Current Members

A Welcome Message from the Executive Chair: 

2022 was a fine season at Kenosha Farm Community Garden and I am truly grateful to have been part of it. It has been an honor to serve the organization for the past seven years, and I am looking forward to a prosperous and fun 2023! 

Johnnie Hodge

Executive Chair


Programs Update: 

During the season we collect surplus produce for the Food Bank and overripe produce for our animal friends each week. This is done by leaving produce at the shed on Wednesday evenings for Thursday morning pick up.


Facilities Update: 

Gardeners did an amazing job clearing out their plots this year, preparing them for winter.  Thank you to the Erie Honor Students for assisting us in this effort!

We have a heavy duty tiller available for member use. Remember to make a donation of $20 per use - up to 400 sf - into our perpetual tiller fund. Use the following link to make a donation to the fund, and include PTF in the comments.

Please note: deposits will be refunded or rolled over to next year for any gardeners.

News & Updates

May 2023 Newsletter

Logging your volunteer hours 

As you have heard, there is a 4-hour seasonal volunteer requirement for all representatives in the garden. We have developed a form for recording your hours. You can find it linked above. Please add your hours and tasks as you take care of them so that we can track them. Items that can count as volunteer hours include weeding in common areas and helping with future events. A gardener's family member can also help and their hours will count.  

Volunteer project

We are in need of some volunteers to help us repair some of the fencing. If you are interested, please contact William Jordan at

Follow us on Social Media

The garden's Facebook page has been revitalized and we'd love to grow our follower lists. The group name is Kenosha Farms Community Garden and it includes updates on our growing season, reminders for members, planting and growing advice, interesting information for gardeners, and weather alerts when we can post them. The link is here:

Keeping on top of weeds

Unfortunately, flowers and vegetables aren't the only things that are growing in our garden. We're also starting to see some weeds with the heavy rains. Please remember that, according to the membership agreement, it's your responsibility to keep weeds in and around your plot in check. Non-chemical/toxic control options, that are consistent with the membership agreement include horticultural vinegar (you can buy a 20% vinegar solution at Natural Grocers that works well) and there are weed scrapers available for use in the shed.

Housekeeping items 

- Now that the weather is getting nicer, there may be people who want to use the table umbrellas for some shade. We have two umbrellas available for use and they are in the shed. Please return them after you use them. Umbrellas that have been left in tables in the past have become damaged by the wind.

- As more gardeners start to work in the garden regularly, it's important to remember to keep gates closed behind you as you enter and leave. This helps to keep our area free of rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife. In addition, please remember to close the shed door after you are finished, and to lock it behind you so that everything inside the shed stays secure.