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People often think that dogs understand things that they actually do not understand. Treating and communicating with dog can be very inconsistent. Results will, however, immediately show once the handler learns how to communicate with the dog. I run my own online dog training center DigiDog.

My ideology:

I believe that everyone can make process, and such thing as “hopeless case” doesn’t even exist. The best results can be achieved with consistency and patience. 

A book that I recommend: “Calming Signals” by Turid Rugaas 

Own dogs:

Black Russian Terrier Jedi, Standard Poodle Bruno and Dwarf Poodles Rousku and Zorro

In memoriam: Boxers Lady and Bruno, Griffon Noah and Saara of mixed race, Poodles Bicho, Noora, Niina and Dana


I work in Nokia as Head of AMS Competence Development.


Digidog nettikoirakoulu 2016->
Canine Freestyle Judge 2006 -> Finnish Kennel Club Judge 2010 ->
Agility trainer / AGRY 2003-2010, 2013-2016
Groomer 2008-2013, 2016->
Poodlerescue 2002 -> 2016
Agility trainer / VEKORA 2008-2010
Obedience Trainer / VEKORA 2008-2010
Cami Pet Sports & Hobbies, Owner of Private Dog Training Center 2005-2008
“Puudeli”-magazine, Agility-journalist, 2003-2009
Care Dogs 2005-2007
Obedience Trainer / LKK 2003-2007 

Courses (the Finnish Kennel Club):

Freestyle and Heelwork to Music Judge Course 2010
Processing Advice Course, 2009
Agility Trainer Course, 2003
Obedience Trainer Course, 2003
Breeder Course, 2001

Positions of trust:

Debuty in AGRY board, 2010->
Debuty in Tahtitassut board, Member Secretary and Treasurer, 2010->
Debuty in Helsinki Poodle Club board, 2010
President of Ketterät koirat board, 2009->
Accountant in Helsinki Aquarium Club, 1995->

Debuty and treasurer in Tahtitassut board, 2009
Debuty and treasurer in Helsinki Poodle Club, 2009
Responsible person for training in AGRY, 2008-2009
President of youth committee in Agilityliitto (Agility Association), 2006-2007
Responsible person for cats, Etsintäjoukot (Animal searching group), Helsinki area, 2007
President and treasurer in Nokia Agility Club, 2003-2006
Treasurer and member of board in Helsinki Poodle Club, 2002-2003
Member of executive board in daycare center, 1992-1997
Vice-President in Maunula Plot Farmers, 1996
HTOL, International tutor, 1996
HTOL, Class treasurer, 1994-1995
Treasurer in Makkabi Tae Kwon Do, 1994-1995
NMKY, group leader in tick patrol, 1993-1995

Courses (ESLU, Southern Finland Association for Sports and Athletics)

Basis of psychological training, 2009
Wellcome to be a trainer, 2009 


AGRY, an Agility Club
VEKORA, a Dog Club
Ketterät koirat, a Dog Club
Tahtitassut, an association for canine freestyle
Sukoka, Finnish breeders association