McRae Cognitive Science Lab

PI: Ken McRae
Department of Psychology
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario Canada

For more information about our lab, email: 

ken lab pic


Our lab includes facilities for conducting many types of experiments, as well as modeling.
For reaction time or self-paced reading experiments, we have 3 PCs running E-Prime.
We have an EyeLink eyetracker for either visual-world paradigm or eyetracking-reading experiments.
In addition, we have an ERP lab.
For running neural network models, we also have a number of linux-based machines.
For this purpose, we are currently using MikeNet simulation software.
Finally, Western has some of the best research-only fRMI facilities in the world, located at the Robarts Research Institute.

Current Funding
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Project title: The structure and content of abstract concepts in the human mind and brain
Amount: $31,000/year for April 2012 - March 2017