North Carolina Kennerly Families

Who was the first Kennerly Family in North Carolina? 

Samuel Kennerly died about 1804 in Cabarrus County ... his wife Elizabeth proved his will in court that year.  However, there were other Kennerly's (from both Maryland and Virginia) who traveled thru North Carolina in the mid to late 1700's on their way to South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and further west.  For example, a William Kennerly sold his land in Buncombe County in the 1700's to a gentleman named John Craig.  In 1790, a Reuben Kennelly is found living in Richmond County.  There are many possible related families who lived in North Carolina at that time, but the spelling variations of the names defies drawing too many conclusions.

Allied families with the Kennerly's nclude the Strother Family living at Grassy Ford in Anson County during the 1770-90 time period.  Catherine "Kennerly" Strother's family was probably accompanied by one or more of her Kennerly relatives.  Other possible Kennerly families were living near the coast of NC, with similar names such as Kentely, Kenley, Canorle (have you heard a southern accent?) and Kynnersly.

Through DNA testing we've discovered several Kinley families are actually Kennerly's!

So, we'd like to know who you think might have been the first Kennerly family in North Carolina ... who, where and when?   The following article is the history of the my Kennerly family in North Carolina.

The Kennerly's of North Carolina, in and around the Cabarrus County, NC area from @1795.

By D. R. Kenerley and Charlie White (research specialist)


This is a rough structure of Kennerly family groups centered on Cabarrus County from about 1795-1810, which then expanded to cover southern Iredell and much of Rowan County, with one family in Eldorado, Montgomery County and others from time to time in Stanly and Anson.  Much of the evidence tying these folks together is circumstantial, none more so that the separation of the first generation into families headed by Samuel and Joshua, who appear to be of the same generation.  With respect to their tentatively identified children, an asterisk * marks the child who has enough connections to warrant his/her tentative family group.


The principal objective is to discover clues or other evidence that would connect these Kennerly people with their forebears, who are presumably not from NC.  Presence and absence from census and other records tends to place the arrival of Samuel and Joshua and families in Cabarrus County about 1795.  We found no Kennerlys that we could identify as such on either Iredell or Mecklenburg County 1790 Censuses: Cabarrus was formed from the northeastern section of Mecklenburg in 1792.


When we approached the “front-end” of the information he has gathered, we found enough duplication to persuade us that there was more than one Kennerly that migrated to Cabarrus County c1795.  From the limited information that we can find from this period, it seems most likely that there were two Kennerly families, headed by Samuel and Joshua, who appear to be contemporaries, i.e. folks that have children more or less in the same generation.  Charlie White set up the following organization of family groups, which is subject to change as we find better information or more realistic theories.  We picked Samuel as 1, since he shows up in the (1800) census first and died first—no better reason than that.  While the Kennerlys eventually spread all over south-central Piedmont NC, we first found them in the western portion of Cabarrus County, not too distant from the intersection of the Iredell, Rowan and Cabarrus County lines.  Mecklenburg is close, and Stanly and Anson Counties eventually also became involved.  And, as luck would have it, an “escapee” from the Kindley family that settled along the present Davidson-Randolph lines made his way to Cabarrus and became an important member of its community: we know of no connection between the Kindley and our Kennerly families; however, the Kinley lineage bears additional research since DNA has connected some Kinley families to the Kennerly's.  (The Kindley family is briefly discussed in Appendix C.)


First Generation


1. Samuel Kennerly (as Kenly) was on the 1800 Cabarrus County Census as over 45, with presumed spouse 26-45; children were females 16-26, and 4 males: 10-15 and three under 10.  His presumed son Charles was perhaps away from home; he was married that year.  He died by 16 Jul 1804 in Cabarrus County; the court minutes indicated that his wife Elizabeth was issued letters testamentary as sole executrix.  A marriage bond of Henry Miller and Elizabeth Kenly dated 4 June 1807 may involve this Elizabeth.  The 1810 Cabarrus County Census has a Henry Miller listed near Whites, Corzines and a Purviance.  Henry’s census profile shows him and potential spouse 26-45 with 2 male children 10-16 and 2 female children under 10, 1 10-16.  It is evident that Henry has more children in his house than one would expect from a 3 year marriage.  Of Elizabeth’s proposed children, we know that Charles married in 1800, William was bound by 1810, and that John, Eliza, Ann and James were bound after 1810, and thus could continue in her household—and appeared to have done so, if Elizabeth married Henry Miller.  The minutes of the 1800-1820 period don’t mention George, whose recorded marriage(s) took place after 1820.[i]


Previously, in trying to clarify relationships of various Samuel Kennerlys, a contact with St. Enoch’s Lutheran Church in Enochville (greater Kannapolis) incorrectly informed us of a Samuel A. Kenerly (18 Jul 1809-1 May 1831), however, we've since learned the dates are 1 May 1831 - 18 Jul 1900.  We were confused by his birth date since the elder Samuel Kenerly died by 1804, and if the dates had been correct, the younger Sam could not have been the child of the elder.  On the other hand, Samuel’s oldest son Charles and brother Joshua already had an identified son Samuel.  We have sorted this out and this Samuel is now documented as 2.2.4



Family Group of 1. Samuel Kennerly, d by 16 Jul 1804, Cabarrus Co

Spouse: Elizabeth ?, survived him; did she subsequently marry Henry Miller 4 Jun 1807?

Children, with different connections of proof to Samuel, surname KENNERLY

1.1* Charles, b c1784, 1st md 8 Nov 1800, Cabarrus Co to Ann Albright, who d by 1830, with Saml Kennerly, bondsman; his subsequent marriage is suggested by census data, no definite info.[ii]


1.2* William (16 Jan 1795-21 Apr 1871) md 18 Jun 1816 to Mary A Correll (7 Sep 1795-10 Jul 1881), both bur Prospect Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, Iredell Co; 1880 Iredell Census shows her parents both b PA; William served an indenture with Robert Alexander, blacksmith, from 22 July 1806, and was to get a horse worth £50 upon completion; that date is not evident in the Cabarrus County court minutes.


1.3 George, b c1788; two potential Cabarrus County Marriages: 1st 9 Jun 1821 to Sarah Penninger; 2nd 9 Oct 1823 to Elizabeth Johnson, b c1800; David Kennerley has seen both marriage bonds in facsimile, which shows the two Georges to use a similar cross-type mark.  The absence of early estate records in Cabarrus County due to fire may account for lack of notice of George’s death.  In the Cabarrus County census of 1850, Elizabeth “Kenley” 50 and John Penninger 13 are living with Joseph Misenhimer, 51 and family; this connection is not a “lock”, but we have not otherwise found a fit for Elizabeth Kenley.  It is possible that Pinkney Alexander Kennerly was a son of George and spouse, as he was born about 1823, and was bound out—he became a shoe and boot maker as an adult—in 1839.  Perhaps the death of George triggered Pink’s apprenticeship; certainly, he would have been old enough by then (age 16) to be trainable. 


1.4 John, b 1797; he served an indenture with Jediah Wallace, 22 Apr 1811-21 Apr 1817, then evidently accompanied William to Iredell County; in 1830, he was 30-40 with two females 20-30; children were boy u5, 2 girls 5-10, and 1 u5, suggesting a marriage date of c1820.  In 1840, Iredell, John had male child u5; females (spouse) 30-40; 20-30; 2 15-20, 10-15, 5-10, u5.  John evidently left the area before 1850; may have left a son John who was on 1840 Cabarrus Census with presumed spouse, each 20-30 and girl under 5; a J B Kennerly is in Rowan Mills PO, 1860 census, age 40 with William 16 and Margaret 22.  J B was a day laborer, hence not tied to land; the 3 were living with Jerry Barrenger 51, Claressa 36, John 23 and W Smith 34 male.  A 13 Mar 1843 Rowan marriage bond for John P. Kenely and Margaret Corell, with James Scott, bondsman, may involve some of these persons.


1.5 Eliza, b 1797; she was also bound to Jediah Wallace, Apr 1812, age 14 ½; there is a 20 Jul 1813 Cabarrus County Inferior Court entry, requiring that Benjamin Plunkett pay child support to Elizabeth Kimley, giving his sureties, etc.  There were no further entries noted regarding an Elizabeth Kenly.


1.6 Ann, b c1801; bound Jul 1814 to Carson Rogers, Cabarrus, nothing further[iii]


1.7 James, b c 1803, bound in Cabarrus court Oct 1814, perhaps it’s he that md 6 Nov 1820, Cabarrus Co to Margaret Smith, with Thomas Cooper, bondsman; a “James Kenley” with a white poll is on Capt. Abner Hunter’s Company, 1824 Mecklenburg County Tax List.  I have not found him later.[iv]


2. Joshua and wife are only on 1 census in NC: 1810 Cabarrus shows both 26-45, with a male and female each 16-26, 2 males and females each 10-16 and female  u10; range of ages in 1810 is estimated as 8-20 for 7 children, hence born 1790-1802.  Betsy is head of family, Cabarrus census of 1820 with the four boys under 10; although guardian was not appointed until 1824, Joshua was evidently dead by the taking of the 1820 census.


Joshua did receive land grants 453-454 from State Of North Carolina; there weren’t many early deed book entries for Kennerlys-by any spelling-in Cabarrus County.  The first grant for 22 acres joined land of George Hartman, Michael Icehour and David McKinley on the west side of Irish Buffalo Creek; the second for 4 ½ acres joined Henry George Overcash, John Rumple and Thomas Pasinger on the SW side of Irish Buffalo Creek.  Entries were dated 5 July 1813 and the grants were dated 28 Nov 1814.[vi]


Establishing Joshua’s first family is difficult, as he was living as his children were coming of age, hence there may not have been a need to bind out those born prior to 1800.


“Betsy” Overcash Kennerly received a share of land, according to the will of her father George Overcash.  Some of the wills in Cabarrus County were apparently destroyed by various fires, but her inheritance is reflected in her sale of the land on 29 Jan 1835 to Daniel Hess.  In the deed, she is identified as daughter of George Overcash, dec and widow of Joshua Kennely, decd.  Daniel Hess owned land adjoining Betsy’s, and was likely motivated to add hers to his farm land.[vii]


Family Group of 2. Joshua Kennerly, d by 1820, Cabarrus County

1st Spouse, wife’s name unknown, she d by 1810

Children, supposed to be by this wife, surname KENNERLY

2.1 William b 1785, later migrated to TN, nothing further


2.2* Elias (13 Feb 1801-13 May 1856), bur Prospect Presbyterian, Mooresville, Iredell Co;  md 28 Nov 1822, Cabarrus Co to Fanny Overcash; Elias is assigned to Joshua because we have found no record that he was bound out, as were his minor cousins who belonged to Samuel, as well as his presumed step-brothers, following.


