What are the players saying?

The whole concept is wonderful! To hear the complexity of thought for each lead was incredible.
Will there be more of this? To get the full benefit, I would want to know in advance which hands were going to be played, so I could prepare better.
 - RoseMarie 

Sylvia is a great teacher. Probably why we like her with our skill level. Gary is more bridge entertainment, like poker with cigar.  - Alex

Particularly enjoyed listening to the pros analyzing their hands, figuring out what partner might have, what declarer might have, etc..  This new feature is a marvelous teaching tool!! I hope you can continue to provide it.

Bd. 17 was a featured hand on Twitch TV, as it should have been. There were several potential bidding problems. Gary Cohler solved one of them by opening North's hand,   AKxxx, x, 8xxxx, Kx, with the Rule of 20.  I downgraded my 2nd suit, so I did not open in 1st seat, , and here is what happened. Oy vey ....

As a non-bridge player this streaming process has been very interesting. Seeing professionals talk through the hands and explain their process has, what I feel to be, exponentially helped me understand bridge and specifically the bidding language. The pros are very talented and often surprise me with just how much they know about the cards in each individuals hands and how to work around those hands. While I wouldn't say that it has inspired me to play bridge, I will say that I have started to enjoy watching these different personalities play the game. I believe this streaming/video logging has the potential to be huge in the community. It provides a unique experience to players young and old to hone their skills with a pro without the cost of hiring one to play with you. Additionally, the fact that there is player input on the hands being played makes this even more user friendly as Common Game players can see the pros play the hands they played that morning. What better way to learn?


What are the Pros Saying?

I actuall try to say what goes through my mind  during a hand. This can be a great teaching aid as it will teach people what to think about  during a hand. It,also can provide great insight to how a partnership defends. I comment on what my and partners cards mean which is an area not often discussed in lessons. Another benefit is I can critique my partners play of hand - they are at my mercy. This can be all,done in an humorous way. And  of all, this can be done from anywhere!

All In all this can be a great teaching model for any level or just an enjoyable way to watch bridge.

I was born for this I love having the mike in my hand!   - Gary Cohler

I really enjoy streaming!  Sometimes it is hard to think and talk at the same time, I often do things like say spade when I mean heart and such.  It's harder than it looks.  I generally try to go through my thought process at the table, which means you will see me work through shapes.. "So declarer  is five four three two... Thats 14 cards, must not be right :p". I also try to point out interesting components of the hands that may or may not actually be relevant.  Its also fun for me to watch my partner's videos and see what he is thinking about.  When we say the exact same thing at the same time, it feels like we are doing well. :)   - Sylvia Shi

The Kibitz the Pros initiative by the Common Game is something that we are very excited to be part of because not only does it allow players to see into one player’s mind but         also into all four players minds!  Watching these videos (especially after playing in the sessions) is going to be a great source of entertainment and really open players’ minds to the things that the pros think about.   The feeling when you play online and recorded is somewhat similar to playing behind screens.  You can sit there and um and ah, cringe and grimace and there is always plenty of head shaking.  One thing you can’t do behind screens is sit there and think out loud.  Playing in Kibitz the pros you can!

I find that often the freedom to think out loud and not needing to keep a poker face on can get me thinking about Vegas and the Mirage - those perfect hands that partner could hold.  This can get me stuck in a very optimistic thought loop and making some pretty aggressive decisions that I’m not sure I would normally make.

Unfortunately Pete and I have been on the receiving end of beatings from Gary Cohler and David Berkowitz in our first Kibitz the Pros encounters but don’t worry we are out to settle the score!      - Laura Ginnan 

I feel this is a great venture. I'm excited about the prospect of people being able to think along with the experts and hear the thought processes in real time that go on in the expert mind. One of the most difficult things about bridge is that you have to learn a certain way of thinking about the game, and this is really hard to teach. Watching along with experts is an amazing way to absorb some of the winning thinking patterns by osmosis.

I hope I am entertaining enough that people enjoy watching me The way I talk on stream is definitely how I think about bridge at the table. I try to add a little extra commentary sometimes to things that are tricky or people may not be familiar with.

I have plenty of amusing bridge stories to share but I am trying to ration them out over time. Also, if you hear them more than once, forgive me, that's just a byproduct of my terrible memory :)   - Daniel Korbel

Never before has technology allowed us to capture the inner voice of the players as they are playing live. I am very excited to be involved and believe in the future of this initiative.

It is a great opportunity for me as a young bridge player to get more exposure to some of the veterans and the general public. I don't feel stage freight or pressure as I am confident in my abilities and used to teaching.

In terms of the actual content, I feel well equipped to commemtate on alternatives to my bids, leads and plays and let my brain synapses fire. My comments are truly my inner voice and could be related to technique, practical bidding, tempo, deception or any of the other elements im bridge.  

Nothing in bridge is really proprietary. Of course if you invent a convention, you get it named after you, but other people can still play it. This granted, some expert treatments and techniques fall under the category of "trade secrets," (continuing the entrepreneurship anology). Kibitz the pros allows viewers to glean trade secret gems. Experts have time to expand on concepts that are top of mind and draw useful parallels to other aspects of the game. The forum, a combination of live play and commentary, inspires the thinking and teaching of the pros. These "performance-level-energy" conditions yield premium content, absent from any other forum I have experienced.     - Adam Grossack

KTP is a terrific concept with a lot to offer to at least two big groups: It has the potential to be a great resource for improving players, getting to hear experts' thoughts firsthand. Comparing different perspectives on the same deal is very useful too--a partnership could watch the defenders' livestreams and see how each defender knows or can infer things about the full deal.
KTP could also help introduce non-bridge-players to the game and may help expose young people in particular to bridge. As (almost?) all bridge players know, bridge is the best game in the world, but a lot of younger people have almost no knowledge of bridge or other card games. Learning how interesting and challenging bridge is and seeing the diverse cast of characters might draw new players to the game--overthrowing notions of bridge as an antiquated, old folks' game.

I hope KTP is as successful (or, preferably, more successful) than The Common Game. The Whipples' innovative ideas and commitment to improving bridge for everyone make them an asset to the game. I wish them luck with this endeavor and am grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Thanks,  - Oren Kreigel