Welcome to Kensuke Teshima's website! My research areas are development economics and international trade. I work mainly on the impact of globalization on industrial and social development. I am Associate Professor at the Institute of Economic Research (IER), Hitotsubashi University, Japan.


Working Papers:

(joint with Yoichi Sugita and Enrique Seira). Revision requested by the Review of Economics and Statistics (2nd Round).

(joint with Kentaro Nakajima).

  • North-South Displacement Effects of Environmental Regulation: The Case of Battery Recycling.

(joint with Shinsuke Tanaka and Eric Verhoogen).

    • Earlier version presented at NBER Summer Institute 2016 (Environment and Energy Economics Egg-timer).
    • Updated draft coming soon.

  • Import Competition and Innovation at the Plant Level: Evidence from Mexico.
    • First version 2008. Current version 2014. Currently being revised and new version coming soon.

Published/Forthcoming Papers:

(joint with Melissa Dell and Benjamin Feigenberg). American Economic Review: Insights Volume 1, Number 1, Pages 43-58, June. 2019.

(joint with Emilio Gutierrez). Journal of Development Economics Volume 133, Pages 264-274, July. 2018.

    • Previously titled: "Import Competition, Technology and Environmental Performance: Evidence from Mexico".
    • Write up in Foco Economico (in Spanish).

(joint with Estefania Santacreu-Vasut). Journal of Development Economics Volume 122, Pages 92-112, September. 2016.

Other Writings (Notes, Policy papers):

(joint with Emilio Gutierrez). Economics Letters 2016. Volume 149, Pages 120-124.

  • Riesgo Sísmico y Precios de la Vivienda.

(joint with Emilio Gutierrez and María Rodríguez). Vivienda Infonavit 2018. Volume 3, Pages 172-175.

(joint with Rahul Giri and Enrique Seira)

  • La Desgravación Arancelaria en México.

(joint with Rahul Giri and Enrique Seira), in La Política del Comercio Exterior: Regulación e Impacto Edited by Lorenza Martinez and Cesar Hernandez. 2012.