2nd Spouse, Betsy Overcash (1791-after 1850), md 4 Sep 1811, Cabarrus County

Children, summarized by guardian records, surname KENNERLY

2.3 Samuel, b c1813, md 26 July 1832, Rowan County  to Elizabeth Icenhour (1816-living 1870); living Montgomery Co NC in 1850 with Elizabeth “Kennurly” 59, evidently his mother; no obvious children; Pritchard family: Sterling 24, Hitta S 17, Mary A 1 mo along with Jane McCallum 15 are also in the household.  1860: mother gone; 3 Dobys: Margaret 19, Charity 17, and Samuel 4 lived with them.  Family is still in Montgomery in Eldorado Township, 1870, with Samuel and Elizabeth both 57, Margaret Doby 20, Cornelia 13, John 8 and William Kenerly 4 and Mary Sanders 12 is also there.  Samuel was a house carpenter.


2.4* George (c1814-1886), 1st md 12 Nov 1836, Rowan Co to Sarah “Sally” Hess (1811-by 1875), daughter of Daniel Hess Sr.; 2nd md 16 Nov 1876, Rowan Co (at age”55”) to Margaret Hill, c30 years old.  George was living alone, 1880.  No evident children by subsequent wife.  A George A Kennerly enlisted in Rowan Co on 25 Jul 1861, age 40 in Co E, 5th NC Infantry.  He was discharged due to disability at Richmond VA on 23 Oct 1861.[viii]


2.5* Daniel F. (c1816-11 Sep 1862) d Frederick MD of disease, serving with Co A, 20th NC Infantry. He enlisted 17 Mar 1862 as a Private, age 45, residing in Cabarrus Co, NC; md 22/25 Jun 1840, Rowan Co to Mary R “Polly” Correll, b c1825, daughter of Daniel Correll.  Daniel Kennerly was bondsman for Pinckney A Kennerly’s 28 Feb 1842 Rowan marriage to Margaret Hess.


2.6* Charles, b c1818, no Rowan or Cabarrus marriage record that fits; perhaps it is he that with Roxanna “Roxie”, surname unknown, b 1834, had children.  This Charles may have two deeds in Anson (present Union) in 1840’s, where he was “of Cabarrus County.” Charles’s whereabouts are untraceable, so much so that we have no idea about his life.  With respect to Benjamin—my ancestor—his descendants were not all landholders, moved around considerably, and were a chore to trace: Stanly, Richmond and Anson, together with Rowan Counties are among the places we found Ben’s progeny.



2nd Generation

1.1 Charles Kennerly, the eldest of several Charleses found in Cabarrus and surrounding counties, was consistently on the Cabarrus censuses for 1820-1840, as shown:


1820 Cabarrus: 1.1 Charles Canally Males: 4 under 10; 10-16, 18-26, and (Charles) 26-45; Females u10, 16-26 and presumed spouse 26-45;  2 in Agriculture

1830 Cabarrus: Charles Kenley Males 40-50, 15-20, 10-15, 5-10; Females 15-20, u5

1840 Cabarrus: Charles Kenerly M 60-70, 20-30; F 40-50, 20-30

Charles was not on 1850 census, Cabarrus Co.


From the above data, here is what we can resposibly infer:

There were at least 10 children, the last born about 1827, when Ann  Albright may have died

Charles evidently remarried by 1840 but seems to have had no children by the subsequent marriage.


This family has been constructed purely from a combination of the makeup of the household of Charles Kennerly from the 3 censuses shown, together with combinations of marriage records that suggest possible connections to the Cabarrus County Cook and Slough families, along with absence of glaring inconsistencies.  This family did appear to remain in Cabarrus for some years, whilst other groups, notably those of William and presumably John of Samuel, moved to the SE corner of Iredell County.  Keep in mind that there are only artificial boundaries between Cabarrus and Rowan, those counties and Iredell, and Iredell and Mecklenburg.  Availability of land was the major constraint, and an artisan with no need for farmland could and did go most anywhere that he could practice his trade.


Family Group of 1.1 Charles Kennerly (c1780/3-after 1840)

Spouse: Ann Albright b c1788, d by 1830

Children’s births, from 1820-40 Cabarrus Census


1.1.1* Charles (1805-by Jan 1845), d testate, Cabarrus County,  md 9 Aug 1827, Cabarrus Co to Barbara Cook (c1801-living 1870), with Robert Kennerly, bondsman;


1.1.2 Jemima, b 1806,  md 16 May 1827, Cabarrus Co to Daniel Cook, b 1791, Robert Kennerly, bondsman; in 1850, they were in the West Part of District 2, Union County IL. (See Appendix A) 


1.1.3 Robert, b c1808 md 14 Feb 1827, Cabarrus Co to Elizabeth Cook, James Gray, bondsman; nothing definitive found, but there is an Elizabeth Kenly 52, Mary 20, Nellie Smith 55, in the Rowan County Back Creek census for 1860 that has been “assigned” as the widow of 2.2 Elias Kennerly—this person would also fit the age category for Elizabeth Cook Kennerly.


1.1.4* Samuel A (1814-by Apr 1857) md 11 Feb 1835, Cabarrus Co to Eleanor “Ellen” Cook, b 1811, Wm Cooke, bondsman. Eleanor was the daughter of Daniel Cook and his first wife Martha Brumley.[ix]  (Note the suggested disparity in age of Daniel and 1.1.2 Jemima, above.)

Samuel’s death date “by Apr 1857” is based on that of a deed to property of the Estate of Samuel A Kennerly ordered by the Cabarrus County court to be sold to his widow; it is likely that Samuel had died some months prior to this time, as estate papers might attest, but evidently do not exist.


1.1.5 John A, b c1817,  md 15 Nov 1837, Cabarrus Co to Polly Carter, John W Plott, bondsman; Nothing further found


1.1.6 Elizabeth, b c1820, md 2 Sep 1844, Cabarrus Co to Robert Scott, who signed the bond with Nelson Slough, bondsman; Slough was Clerk of Inferior Court about this time.  Other information indicates groom was Robert Martin, but he did not sign the bond, per David Kennerly’s research.


1.1.7 William b 1822, md near 1850 to Jemima ?, b 1828, son Chas A 4 mo; nothing further


One of 1.2 William Kennerly’s sons in law, Joseph Harvell, prepared a history on his wife’s and his own individual family c1905, so that we are more confident of the data on this family than other Kennerly branches in NC.  William’s pension application relative to his service in War of 1812 adds further clarity.  He volunteered in Concord, Cabarrus County NC about 5 Aug 1812 for 6 months, to be held in readiness for 2 years, and continued in actual service for 6 months, discharged at Salisbury on 11 Aug 1814.  He served as private in 7th Regt, Detached Militia from NC, under Capt. Garretson, Col. Pearson and General Joseph Graham.  As an Iredell County resident, he made his claim on 9 May 1852, then being 56 years old.  He made a subsequent claim in Iredell in 1855 for bounty land, stating that he had substituted for Andrew Kimmons, draftee from Cabarrus County, and entered service in 1815 in Cabarrus for Kimmons.  (One of his daughters married Andrew Kimmons’s son Wilson.)


From the various petitions, we can determine that William resided in Iredell between 1850-1855 and in 1857, and died 21 Apr 1871.  He was married to Mary A. Correll on 18 Jun 1816 in Cabarrus County.  Mary was 82 when she filed her claim on 4 Aug 1878; she verified the marriage date and said that William died 4 April 1871, a few days different from William’s testimony.


David Kennerly found a notice of sale (in an Iredell newspaper) for Tuesday, 29 Nov 1881, “plantation belonging to the estate of the late Wm Kennerly” 2 ½ miles east of Mooresville, adjoining lands of John A. Kennerly, W B McLean and others, supposed to contain about 148 acres, subject to a life estate or during the celebacy of Martha Ann Kennerly in 20 acres of the tract.  W B McLean and Wilson Kimmons, Executors signed, and the notice was evidently run in the 28 Oct 1881 paper.



Family Group of 1.2. William Kennerly (16 Jan 1795-21 Apr 1871) md 18 Jun 1816

Spouse: Mary A Correll (7 Sep 1795-10 Jul 1881)[x]

Children, surname KENNERLY, all b Iredell County NC and likely md there

1.2.1* John Powlus (16 May 1817-9 Aug 1895) md 16 Mar 1843 to Margaret Correll (20 May 1821-May 1898), both bur Prospect Presbyterian, Mooresville, Iredell Co.


1.2.2 Jane Matilda b 13 Mar 1819, 1st md 1 Sep 1836 to John F. Brawley; 6 ch, no names, moved to AR 1845; after Brawley’s death, Jane remd to William Olive and moved to Waco TX, last contact 1871.


1.2.3* Clarissa Elizabeth (22 May 1820-5 Jul 1904), md 8 Jul 1841 to Elias Wilson Kimmons (c1807-1888), bur Bethpage Associated Reformed Presbyterian; “moved to Cabarrus County, had 14 children, including 3 sets of twins” per Harvell, who didn’t name any of the children.  The censuses of 1850 and later were quite helpful, in closing this gap.[xi] 


1.2.4 Margaret Sarah b 12 Mar 1822, md 20 Jan 1842 to Richard A Brantley, no children.


1.2.5* William Hollen (24 May 1824-19 Jun 1864), md 26 Aug 1847 to Charity Ellen Deaton; He was member of Co C, 48th NC Infantry, enlisting in Iredell County on 1 Aug 1862 as private, age 36.  He was wounded 15 Jun 1864 at Petersburg, and died 4 days later in Richmond of his wounds. 


Charity Ellen Kennerly is named as grantor in Rowan County Deed 65:565 dated 15 Aug 1876. She, Lydia Deaton, Mary E Atwell, David Kerr and wife P Catherine; C Deaton and S M Deaton, all of Iredell plus John E Deaton, Rowan sold to E P Deaton 50 acres by A L Williford, Smith, WM Kariker, Free, and J L Hedrick, 50 acres for $250, witnessed by W M and Mary A Atwell and acknowledged before S M Furr JP on 29 Jan 1881.[xii]  (This may have been a disposition of Ellen’s father’s estate.)


1.2.6* Mary Adeline b 5 Dec 1826, md (as subsequent wife) 30 Jan 1855, Iredell County to Pinkney Alexander Kennerly (c1823-10 May 1890), bur Oakwood Cemetery, Concord, Cabarrus County.  Pinkney had service as a Captain with Co K, 8th Infantry Regiment, NC Troops, CSA; His first marriage was (bond) 28 Feb 1842, Cabarrus County to Margaret Hess, with Daniel F Kennerly, bondsman.  Daniel Hess Sr, in his 16 Jan 1847 will, entered for probate in Rowan County, Feb term 1848, named daughter “Sally Kenly”, as well as “daughter Margaret Kenly’s two children Milus and Columbus.”  Pinkney’s ancestry has not been determined.


1.2.7* Samuel Addison (16 May 1829-17 Apr 1903), bur Prospect Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, Iredell Co; md 21 Aug 1850 to Mary C Rumple (Sep 1834-living 1900); He was in Co B, 57th NC Infantry; enlisted 4 Jul 1862, Rowan County as private, age 33.  Captured 24 May 1863 during a raid, paroled Oct 1863.  AWOL 1 Jan 1864.  They were in Coddle Creek Twp, Iredell County, 1900.


