Keystone Music Association - Keystone High School - Knox, PA

We, as an association, have had many new changes this year with the officers within KMA.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this transition.  The website should now stay current with all the fundraisers and activities that are going on within this organization.  

Current Officers:
Sue Schmader, President          (814) 227-3781
Lea Weaver, President-Elect     (814) 221-6808                  NEXT MEETING:  May 22
Deb Jones, Treasurer                                                                                     7PM HS Library
Betty Servey, Secretary

We are in need of volunteers to assume some roles with the KMA.  We need:
- Vice President

If you sold coffee and tea- the orders are in.  See Mr. Long to pick up your items!!! 
If you are in Elementary School- See Mr. Bowser!! 

Please call/text Sue or Lea with any questions regarding KMA. Thank you for visiting!