 11. Protect ponds, lakes, rivers from pollutants.

 12. Harvest rainwater for domestic use or recharging ground water.

 13. Protect soil and air from pollutants.

 14. Use organic waste to enrich soil.

 15. Conserve forests and trees. Cultivate more of them.

 16. Encourage and patronize small business people. 

 17. Give preference while  buying to locally produced products.

 18. Buy products made from recycled or recyclable products.

 19. Buy products that do not contain or emits harmful chemicals.

 20. Use organic products in preference to chemical products.

 21. Increase proportion of fruits and vegetable in diet.

 22. Adopt waking hours to the sunlight time.

 23. Share facilities that can be meaningfully shared. e.g. Transport.

 24. Celebrate functions with smaller more intimate groups.

 25. Travel less. Use Telecom to keep in touch.


Compiled by D.Manohar