1.2.8* Melissa Emeline b 29 Jul 1831, md 2 Nov 1861 to William B. McLean


1.2.9 Martha Ann Teresa (9 Aug 1834-1 Dec 1885), never md; bur Prospect Presbyterian


1.2.10* Ellen Caroline, b 10 Sep 1838, md 25 Jan 1872, Iredell County to Joseph Parker Harvell (4 May 1849-8 Jun 1918), b Rutherford Co, death date per GEDCOM, David Kennerly


1.2.11 Harriet Elvira, b 10 Sep 1838, md 17 Apr 1866, Iredell County to Samuel Carmi Brawley, had one son Espy Watts Brawley, b 15 Feb 1867, graduated from UNC June 1894 md 10 Sep 1903 to ? Patterson, dau Sarah b 10 Jul 1904


2.2 Elias Kennerly’s family is constructed from 3 pieces: his existing family that was living with him in Mecklenburg County at the time of the 1850 census, from child 2.2.3 and younger, and from each of the older two children, both “wood workers” rather than farmers, and also living in Mecklenburg.  In 1880, there is a J Culpeper Kenely 50, whose age bridges the gap between Elias Wesley (then 52) and Samuel (then 48, if living).  Culpeper is living in Rocky River Twp, Cabarrus County with a young wife Margaret A (22) and Jane Bost, 18 year old black female cook.  I haven’t found where this fellow has been, previously.


Family Group of 2.2 Elias Kennerly (1801-1855), md 1822

Spouse: Fanny (Eliza on 1850 Meck census) Overcash, b c1805

Children, surname KENNERLY

2.2.1 E William b 1824, was a woodworker on his own account in Mecklenburg County;  he enlisted at age 40 on 14 Feb 1864, Mecklenburg Co in Co E, 49th NC Infantry; no further record


2.2.2* Elias Wesley (5 Jan 1826-1 Jun 1903) bur Trinity UMCh, Mecklenburg Co; 1st marriage (James T White Bondsman for 7 July 1854 bond)  27 Jul 1854 by H. B. Cunningham for E W Kenley and Nancy Alexander, d 20 Jan 1856, age 21/5/18; her infant ch buried next to her, d 13 Nov 1855, age 2/7, both at Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Mecklenburg Co; 2nd md, perhaps Rowan Co to Rosa Hall; 3rd md 22 Aug 1859 (as E W “Kenney”), Mecklenburg County to Elizabeth White (21 Feb 1837-29 Dec 1908), also bur Trinity UMC; this marriage was witnessed by John Phelan and S F Houston was bondsman[xiii]


2.2.3 J Culpeper b 1830, md c1870’s to Margaret A ?, b 1858; nothing further discovered


2.2.4 Samuel A (1 Mar 1831-18 Jul 1900) md 1/25 Jan 1859, Rowan Co to Sarah C Rodgers (5 Oct 1836-19 Jul 1889), both are buried at St Enoch’s Cemetery, Enochville, Rowan County; this couple was living with her parents Martin Rodgers, 58 and Catharine Blackwelder 48, 4 girls 19-10, Rowan 1860 Census, “Caudle Creek”[xiv] 


David Kennerly found in the Onslow County Museum a reference to an A C Kennerly of Eureka Lodge #286 Enochville, 60 years old in 1890, who had a sawmill accident and lost his right hand, plus part of his left, and is unable to work.  Has a daughter.  A F Hymand signed the notice and sent to other lodges for possible financial help.  This Samuel is the closest fit, that I have found.[xv]


2.2.5 Amos (1836-15 Jan 1864); as A. M., he evidently enlisted 4 Jul 1862, Rowan Co in Co A, 57th NC Infantry, as private, age 26. He was captured and held at Rappahannock Station VA on 7 Nov 1863, then imprisoned first at Old Capitol Prison, DC and then Point Lookout Prison MD, where he died of disease on 15 Jan 1864.  Amos Kennerly had Rowan County loose estate papers: C C Parker, with sureties James B Parker and James E Kerr, was appointed guardian of Sarah E Kennerly on 2 May 1864.  The same day, C C Parker, with the same sureties, was sworn as administrator of Amos’s estate.  “No widow” was written at the bottom of the form.  Presumably, the administration was to address any death benefit due Amos Kennerly’s estate, due to Sarah E Kennerly.


2.2.6* Robert Cornelius b 1838, 1st md 24/30 Jul 1856, Rowan Co to Mary Welmuth Barr 11 Mar 1839-27 Apr 1878), bur Back Creek Presbyterian, Rowan County; 2nd md 19 Nov 1878, Rowan Co to H Katherine Clodfelter; a Robert Cornelius Kennerly enlisted 4 Jul 1862 at Rowan Co, age 27 in Co H, 57th NC Infantry.  He was taken prisoner at Gettysburg PA on 3 Jul 1863 and first imprioned at Fort McHenry MD, then on 21 Jul 1864 at Point Lookout MD.  Exchanged Feb 1865.


2.2.7 Mary b 1840; did she marry Noah Overcash by 29 Sep 1864, Rowan County?  In 1870, Atwell Township, Rowan County, Mary A 29 is with Noah Overcash 30, Amanda C 5 and Robt L 2; in the same township, 1880, Pinkney b 1874 had joined them.  In 1900, Pinkney Overcash b May 1874, thus 26 is boarder in Jeremiah Klutts (62, widowed) Steele Township household.  Next page were Noah Overcash b Oct 1840 md 34 yr, Mary A b Jul 1840, 5 ch born, 3 living and Mary A, grandaughter b Jul 1889.  Next door was Robert Overcash b Sep 1868, Martha C b Jun 1876 md 8 yr, 4 ch, 3 living: Berth B b Nov 1892, Elsie L b Jul 1895; Margie M b Aug 1897. (1910, Robert L had moved to Township 9, Cabarrus Co, adding dau Loula C b 1905 and Max b 1908)


2.2.8 Leroy (1844-1 Dec 1862); evidently enlisted on 29 Jun 1861, Iredell Co in Co B, 2nd NC Cavalry, at age 18.  Died on 1 Dec 1862 of pneumonia in a Richmond VA hospital, bur Hollywood Cemetery, there.


A series of Rowan County deeds may add a bit of background to 2.4 George Kennerly’s family, as they evidently involve George and his son Daniel C Kenerly. On 19 Feb 1868, Daniel C Kenerly and wife Milly J sold George A Kenerly 24 ½ acres by Moses Josey, Farley Ellis, Swisher and M H Cress for $80; in turn, George sold this land 11 years later ($225 vs $80 in the earlier transaction) to Henry W Shuping, 11 Aug 1879, and this time the description included “lot 4 in the land of the deceased John Swink.” (Rowan Deeds 45:295 and 56:279).


Rowan Deeds 57:144 and 57:170 involved what appears to be a Mortgage on 12 Feb 1880 from D C Kennerly and wife Milley to John C Miller of 71 ¼ A, “they owing said Miller $322.24” and a deed for this property two days later (14 Feb 1880) by Miller back to Kenerly—the Kenerlys must have come up with the money. 


On 4 Feb 1888, John C Miller and wife Mary A C sold to Daniel C Kenerly and (his son) H Crawford Kenerly 43 acres, described as lot 5 in the Estate of Daniel Huffman, decd, which had been assigned to the children of Letitia Eagle and sold by William Trott, administrator to said Miller.  (Rowan Deeds 70:8; the Trott deed may be 69:579, but the print was hard to read.)[xvi]


An obituary of a grandchild of 2.4 George Kennerly said that he lived to be 72, so I used the census to establish his approximate birth year and added.  72.


Family Group of 2.4 George Kennerly (c1814-c1886)

Spouse: Sarah Hess (c1814-by 1860?)

Children, surname KENNERLY

2.4.1 Alford b 1836; at home, 1850, nothing further


2.4.2* Daniel C (1838-living 1910), md 3 Sep 1859, Rowan Co to Milly Jane Johnston, living 1910; Daniel was in Co K, 57th NC Infantry; he enlisted 7 Jul 1862, Rowan Co as Private, age 26, and was wounded in his left hand on 13 Dec 1862 at Fredericksburg VA; he was hospitalized with ulcers at Charlottesville VA on 28 Jun 1863, and discharged there on 21 Jul 1863 due to chroonic ulceration of his leg.  After the war, he and Milly evidently lived near his parents in Franklin Twp, Rowan, 1870. Munford Parnell 18 was then with them.


2.4.3 Margaret C b 1840; 1900 Census shows Margaret Kenerly b Jul 1840, widowed, 1 child & living, in hh of George Stirewalt 25, Bertha (Kennerly) 20, ch Harvy 2 & May 9mo.  She is “aunt.” See comments below, relative to “late” child Samuel of 2.4 George Kennerly.


2.4.4* Charles W (28 Jul 1841-25 Jul 1906), md 13 Sep 1870, Rowan County to Elizabeth Earnhart (20 Apr 1853-27 Aug 1931), bur Chesnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury; he was in Co F, 7th NC Infantry, serving from his enlistment in Rowan County on 15 Jun 1861 until he took the oath of allegiance and was paroled at Salisbury, 3 May 1865.


2.4.5 Sarah “Sallie” b 1844, md 20 May 1871, Rowan County to Edward Swink


2.4.6 Cinthia b 1846; her brother Samuel’s obituary showed that he had 2 sisters who married Ed Swink and C Bailey; Sallie and Edward Swink had a Rowan County marriage license, so Cinthia likely married C Baily; there is a Rowan marriage license for Syntha Kennerly and Marion Bollabock, dated 7 Oct 1873.


2.4.7* George H (23 Feb 1849-15 Mar 1910), bur Woodleaf UMeth Ch, Rowan County; md 11 Feb 1872, Rowan County to Sarah Ellen Walton (1854-living 1919), dau of George Allen Walton and Sara Kluttz


2.4.8* Samuel Moses (11 May 1857-4 Sep 1921), at age 19, md 25 Nov 1876, Rowan  Co to Ellen Frances Walser (3 Mar 1857-23 Jun 1939), b 1858, thus 18.  Both are bur Chesnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, Rowan County.  Samuel’s undated obituary does not name any brothers, so they all evidently died before him.  Ellen’s mother, Elizabeth A. Walser, 81, was in their 1910 household, where  Ellen reported 10 children born, 8 living; her mother had 5, 3 living.


In this family’s Franklin Township, Rowan 1870 household are 2 Kennerlys:

Benjamin b 1847 md 23 Apr 1871, Rowan Co to Laura Louisa Corl, dau of Michael Corl

Walter L b 1853, md 12 Jul 1883, Rowan Co to Lydia Cox. 

(See 2.6 Charles Kennerly below for potential disposition)


Family Group of 2.5 Daniel F. Kennerly (c1816-11 Sep 1862)

Spouse: Mary R Correll

Children, surname KENNERLY


2.5.1 Columbus Cicero (1842-3 Jul 1863) d Gettysburg PA, serving with Co A, 20th NC Infantry; Enlisted 17 Mar 1862, Cabarrus Co, NC, as Private, age 17.

