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My lifelong passion for painting and drawing has become a full time obsession since my retirement from academic life in 2013.  For several years I studied classical painting technique with Barbara Johnson.  I work primarily in oils but also in charcoal and pastel. Among contemporary artists, my paintings have been influenced by Randall Deihl, Scott Prior and Jane Lund, whose work is representative of the neorealist school of regional art in Western Massachusetts.   I am irresistibly drawn to Vermeer and Hopper, who capture the holiness of light in intimate moments of solitude and reflection. I look upon art as more of a craft than a means of individual expression.  For me, the work itself is a form of meditation. I am informed and humbled by centuries of tradition and inspired by contemporary artists who have mastered their medium and whose visions have enriched our perceptions of the world we inhabit

Morning Coffee, 2013,  charcoal drawing

The Apostle, 2013,  charcoal drawing

The Kid, 2014,  pen and ink

Bound for Glory, 1976, pen and ink

The Old Place, 2015, pen and ink

Purple Tops, 2017, oil on canvas 16"x20"

Roxy, 2018, pastel drawing 81/2"x11"

Morning along the Namequoit, 2019, oil on canvas, 16"x20"

Dude, 2013, charcoal drawing

Sunny Side Up. 2014, charcoal drawing

Isla, 2015, pastel drawing

View from NoHo, 2005, colored pencil

Sunday Best, 1976, pen and ink

Garden Pears with Nutmegs, 2016, charcoal drawing

Hopper's House, 2018, oil on canvas 16"x20"

Red Line, 2018, oil on canvas 24"x48"

Sundown at Pochet Neck, 2018, oil on canvas, 16"x20"