2.5.2 Mary b 1844

2.5.3 John M b 1848

2.5.4 Martha b 1853

2.5.5 Lafayette b 1855


2.6 Charles Kennerly is something of a mystery.  He and Roxie are mentioned in their children's marriage documents as parents, yet no marriage bond for them can be found.  Their families may have been native to Anson County.  I discovered Anson County deeds (2) that name Charles Kennerly, of Cabarrus County: James Mullis sold land on both sides of Grassy Creek, “embracing the spring” and adjoins Mullis’s 150 acre tract to Charles B Kannally, Cabarrus County for $227.25 on 4 Feb 1839.  In this deed, a 23 Jul 1841 addendum by Charles Kennly assigned his title to William Hinson.  On 26 Mar 1842 Charles B Kanaly, Cabarus Co sold the land to William Hinson for $200, specifying that it was 101 acres, otherwise the general description was the same.  Witnesses to the first deed were John McCollum and N B Jenkins, and the assignment to Hinson was witnessed by Charles Kennly and William Kennly.  The deed from Kanaly to Hinson was witnessed by C C Love and proved Apr 1842.[xvii]  (What is also likely is that this deed involves either 1.1 Charles Kennerly and/or his sons 1.1.1 Charles and 1.1.7 William: a Charles executed the deed, whilst a Charles and a William witnessed.)


The land lies just south of the Rocky River in present Union County, that was formed from the eastern section of Mecklenburg and the western section of Anson.  We have found no marriage bond; Charles was probably the Charles Kenley who died in Jan 1857, the very day after the worst (and perhaps the most surprising) snow storm in North Carolina history.  In 1860, the family was not together and Charles cannot be found in census records; however in Anson County, Benjamin Kinley 13 and Sarah Kinley 17 were living with Mary Wright 92 and Mary Douglas 45.  4 pages away, Roxey Kinley 34 and Mary Kinley 4 were listed with householder Hatcher Boss and Jane.


Roxanna was next discovered in the census in 1870, at which time her potential sons Benjamin and Walter were listed both with her and with Charles’s proposed brother 2.4.8 Samuel Kennerly.  “Roxie” was living with Polly Bean, b 1834 and Lunda, b 1856, in Salisbury in 1870.  On Walter’s 1883 marriage license, his parents Charles and Roxy were listed as residents of Anson County.


Family Group of 2.6 Charles Kennerly, b c1818

Spouse: Roxanna “Roxie” ? b 1834

Projected children, in Roxie’s household, Salisbury, 1870 Rowan Census

2.6.1 Sarah b 1847

2.6.2* Benjamin b 1849 md 22 Apr 1871, Rowan Co to Laura Louisa Corl, b Feb 1853

2.6.3* Walter Lee (1855-Dec 1936) md 12 Jul 1883, Rowan Co to Lydia Ann Cox (1863-Feb 1929) both bur Crumly Chapel UMeth Ch, Jefferson Co, AL

2.6.4 Mary b 1857 md 23/4 Dec 1876, Lilesville Twp, Anson Co to William Harkles Gilmore (24 Dec 1853-20 Aug 1928) b&d Anson Co, bur Morven cemetery, there.  We have positively connected to Mary thru a descendant confirmed via DNA testing.


3rd  Generation

1.1.1 Charles Kennerly died by 3rd Monday, Jan 1845, at which term of Cabarrus Court his will was introduced for probate.  Its contents were simple: debts were to be paid, and mention was made of certain livestock that could be sold to pay the debts.   He left all property, real and personal to loving wife Barbara; at her death, all property was to go to daughter Mary Elisabeth without any reserve; he named Barbara executor, and Jeremiah Howie and “Elzbeth x Kenley” witnessed.  Charles made his mark.  Barbara renounced her right to execute, and Jeremiah Howie succeeded her, posting $400 bond with J H Robinson and Sidney McKinley as securities. The real estate was purchased by 1.1.4 Samuel A Kennerly, which see (next group.)


Family Group of 1.1.1 Charles Kennerly (1805-by Jan 1845)

Spouse: Barbara Cook (c1801-living 1870)

Child, surname KENNERLY Mary, b 1830, md 23 Nov 1850, Cabarrus Co to Julius Melchor, Nelson Slough, bondsman; she was with Barbara in 1850, and Barbara was with the Melchor family in both 1860 and 1870 (censuses.)  Some time before Mary’s marriage, she was likely listed—as Mary Kenly--on a list of Female Members of Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, not dated, but known to be before 1854.  “Barbary Kenly” “dead” was also listed; no dates, either.[xviii]


1.1.4 Samuel A Kennerly bought 155 acres of land on 23 Nov 1844 from the executors of Alison Crawford decd, namely Robert H Crawford and Sidney McKinley.  The land was on the waters of Coddle Creek, adjoining Daniel Russell, Samuel Johnson, Sidney McKinley and Fifer.  He did not hold on to this land long, selling it to Sidney McKinley on 1 January 1845. Samuel then bought 52 acres on Christmas Day, 1846, from Jeremiah Howie, who was acting as administrator (with will annexed) of the estate of Charles “Kenly”, decd., and sold the tract at auction on 12 Feb 1845.  This was evidently the remaining land that Charles held at his death; a deed that transferred the land to Samuel’s wife after his death in April 1857 didn’t disclose the origin of the land, and omitted its description, perhaps inadvertently.[xix]


Ellen “Kenly” was listed as a female member of Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, an undated record but known to be before 1854.  Also undated was the infant baptism of Jemima Jane, daughter of “Ellen Kenly.” Two other “Kenly” references are not specifically identified: Member Elizabeth Kenly with notation “removed” and the death of Addison Kenly, 14 April 1852.[xx]


By 1870, She was in township 2, Cabarrus County in 1870, with Jane 19, who from the foregoing was the Jemima 9 of the previous census.  She may have been living on 12 Dec 1887 when “E P Kenely” bid in two tracts of land on waters of Irish Buffalo Creek in Concord. The land consisted of a typical town lot within the grid of then downtown Concord, plus another lot that abutted the railroad, which bypassed the downtown area.  The land was owned by J S Fisher and wife, who evidently couldn’t pay their creditors, and trustees P B Fetzer and W J Hill privately sold the land.  Whilst the deed consistently referred to “E P” only by initials, it did refer to her.[xxi]


Family Group of 1.1.4 Samuel A Kennerly (1814-by Apr 1857)

Spouse: Eleanor “Ellen” Cook (1811-living 1870)

Children, surname KENNERLY, evidenly born Cabarrus County Mathew N b 1844; might he have been the “Addison” who d 14 Apr 1852, as shown above, from Poplar Tent Presbyterian records? Elenor N b 1846, Jemima “Jane” b 1851 (Jemima perhaps named for Samuel’s sister, who married Daniel Cook, moved to Illinois, late 1840’s?)


Relative to 1.2.1 John P. Kennerly, we offer an abstract of the Will of John A. Correll, made 18 Aug 1843 and entered for probate Nov term, Rowan Court, and recorded in Will Book 1, page 194, John A. being John P Kennerly’s father in law:


Son Levi ~ 226A on Cold Water (Creek) next to Peter Deal et al

Son Edward M the mill tract (minor)

Son Philip A the home place next to Paul Yost (minor)

Daughters: Catharine, wife of Jacob Sloop; Sophia R, wife of David Linn now; Margaret, wife of John P Kennerly; Ann, Amaline and Amelia (these 3 all minors)

Exrs: Levi Correll, David Linn; witn Paul Yost, Robert A Patterson


The will abstract does not indicate that 2 of the sons and 3 of the daughters are minors.  This is established by the accompanying estate papers which Jo Linn summarized in an issue of her Rowan County Register:


Levi Correll was appointed guardian for Franey A. Correll, orphan of John A. Correll, under $1,000 bond on 6 Feb. 1843 with Jacob Correll and Henry Miller bondsmen. (Henry Miller, again!!!)

On 3 Nov. 1845 John P. Kennedy was appointed guardian of Franey Amelia Correll, orphan of John A. Correll, with Levi Correll and David Linn his securities on $1600 bond.


On 6 Nov. 1843 Paul Yost was appointed guardian of Ann Correll and Emeline Correll under $1,000 Bond with Robert A. Patterson, Alexander Rose and George Rose his securities.

Paul Yost was guardian of Ann and Mary E. Correll. Ann Correll came of age in 1845, and the balance of her legacy was $79.77½. There are a great many other details in the file.


On 1 Feb. 1847 Jacob Sloop was appointed guardian of Phillip A. Correll, orphan of John A Correll, under $1600 bond with William Woods and John Leazer, Jr., his securities; that bond was renewed on 4 Feb. 1850.

Charles A. Rose, guardian of Edward M. Correll, filed his account at Feb. Court 1845 in the amount of $126.30 including a “lot” of books he had bought for his ward and said he had received a note of $46 for rent of the mill and plantation of his ward; Henry Beaver rented the mill for $20.00.

J.P. Kenerly, J.D. Scheck, Josiah P. White, Jeremiah Carter, and  Walter bought grain from the plantation; Daniel W. Ramer bought a sorrel horse for $51.50; Jacob Sloop bought a bed and furniture for $10.00.[xxii]


Family Group of 1.2.1 John Powlus Kennerly (16 May 1817-1895)

Spouse: Margaret Correll (20 May 1821-May 1898)

Children, surname KENNERLY, all likely b Iredell Co NC* Elburtis Morrow (26 Jan 1844-20 Dec 1910), md 12 May 1868, Iredell County to Margaret McNeely (7 Mar 1851-22 Jan 1919), both bur Prospect Presbyterian, Mooresville; Elburtis enlisted 4 Jul 1862, Iredell County, age 18 as private, Co K, 56th NC Infantry; he was wounded and captured 21 Aug 1864 at Globe Tavern VA and imprisoned at Point Lookout MD, where he was exchanged on 16 Mar 1865.[xxiii]* John Alexander (22 Jul 1846-8 Sep 1935), bur Willow Valley Cemetery, Mooresville, Iredell County; md 16 Apr 1872, Iredell County to E A Wagner, b 1854; John was a private in the same company as brother Elburtis: Co K, 56th NC Infantry; E A Wagner was sister of Sarah Jane Wagner, who married Alfeus Macamie Kennerly* Robert Sloan (4 Nov 1848-5 Oct 1910);, md 12 Jan 1868/9, Iredell County (by Rev. Robert Brady) to Mary Jane Amanda Wallace (1 Nov 1850/1-2 Nov 1919) both bur Oakwood Cemetery, Iredell County* Leroy L (1  Jun 1854-18 Jun 1924), md 14 Jun 1877, Rowan County to Ellen V Raymer (20 May 1847-5 Mar 1933) who previously md L L Raymer—in 1910, she said it was her 2nd marriage; Leroy and Ellen are bur at Prospect Presbyterian Ch, Mooresville; they were living with his parents, 1880, Coddle Ck Twp, Iredell Co NC (Leroy was the only child at home, 1870)


In Joe Harvell’s writeup of his wife’s family, he said that 1.2.3 Clarissa had married Wilson Kimmons, gave birth and death dates for each, said they had 14 children, including 3 sets of twins, and had “moved to Cabarrus County.”  Clarissa perhaps did move, since she was raised in Iredell, but the Kimmons were native of Cabarrus, although their multiplication did lead some to domiciles in Mecklenburg, Rowan, and likely other places.  The 1860 Cabarrus Census did indicate that the child Sarah was a twin, but the other twin was evidently deceased, since Sarah was the only family member then 10 years old.  The other two sets of twins were specifically identified, apart from sharing the same age.  At this point, I am likely missing the oldest child, who was probably born in 1842 and away from the 1860 household; I haven’t had access to the 1850 Cabarrus Census in preparing this family group.


This family always lived in Cabarrus’s NW corner.  The 1860 Census showed them at Mill Hill Post Office.  The historical Stirewalt house that bears the name “Mill Hill” still stands, between the Northwest School complex and the Iredell and Mecklenburg lines.  In 1870 and later, they were in Township 4, which contains the portion of Kannapolis that is currently in Cabarrus County.  By 1900, widow Elizabeth was living at “Cooks Cross Roads”, which is just east of the Winecoff Elementary School property, at the Norfolk Southern Railway crossing of Winecoff School Road, and pretty much in the boundary between Concord and Kannapolis—still in township 4.  Elizabeth was a “land lady” in 1900; her single children Sarah and Charlie still lived with her, Clara Emma having left and Victor having married since 1880.  9 of the 14 children were still living in 1900.  12 children have been positively identified, although Sarah’s twin isn’t named; the first child is likely #13, and there is a gap just before Charlie, the last one, that could be #14.


Family Group of 1.2.3.Clarissa Elizabeth Kennerly (22 May 1820-5 Jul 1904)

Spouse: Elias Wilson Kimmons (29 Oct 1807-19 Apr 1888)

Children, surname KIMMONS, all born Cabarrus County, from 1860, later Cabarrus censuses William (1842-1843) Mary (1843-1925) md ? Gillon Macornie Robinson (5 Oct 1845-6 Nov 1920) md 29 Jan 1873, Cabarrus County, to Harriet Jeanette Fleming (30 Jan 1854-24 Dec 1901); both bur Oakwood Cemetery, Concord, along with infant son Robison (20 Feb-30 May 1887); in 1880 they lived in Cabarrus, Deweese Township (#3) with Nina May 6, Willie B 4 and Bessie L 3, amongst Stirewalts and McKinleys. By 1910, Mack was widowed, living alone.  He was living with Nina and family in 1920 on 76 Franklin Ave in Concord.  Husband was Arthur M Faggart, b 1870, local salesman, wholesale (perhaps, the word was “Habsole”, which may have been the lister’s interpretation.  Three Faggart children were living then: Arthur M b 1905, Riss M, b 1906 (son) and Byron I, b 1915.[xxiv] Martha Jane (1847-1924) md Charles Melchor Sarah (1850-1938), identified as a “twin” on 1860 Cabarrus Census, but other twin missing;  see next. James, b Feb 1850, lived 4 days, had “yellow gum”, per 1850 Cabarrus Mortality Census John A (2 Dec 1851-10 Oct 1933); a merchant in Concord, he md c1876 Mary “Mamie” Murr (19 Oct 1854-18 Aug 1932), both bur Oakwood Cemetery, Concord; in 1900 their children Irma 18 and Mary 11 lived with them.  A 3rd child had died by 1900.[xxv] In 1910, the family was living on North Spring Street in Concord; Hugh Propst had married their daughter Grace (Irma) in 1908 and lived with them, along with Alice Kiser 30 servant, married 7 years and her daughter Mary Kiser 5.  Mary, age 65 was listed as head of family in 1920, living at 207 N Union St, Concord; she was a bookkeeper for a bank; John A, husband, age 68, had no occupation. Wallace Andrew b 1854, md 15 Feb 1877, Cabarrus County to Laura R Patterson, b Dec 1848; no ch.  They lived in Enochville Precinct; Laura evidently died by 1908, when “William A” 2nd md Clara ?, b 1865; she had been previously married, had 2 living children and Grace, b 1893 was living with them in 1910, still in Enochville precinct, Rowan County.  Another source shows “Walter P” (1854-1885) marrying Patterson a twin.  There is confusion, here! Margaret M “Maggie” (1854-1904) md Andrew McDowell Freeze Victor A (1857-1925) md 22 July 1880, Cabarrus County to Alice V Overcash, b 1862; in 1910, they were living in Rowan County, Landis Precinct, on the China Grove and Mooresville Road (present NC 152).  Alice had 6 children, 5 living: 3 were living with them in 1910: Mabel 22, Lottie 18, Darthy 11[xxvi] Albert (1859-1863), twin Clara Emma (1859-1930) md ? Cochran Charles S B (12 Jun 1863-8 Nov 1921), bur Oakwood Cemetery, Concord; after parents’ deaths, he moved to Charlotte, lived 6th ward and in 1910 was a machine hand at a coverlet factory; John Hasty 14 rented from him.  In 1920, he was a carpenter in a casket factory in Charlotte.[xxvii]



1.2.5 William H Kennerly had 1870 Estate Papers generated, that are in NC Archives & History, Raleigh, under Iredell County, loose estate papers.  In an index of Archives holding of Iredell County loose estate papers, those for “William 1870” gave the names of the four heirs, as in the family group following.


Family Group of 1.2.5 William Hollen Kennerly (24 May 1824-19 Jun 1864)

Spouse: Charity Deaton

Children, surname KENNERLY, all likely b Iredell Co NC* Alpheus Micamie, b Sep 1848, md 19 Nov 1874 to Sarah Jane Wagner, b Sep 1857, sister of E A Wagner—both daughters of James and A Wagner—E A having md John Alexander Kennerly. David Kenerley discovered a death notice for Mrs. Jane A. Kennerly, in the Charlotte Democrat of 19 Aug 1881; death occurred on 8 Aug 1881, and Jane was 25, having died in Mooresville, Iredell County.  We may have a match here. Mary Jane; as “Kernerally”, she was md 25 Dec 1866, Iredell County (by G F Shepherd) to ?. Margaret AMaggie” md 19 Jul 1870, Iredell Co by C L Shinn, JP to Daniel M. Troutman, who evidently d by 1875; M A Troutman, daughter of W H and E C Kenerly, 2nd md 13 Oct 1875, Iredell County to W A Patton, son of Robert and Mary.* Robert Brantley (1 Jul 1855-18 Dec 1935) 1st md Annie “Addie” Patton (21 Dec 1851-12 Feb 1891); 2nd md Oma A. (12 May 1852-26 Apr 1895); 3rd md Minerva E. ? (18 Feb 1868-5 Mar 1904), all d Buncombe County, bur Dix Creek Chapel, there; 4th md Annie P. ?, who survived him.[xxviii]


Spouse of 1.2.6 Mary Adeline Kennerly is a probably relative, Pinckney Alexander Kennerly (c1823-10 May 1890), b Iredell County, who is buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Concord, Cabarrus County.  Pinckney was likely orphaned in the 1830’s, as Pete Overcash was appointed his guardian July 1839, when Pinkney was approximately 16, per 1850 and later censuses.  He was first married 28 Feb 1842, Rowan County to Margaret Hess, sister of Sarah who married George Kennerly, and daughter of Daniel Hess Sr, who died testate, Rowan County by Feb 1848.  Daniel Hess’s will named Margaret’s two children Milus and Columbus.[xxix]  Margaret may have died by the time Daniel made his will; in any event, Pinckney was alone on the 1850 Rowan County census.


Pinckney was in Co K, 8th NC Infantry; at time of enlistment—16 May 1861—he was a Captain, age 38, living Rowan County.  He was a prisoner of war 8 Feb 1862 at Roanoke Island NC, exchanged Sep 1862.  He was paroled at Salisbury, 3 Jun 1865: CSA officers were more closely scrutenized at war’s end than their enlisted counterparts.


Nothing further has been discovered about his son Milus, but Columbus, born 1844 in Rowan, appears to be that person with an “orphan’s profile” who lived with George Green, as shown on Cabarrus 1850-60 censuses.  Green was a millright.  Columbus A. Kenerly was in Co B, 20th NC Infantry, enlisting on 18 Apr 1861, Cabarrus Co, NC, as a Private, age 18, farmer.  He was wounded 27 Jun 1862 at Gaines' Mill, VA and was detailed to light duty.  He was captured 6 Apr 1864 at Farmville, VA and imprisoned at Newport News, VA where he took the Oath of Allegiance on 26 Jun 1865 and was released.  Of the two Columbus Kennerlys known to have served the Confederacy from Cabarrus County, he was evidently the C A Kennerly, age 27 and mill wright in the 1870 Cabarrus household of Joseph Brown and family.  (The other, 2.5.1 Columbus Kennerly did not survive the war.)



Family Group of 1.2.6 Mary Adeline Kennerly, b 5 Dec 1826

Spouse: Pinkney Alexander Kennerly (1823-10 May 1900)

Children, surname KENNERLY Ruth (26 Mar-30 Jun 1856), bur Prospect Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, Iredell Co; Mollie (25 Jun 1858-25 Sep 1928), single; moved to Buncombe County and lived with sister Robert Lipe’s family, per census notations; she was not noted as a child by Joseph Harvell.  Her death certificate gave parents as Pink and Katherine Kennerly, information from Lucius Lipe, Robert’s husband.  Buried Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, Buncombe County.[xxx] Robert Lee (female) md c 1880 to Lucius Alexander Lipe (8 Jul 1864-2 Jan 1951), lived Biltmore, Buncombe County NC; evidently migrated from Iredell to Buncombe in company with “Lush’s” siblings James Cornelius, Mary Etta and Rufus Preston Lipe, all of whom died in Buncombe.[xxxi]


Joseph P. Harvell’s family document said that 1.2.7 Samuel A Kennedy and wife had 9 children, but named only 8, as shown in the following family group.  Likewise, 1900 census said that Mary had borne 9 children, but 1 only was living—Julius.


To add to the confusion: James A Lipe (5 Mar 1846-18 Nov 1918), son of A and M T Lipe 1st md 13 Nov 1879 to Mary L Kennerly (28 Mar 1861-7 Dec 1883), daughter of S A and Mary Kennerly; 2nd md  c1888 Iredell  to Sarah Alice Kerr Kennerly, (25 May 1867-20 Aug 1940).  A “stepson”, James P Kenerly 23, was in the 1910 household with his 2 Lipe stepbrothers; all three were indentified as “Lipe” on the 1900 census.  named as stepson in James A Lipe’s last will & testament.  In his obituary, he “was a son of Alice Kerr Kennerly and James Pinkney Kennerly.”  James and wives were apparently members of Propect, they all buried there.




Family Group of 1.2.7 Samuel Addison Kennerly (16 May 1829-17 Apr 1903)

Spouse: Mary C Rumple, b Sep 1834

Children, surname KENNERLY, only Clarissa d before 1870, others at home, then Clarissa (May 1851-21 Oct 1853), diptheria; bur Prospect Presbyterian Julius A, b 1853, only child living per Harvell document, 1905 Jane Ann b 1856, at home 1880, d consumption Mollie Jimma b 1858; Harvell said that she died of  “consumption when grown” William Pinkney (1860-1884), d consumption; bur Prospect Presbyterian, Mooresville, (but) in Rowan County; evidently md Sarah Alice Kerr (25 May 1867-20 Aug 1940) and had a son James Pinkney Kennerly (30 Sep 1886?-22 Jul 1965).  Sarah 2nd md James A Lipe (5 Mar 1846-18 Nov 1918) who was 1st md 13 Nov 1879 to Mary L Kennerly (28 Mar 1861-7 Dec 1883).  They raised Lipe sons plus James Pinkney Kennerly.  He 1st md Lula McLaughlan (20 Sep 1891-19 Nov 1918); 2nd md Polly F. Lowe (13 Feb 1889-13 Oct 1968); the three are buried at Prospect Presbyterian.[xxxii]  James “Pink”’s birth year may be right, and Will Pink’s death year may be premature: the 1900 census shows that his wife Sarah and subsequent husband James Lipe were married c1888. Mary C “Maggie”, b 1864, d young Harriet E ”Hattie(1866-25 Sep 1870), d from diptheria, bur with Eddie, Prospect Presbyterian Edward C “Eddie” (1869-21 Sep 1870), d from diptheria, bur with Hattie



Family Group of 1.2.8 Melissa Emeline Kennerly b 29 Jul 1831

Spouse: William B. McLean

Children, surname McLEAN Mary Ellen, b 28 Mar 1870, md Fletcher Sharpe George Espy, b 1 Feb 1872, md Elma Huneycutt Emma Elizabeth, d c age 30


Family Group of 1.2.10 Ellen Caroline Kennerly, b 10 Sep 1838

Spouse: Joseph Parker Harvell, b 4 May 1849

Children, surname HARVELL William Espy b 28 Aug 1873, md 25 Oct 1898 to Lucy Catherine McNeely Mary Martha “Minnie” b 24 Feb 1875, md 10 Nov 1903 to Bob Vance Lentz* James Harvie b 26 Sep 1876, md 15 Aug 1900 to Jinnie Wills Connelly 910 Jan 1877-11 Dec 1910) b Iredell, d Mecklenburg Cos, NC; son JHjr (18 Nov 1902-20 Mar 1973) d Newport News VA; son Leon (16 Oct 1905-2 Oct 1948) d Denver CO; Joe Lee Sr (13 Sep 1908-9 May 1988) b Mecklenburg NC, d Va Beach VA md 3 Sep 1929 to Ruth Lelia Salmon (4 Feb 1910-18 Feb 1984) b Roanoke, d VA Beach VA; other ch living Hattie Elizabeth (15 Sep 1878-13 Mar 1951), md 15/16 Nov 1904 to John Bill Brantley (10 Nov 1878-Aug 1943)[xxxiii]


2.2.2 E W Kennerly was one of 12 men summoned to lay off widow’s dower and thirds for Mary J Wilson, estate of Cyrus Wilson, decd., October Session 1860, Mecklenburg County.  The land adjoined Tuckaseegee Ford Road, George W Alexander, John R Alexander, Dr Isaac Wilson, and the Barony line.  George Alexander was also one of the twelve; the others were Thomas M Kearns, R D Alexander, Jas H Kearns, R D Whitley, A C Shields, John N Blythe, Thos. A Wilson, Wm H Vance, Jas H Williams and E Alexander McAuley.[xxxiv]  (These may have all been neighbors of Elias Wesley Kennerly.)


David Kenerley discovered an article in the Charlotte News, 15 April 1890, “An Old Man Missing”.  The portion of the article mentioned Mr. E W Kennerly, citizen of Long Creek Township, about 60 years old.  That is the extent of the article we have been able to recover, thus far.  Mr. Kennerly was a bit older than 60, but it is interesting to note that he was considered “old” in 1890.  Perhaps he was afflicted with dementia and had wandered from his home.


Family Group of 2.2.2 Elias Wesley Kennerly (5 Jan 1826-1 Jun 1903)

Spouse: Elizabeth White (21 Feb 1837-29 Dec 1908); all children are evidently hers, as she had 8, per 1900 census

Children, living Long Creek Twp, Mecklenburg County, 1880, surname KENNERLY Monroe B (30 Jun 1860-14 Jan 1886), bur Trinity UmethCh, Mecklenburg Co William Andrew (1862-1940) bur Trinity UMethCh, Mecklenburg Co; bur next to him is Agness Luella Kennerly (1869-1946); they were living at 1008 Pegram St, Charlotte in 1910 with daughters Ivory 18 and Estell 11. Nancy A (1866-c1940), had son Walter Wesley Kennerly (17 May 1888-12 Jan 1970) md Florence P. ? (4 Aug 1893-19 Apr 1970); Walter, Florence and dau Bonnie Elizabeth Kennerley (30 Jun 1912-21 Nov 1914) are bur Trinity UmethCh, Mecklenburg County Mary Jane b May 1869, perhaps bur next to Margaret (below) but no other info provided Esther H (21 Feb 1872-27 May 1953), bur Trinity UmethCh, Mecklenburg Co Margaret L (2 Oct 1874-27 Sep 1953), bur Trinity UmethCh, Mecklenburg Co Frank T Amos b May 1878 Lettie Viola, b 1881[xxxv]


Some Rowan deeds add some depth to the info on 2.2.6 Robert Kennerly family.  Rowan Deeds 60:139 of 14 Nov 1881 between James C Kennerly and wife Mary E to G Henry Brown for an undivided 1/3 interest in the homeplace of Robert C Kennerly, ~ 58 ½ acres in Mount Ulla Township by said Brown, P M Brown, Jesse W Miller, W T Leukey plus a mule for a dollar.


Rowan Deeds 65:743 reflect the 2 Feb 1885 commissioners’ (Jesse W Miller, J R White and G Henry Brown) appointment to divide the land of deceased Mary W Kenerly among her heirs at law, ~ lot 1 to Nettie C Kenerly, by Brown’s mill race, etc, worth $340 and lots 2 and 3 to J(ames) C Kennerly, next to Miller Luckey and Brown’s mill race, worth $684. 


On 2 Feb 1892 (Rowan Mortgage Book 8:240, Samuel L Kenerly and wife M L sold James W Miller 38 acres representing lots 2 and 3 in the division of Mary W Kenerly’s Estate and lot 3 in the land of John Barr, deceased, adjoining Jesse W Miller, Mrs. W F Lackey, lot 1 and Brown’s mill race.[xxxvi]


From other information, i.e. census and deduction, Nettie was not of age when she received her part of the division and a firstborn son John must have died before his father; the other known children were included.  There were loose estate papers, Rowan County, labeled Mary W Kennerly 1878; primary document was a petition by James Kennerly saying that he had bought the interest of S L Kennerly (his brother) and he wanted a division, 2/3 for him, 1/3 for Nettie, who was then not of age, so H N Woodson was appointed her guardian.


Robert C Kennerly died testate, Rowan County.  Executor G Henry Brown—encountered heretofore—petitioned to sell personal property for cash on 25 July 1881.  His final account was submitted 30 April 1885, and showed that there were not enough receipts to pay all the debts, hence he wanted the court to decide.  Robert Kennerly’s file was dated 1876, which makes sense, as his wife’s estate was dealing with the land sale in 1878: Robert would have handled, had he been then living.


Family Group of 2.2.6 Robert Cornelius Kennerly (1838-by 14 Nov 1881)

1st Spouse: Mary Welmuth Barr (11 Mar 1839-27 Apr 1878)

Children, surname KENNERLY, Mount Ulla Twp, Rowan Co NC John b 1857, no further record; Back Creek Presbyterian, Rowan County, has a grave for John W Kennerly, age 5 years, 5 days, died 15 July 1862.  The reading gives him as son of D G & M W Kennerly.  Next in the listing is Mary Lee, who is below.  I believe this John to be that one buried at Back Creek, despite the conflicting description.* James C b 1859; just md 1880 to Mary Elizabeth “Bettie” Burroughs, b Apr 1865, living near Robert K in 1880, Lee in 1900.[xxxvii]* Lee S aka Samuel Lee or Leroy (20 May 1861-1 Apr 1949), bur Back Creek Cemetery, Rowan Co NC, outlived wife, was a carpenter; 1st md 29 Dec 1881 to Mary Alice Waggoner; 2nd md 17 Jan 1890 to Martha J Rose; 3rd md 5 Nov 1891 to Emily Osborne (11 Feb 1868-31 Aug 1942), bur Centenary UMeth Ch.  All 3 marriages are registered in Rowan County.  The known children were born during the 1st marriage.[xxxviii] Mary L (24 Oct 1866-9 May 1871), bur Back Creek Presbyterian, Rowan County* Finettie Clementine (1869-1901), md 15 Jan 1890, Rowan County to General Kershaw Plyler (31 Jul 1866-7 Apr 1946), bur Centenary UMCh, Mt Ulla, Rowan Co;


There are loose estate papers at NC Archives & History for Daniel Kennerly, titled D L Kennerly 1900.  The papers give Daniel’s death date, the names of all the heirs in two separate petitions by administrator H C Kennerly, appointment of guardian (ad litem) of Edwin C Gregory for Scott and Baxter Kennerly, who were under age.  Daniel owned 100 acres in Franklin Township, adjoining Jacob Cauble, Mrs. Josephine Thomason, Mrs. Lail Quilman et al.  Widow Mollie Jane Kennerly bought the land at a 5 May 1902 sale.


David Kennerly preserved an obituary on Wesley Whitfield Kennerly, one of the sons of 2.4.2 Daniel C Kennerly, which provided considerable background on Wesley, and some data on his living relatives at his time of death.  Whitfield was rector of the Chapel of the Holy Communion, Fair Haven NJ and of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Little Silver for the last 4 years before he died on 30 Aug 1933—coronary thrombosis at home in Fair Haven.  He was born 57 years ago in Franklin County (really, Township, Rowan County), NC. Dr Kennerly was educated at UNC, Chapel Hill, Wittenburg College and Hamma Divinity School, both at Springfield OH, and received his doctorate in 1925 from Carthage College (IL)  Before coming to New Jersey, he served parishes in Alliance OH, Milwaukee WI, Lander WY and Metuchen, NJ.  He was survived by his widow, a son J Luther Kennerly, brother Baxter Kennerly of Toledo OH and “three sisters who live in North Carolina.” [xxxix]


Family Group of 2.4.2 Daniel C Kennerly b July 1837

Spouse: Amelia “Milly” Jane Johnston, b Feb 1839

Children, surname KENNERLY, in Franklin Twp, Rowan, 1880-1910 George H Crawford b Mar 1860, md 1889 to Cora E ?, sons Claud W (20) and John C (18) in 1910;  as “H C Kennerly”, administered his father’s estate. Sarah Antoinette (8 Jan 1862-10 May 1937), bur Mt Tabor UMCh, md Jacob A. Cauble; it seems likely that her parents and a brother are also buried at Mt Tabor: the names DC Kennerly, JM Kennerly and MJ Kennerly without dates on stones were found there by David Kennerly Mary E  (24 Oct 1866-9 May 1871??), bur Back Creek Presbyterian, Rowan County; her death date appears to be mistaken; she, as spouse of Henry W. Shoaf, is mentioned as an heir of Daniel Kennerly in 1901.  Henry W Shoaf was b Oct 1870, Davidson County, and md Mary 28 Feb 1893, Franklin Township, Rowan County.  They had children Willie C, b May 1893, Sallie M. b Feb 1896 and Bessie J, no further info.[xl] James M b 1870; in Salisbury Twp, 1900 was James 25, md 2 years to Florence L 19, son Ira B 8 mos, and Sallie E Miller 63, grand mother (in law? was blurred), 1 child = living. Wesley Whitfield (Rev. Dr.) (Oct 1875-30 Aug 1933), d Fair Haven NJ; he was shown as “minister” in his father’s household in 1900.  Wife’s name is not given in obituary, and a son J Luther Kennerly also survived him. Susan R b 1876, md Stephen Morgan; she was evidently living in NC when Whitfield died in 1933, as was sister Jane (below); we know from other data that sister Sarah lived until 1937.  Widow Milly J Kennerly asked that Stephen Morgan and Henry Kennerly administer Daniel’s estate, in her stead. Jane Hester b 1878, md Baxter Gobble Walter Scott b Jan 1882; he and brother Baxter were minors when their father’s estate began probate, 12 Oct 1901. Baxter W b Jul 1885, was evidently living in Toledo OH in 1933,  when brother Whitfield died.


Family Group of 2.4.4 Charles W Kennerly (28 Jul 1841-25 Jul 1906)

Spouse: Elizabeth Earnhart (20 Apr 1853-27 Aug 1931)

Children, from 1900 Census, surname KENNERLY*  George William “Will” (15 Oct 1871-11 Oct 1935), d Davidson Co; md 20 Jan 1895, Davidson County to Martha S. “Mattie”  Koontz (8 Oct 1875-4 Sep 1954) d Guilford Co, both bur Bethel Cemetery, Davidson County; Mattie was daughter of Charles L Koontz and Louise Shoaf Maggie (18 Aug 1874-1965) md Tobe Clement; their evident son Jesse, 17 was with this family in Salisbury, 1910 Rowan County Census Cora (21 May 1877-19 Apr 1933) md W M Koontz Robert Lee (22 Aug 1880-15 Sep 1947), md 1904 to Daisey Lutz Clodfelter (25 Apr 1885-27 Feb 1931), both bur Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury;  by 1910, they had Raymond 4 and Vada 2; Bessie Clodfelter 16 and sister in law was with them. Charles Ross (18 Nov 1883-18 Jun 1916) James Hayden (12 Jan 1888-Apr 1961), bur Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury[xli]



In a 1919 publication, James Edward Kenerly’s life was summarized, with some mention of his lineage.  His grandfather 2.4 George Kennerly was a “native” of Rowan County and made boots and shoes, as well as farmed.  During the Civil War, he operated a blacksmith shop and shoe factory.  He died at about age 72.  His father 2.4.7 George Kennerly, born 1849, learned the blacksmith and carpenter trades whilst farming in Rowan County, moved to Tyro, Davidson County and lived for several years before returning to Rowan, where he died in 1910. (The family with children Thomas and younger were still at Tyro, on the Davidson County 1900 Census.)  Meanwhile, his son James Edward Kennerly went to Churchland High School, graduated and became a school teacher, and then moved to Spencer, where the Southern Railway shops were located, and worked there for 6 years.  On the side, he began buying land and having houses built, eventually going into that business full time.  He moved to Winston-Salem and continued his contractor work there.  The family were Methodist, and James belonged to both Centenary and West End churches in Winston-Salem.


George H Kennerly also has estate papers from Rowan County, filed at NC Archives and History.  Scott Kennerly was the only child not of age, being 20 at 14 Jun 1910.  The widow renounced her right to administer, asking that James E Kennerly be appointed, and he was.  His certificate to the court named the heirs, and provided spouses for the females; all are listed below.  George had a large tract of 238 ½ acres and a small meadowland tract of about 3 acres that were sold as part of the administration, which sale produced most of the documentation.


Family Group of 2.4.7 George H Kennerly (23 Feb 1849-15 Mar 1910)

Spouse: Sarah Ellen Walton (1854-living 1929)

Children, surname KENNERLY; all evidently survived their eldest sibling, Sarah Ida K Koontz Sarah Ida (30 Jan 1873-1929), b Davidson, d Rowan Co, bur Chestnut Hill, Salisbury, Rowan County; md 1890, likely Davidson Co to James M Koontz, and later lived in Woodleaf, Rowan County; her obituary said that her 3 sisters md J F Lansing, T E Conrad and D D Pope; brothers were pall bearers and their residences were listed.  She had sons Marvin--who died just before her--Fred and Glen Koontz.  In 1900, the family was between George Kennerly and Charlie Koontz, Tyro Township, Davidson County: Marvin B, b Jan 1892 and George F(red) b Jan 1994. James Edward md 1897, prob Davidson Co to Florence Lelia Miller, dau of Henderson and Victoria Miller; by 1919, had 3 ch: Ira B, Paul James and Elva Lee. Nora B, md J P Lanning John Dickerson (25 May 1879-23 Aug 1934) bur Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, lived North Wilkesboro Thomas Gray (17 Apr 1881-11 May 1941) md Sarah Jane “Sadie” Rice (9 Jul 1883-6 Dec 1932) both bur Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, lived Salisbury Daniel Luther (3 Oct 1883-28 May 1943) md Rachel Brown (27 Jul 1892-14 May 1981), both bur Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, lived Greensboro Ollie D b Nov 1885, md Thomas E Conrad, son of Adam H Conrad and Marcilla Grimes of the Holly Grove section, Davidson County.[xlii] Lonie K (17 Jan 1888-7 Jul 1967) md Dolph Dixon Pope (10 Aug 1886-26 May 1974), both bur Woodleaf UMeth Ch, Rowan Co Thurman Scott, b Jan 1890, md 1907 to Lola/Bessie, living with mother Ellen 1910-1920, along with sons John Thurman, Arnold, Melvin; Scott later lived in North Wilkesboro[xliii]


I have an undated obituary for 2.4.8 Samuel M Kenerly (from David Kennerly) that shows his burial at Chestnut Hill cemetery, Rowan County; daughters who md R(obert) G Stirewalt (W-Salem), S J Penninger, J S Hoffner, C T Leonard, A L Nash, all of Salisbury; 3 sons J(ohn) E, George F, H(arvey) L of W-Salem; 2 sisters who md Ed Swink and C Bailey.  His widow was not named, but survived him.


Family Group of 2.4.8 Samuel Moses Kennerly (11 May 1857-4 Sep 1921)

Spouse: Ellen Frances Walser (3 Mar 1857-23 Jun 1939)

Children, surname KENNERLY Clara b 1878 Bertha W b 1879, md 28 Feb 1897, Rowan County to Robert George Stirewalt; in 1900, had Harvey 2 and May, 9 months. Sallie E b Aug 1881, Cordelia M b Aug 1884, Ora Bell b Aug 1886, md C Thomas Leonard c1908; they lived next door to Sam Mose in 1910. John E b Nov 1888, Mary L b Feb 1891, Harvey L b Mar 1893, George F b Jul 1897. 


3 oldest girls in 1900 were working in cotton mill. 


2.6.2 Benjamin R Kennerly’s wife Laura Corl (sometimes Correll) was beneficiary of the Division of Estate of Peter Corl on 15 Mar 1864, Rowan County.  She received Lot 1, 54 acres by P B Chambers, lot 3 and John I Shaver; her sister Mary E, married to C A Weant, received 54 acres adjoining John Fisher and the other two lots; Adam A Corl received lot 3, also 54 acres, that adjoined the other two lots, Fisher and Chambers.  When Laura received the land, she was evidently unmarried; in Rowan County Mortgage Book 4:38, a document dated 16 May 1887 showed that B R Kenerly and wife Laura E sold William H Kester 47 ½ acres on Grants Creek, being lot 1 in the division of the estate of Peter Corl assigned to Laura on 15 Mar 1864—(since) subject to a mortgage of $23.75.[xliv] 


This mortgage was not the final disposition: in Rowan Deeds 73:288, on 10 Jan 1891 B R Kennerly and wife Laura E sold to A M Cruse 47 ¾ acres for $501, land adjoining P Bowers, Lenard Krider, Corl and witnessed by J W Mauney (dim?) and acknowledged the same day.  This land was allotted said Laura L as dau of decd Michael Corl, son of decd Peter Corl, per will in Rowan Book 1, p 130.


Family Group of 2.6.2 Benjamin Randolph Kennerly b 1849

Spouse: Laura Louisa Corl, b Feb 1853

Children, listed in Anson County 1900 census, South Wadesboro Twp Adam Walter (20 Jun 1879-1 Aug 1947), bur Greenlawn Cemetery, Landis (Rowan Co NC) md by 1900  to Florence ?, b Jan 1881 William E b Sep 1880 Fannie L b Sep 1883 md ? Owry, had dau Gracie b 1904* John Edgar (Sr) (25 Oct 1885-31 Jul 1947) d Danville VA, md 18 Dec 1906, Chester County SC to Mary Elizabeth Williams (25 Sep  1890-29 Aug 1965) d Snow Camp, Alamance Co NC, had dau  Margie b 1909 Charles M b Nov 1889 Carrie B b Jul 1891, at home 1910 (N Albemarle Twp, Stanly County)


2.6.3 Walter Kennerly was a contractor, mine and timber; his family moved to Birmingham AL about 1892, and lived on “Beat 29”.[xlv]  The family evidently became members of the Crumly Chapel UMeth Church in Birmingham, and several of the family members are buried there. In 1910, Walter & Lydia had been married 28 years, and 2 of the 12 children born to Lydia had died.  Son Arthur had married, but the other 9 children then were still at home. They lived next to Levy Crumly, who with son Hubert apparently worked for the railroad bridge company that employed Oscar Kennerly.


Census searching in Alabama resembled early searching in Cabarrus, NC: enumerators were apparently unfamiliar with the name “Kennerly” and rendered it many ways.  The two children doubtless belonging to Walter’s family are buried at Crumly Chapel: Warrine Kenerley (1918-Aug 1933); Fulton Kenerley (1915-4 Aug 1916).  Warrine may be Sadie W(arrine), Urell’s daughter; Fulton likely belongs to Arthur Lee.


Family Group of 2.6.3 Walter Lee Kennerly (1855-Dec 1936)

Spouse: Lydia Ann Cox (1863-Feb 1929)

Children, surname Kennerly, at home 23rd Precinct, Birmingham AL, 1900 Arthur Lee (8 May 1885-2 Oct 1949) md c1907 Mattie E ? (26 Sep 1887-5  Dec 1984), both bur Crumly UMC, Birmingham; in 1910, they were in Beat 29, hh 9, with son Earle Lee, 7 months.  Same Beat in 1920, hh 42, with Leola G 7 and Wilbur M, between 1-2, I can’t read the fraction, i.e. 1 and so many twelfths. Urell S (22 Dec 1888-18 Jul 1949), md c 1914 May V ? (15 Jun 1897-28 Mar 1992), both  bur Crumly UMC, Birmingham; in 1920 they had daughters Gladis C 5 and Sadie W 23 months; they then evidently lived with Hoy and Alma Day at 3007 22nd Avenue[xlvi] Oscar R (1886-9 Feb 1957), bur Crumly UMC, Birmingham; he was a railroad bridge carpenter Amy B b Apr 1889 Lawrence Marcus b Sep 1891; he was a coal mine machinist Effie M b Sep 1893, AL Walter W b Mar 1896, AL Grover C (28 Feb 1898-29 Jan 1929) b AL, md Leona B English (19 Mar 1905-29 Jan 1950), both bur Crumly UMC, Birmingham[xlvii] DeWitt T b Jan 1900, AL Maggie A b 1902 Benjamin Hamrick (8 Jun 1905-31 Mar 1929), bur Crumly UMC


4th Generation Elburtis Kennerly evidently left a will; his Rowan County loose estate papers show C P McNeely as Executor, who submitted a final settlement 10 Mar 1920.  The will was also filed for probate in Iredell, as papers showed valuation for a house and lot in Mooresville valued at $1000.  Payments on the final settlement identified legatees as Mary Brown, Blanche Kistler, X P Kennerly and L S Kennerly.  The file was named “Mrs M M Kennerly” so the proceeding must have taken place following her 1919 death.



Family Group of Elburtis Morrow Kennerly (26 Jan 1844-20 Dec 1910)

Spouse: Margaret McNeely (7 Mar 1851-22 Jan 1919)

Children, surname KENNERLY,all likely b Coddle Creek Twp, Iredell County S Eddie (2 Sep 1870-13 Aug 1891), bur Prospect Presbyterian dau O E b 1873; perhaps this is Mary, who md ? Brown  Latta Sloan (14 Aug 1878-22 Feb 1936) md Effie L Karriker (13 Nov 1880-18 Nov 1945), both bur Prospect Presbyterian Church, Mooresville[xlviii] X Payne (31 May 1880-11 Dec 1960) bur Greenlawn Cemetery, Landis, Rowan County; md 1904 to Della ?, with sons Eddie 5, Hubert 3, Frank 17mo and Fred 7mo, in 1910 Blanche V b Feb 1883 md ? Kestler, per father’s obituary Charlie (4 Sep 1886-22 Jun 1902), bur Prospect Presbyterian


Family Group of John Alexander Kennerly (22 Jul 1846-8 Sep 1935)

Spouse: Emma A Wagner (1854-living 1920)

Children, surname KENNERLY, prob born Iredell County, Coddle Creek Township son John G b 1873, md 1906 to Mattie ?, b 1885; living with big John, 1910-20; on Boger Street, Mooresville in 1920—no kids, just the 4 of them. dau L R b 1876


Family Group of Robert Sloan Kennerly (4 Nov 1848-5 Oct 1910)

Spouse: Mary J Wallace, b Nov 1851

Children, surname KENNERLY, all likely born Iredell County William C (19 Dec 1870-16 Mar 1901), bur Oakwood Cemetery Eliza LeeElla” (10 Dec 1872-27 Sep 1898), bur Oakwood Cemetery Cowan Tay (15 Sep 1874-11 Nov 1937) md 25 Mar 1901, Marie County MI to Louise M. Blanchard Ada Blanche (11 Oct 1876-24 Feb 1898) md 17 Aug 1895 to Whit Neill Burt Lester (30 Aug 1878-c1938), unmd. Charles Othniel “Charlie” (15 Nov 1880-10 Jul 1963) md 28 Sep 1904, Iredell Co to Ella Albertine Poston (26 Dec 1882-30 Apr 1969) both d Iredell, bur Oakwood Cemetery, there Thomas Eurie (23 Jun 1884-20 Feb 1915), unmd. Dekalb (15 Sep 1887-27 Aug 1936), bur Oakwood Cemetery; md Bessie Belk (23 Nov 1884-27 May 1979), d Iredell County


In their 1880 household Barringers Twp, Iredell Co NC were aunt Nancy Gray 63, and blacks Joseph Reid 17 and Spate Davidson 17.  William was still at home in 1900.  The 2 older sons were then working in cotton mill, near Statesville.


Family Group of Leroy Sylvanus Kennerly (1  Jun 1854-18 Jun 1924)

Spouse: Ellen V Raymer (20 May 1847-5 Mar 1933)

Children, surname KENNERLY I K (son), b 1879 Gibson H b Feb 1881 J Roy b Feb 1887 Anna L b Aug 1889, at home, 1910, only child still there Jeb (16 Jan 1884-5 Nov 1885), bur Prospect Presbyterian, Mooresville


Family Group of Alpheus Micamie (now often rendered as McCamie) Kennerly, b Sep 1848

Spouse: Sarah Jane Wagner, b Sep 1857

Children, surname KENNERLY, from Barringer Township, Iredell County censuses of 1880-1900 Junious b 1877 (daughter?!) Burt b 1879 Mack (for McCamie?) b Oct 1882 Ellis Rock (8 Mar 1884-26 Apr 1953), md Mary Belle Overcash (25 Sep 1889-20 Jul 1942) both buried Back Creek Presbyterian Church, Rowan County;[xlix] Alpheus R b Aug 1886 James W b Oct 1889 Brodie A b Jun 1892 Robert Kennerly and family had relocated to Leicester, Buncombe County by 1880.  The family remained there, and the sons married, living near Robert.  In 1910, Gussie L Kennerly 26, married for 7 years (once), and having had 2 children, Josie M age 5, living, was listed as daughter in the Leicester household of Thomas R Moore 59, Louise M 55, Marjorie 30, Harley M 20, Callie B 19 and Edgar R 17.  This data parked here until I know where it fits.


David Kennerley sent an obituary for Gay Kennerly of 50 Gilbert Road, Leicester, who died 1 Aug 2006, Mission Hospitals, age 91.  He was born in Buncombe, son of Samuel L Kennerly and Ollie Bridges, and had sisters Evelyn Robinson and Beulah Broyles and brothers Ray and Carl Kennerly (these all died before Gay), sisters Sue Howell and Margaret Patton of Asheville, Ruth Robinson of Leicester (these all living when Gay died.)  Born in 1915, he graduated from Leicester High School in 1930 at age 15, first worked at American Enka (13 years) and then developed his own business, Kennerly Oil Company, Asheville, running it until he retired in 1995. He was active in a number of Leicester community activities, including Bell United Methodist Church, where he was buried.  He was married to Robina R for 71 years: they had a daughter Gaylen, who lived with husband John Saunders in Leicester.  Their son Dr. John T Saunders 3rd and wife Deidre lived in Steamboat Springs CO, with children Katie, Kari and Kyle; their daughter Suzanne and husband Eric Buchanan lived in New Orleans.


Family Group of Robert Brantley Kennerly (1 Jul 1855-18 Dec 1935)

1st Spouse: Annie “Addie” Patton (21 Dec 1851-12 Feb 1891)

Children, surname KENNERLY, all b Leicester, Buncombe County NC Lenora V (28 Jul 1877-12 Mar 1889), bur Dix Creek Chapel William Edgar (8 May 1879-18 Feb 1933), md Nelly Grimshaws; bur Lovis Memorial Park, Buncombe County NC Mary E (19 Dec 1880-2 Jan 1881), bur Dix Creek Chapel Charley b Apr 1882, 1st md c1906 to Alma ?, b 1889; 2nd md by 1920 to Ela A, b 1899 Samuel L b Oct 1886, md Ollie C Bridges, b 1888, had Carl R b 1909; Beulah b 1912 md Broyles, Ray b 1914, Gay R. (1915-1 Aug 2006) md 1935 to Robina R., Sue b 1917, md Howell, Margaret md Patton, Ruth md Robinson, Evelyn md Robinson.[l] Leslia E “Lola” b Oct 1888, md c1907 ? Crook; had son Vin, b 1908


2nd md Oma A. (12 May 1852-26 Apr 1895)

Child, surname KENNERLY, b Leicester, Buncombe County NC James A b Jun 1894, md c1918 Blanche ?; had Katharine, b 1919


3rd md Minerva E. ? (18 Feb 1868-5 Mar 1904), bur Dix Creek Chapel

Children, surname KENNERLY, all b Leicester, Buncombe County NC Infant, 5 Feb 1891, bur Dix Creek Chapel Infant (13-15 Feb 1904), bur Dix Creek Chapel “Emer” (Emma?) C b Aug 1897 Essa M b Aug 1899


4th md Annie P ?, b 1877, survived Robert; no evident children


Family Group of James Harvie Kennerly b 26 Sep 1876

Spouse:  Jinnie Wills Connelly (10 Jan 1877-11 Dec 1910)

Known children, list incomplete, as some are living, and data unavailable, surname KENNERLY James Harvie jr (18 Nov 1902-20 Mar 1973) d Newport News VA Leon (16 Oct 1905-2 Oct 1948) d Denver CO Joe Lee Sr (13 Sep 1908-9 May 1988) b Mecklenburg NC, d Va Beach VA md 3 Sep 1929 to Ruth Lelia Salmon (4 Feb 1910-18 Feb 1984) b Roanoke, d VA Beach VA


Modest Rowan County loose estate papers for M E Kennedy evidently pertain to the following family.  S M Hart, jp with J O Houston & R A Lyerly, commissioners, alloted M E Kenerly, widow of James Kennerly 1 horse worth $25, 2 head of cattle worth $20 and his insurance in Junior Order, Salisbury ($750).  The document was dated 8 April 1905, and indicated that there were 5 dependants under 15.  That squares with the 5 youngest children on the group below, given my comments that Samuel had died by 1910.  In fact, he may have died before the 8 Aug 1905 document was created.


Family Group of James C Kennerly (1859-c1905)

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth “Bettie” Burroughs (Apr 1865-living 1910)

Children, surname KENNERLY William Cornelius (6 Feb 1885-5 Feb 1960) md Lillian Stewart (2 Mar 1887-12 Nov 1970), both bur Back Creek Presbyterian, Rowan Co; Loyd Lucine (29 Nov 1886-11 Feb 1972), d Rowan Co, bur Rowan Memorial Park; md 1909 to Anna Cashion (who survived him); they lived next to “momma” in 1910 Mattie M b Jun 1888 md ? Lackey Samuel E b Feb 1890, may have died before 1910; on that census, mother indicated that she had 11 children, and that 8 were still living—the others are accounted for. Clarence G b Feb 1894 and lived Salisbury Kitty B b Nov 1895, George D b May 1898. Mary b 1901 Jim Lee b 1905



Family Group of Lee S aka Samuel Lee/Leroy Kennerly (20 May 1861-1 Apr 1949)

1st Spouse: Mary Alice Waggoner

Children, surname KENNERLY Lizzie C b Feb 1884, Lottie R b 13 Sep 1886, twin of William Butler, following William Butler (13 Sep 1886-22 Jan 1988) b Union and d Iredell County,; md Amanda Christie (24 Apr 1890-21 Oct 1958) both bur Centenary UMeth Ch, Rowan County; they had son Grady d 11 Oct 1968, dau Martha Justice d 4 Mar 1981 and dau Sadie Overcash d 10 Apr 1988; surviving W B were sons Marvin, Bill and Robert, daus Marion Whitman, Elizabeth Talbert and Katherine Lawing.  All lived at Mt Ulla or Mooresville except Marion in Greensboro.[li]


No evident children by subsequent wives Martha J Rose and Emily L Osborne (11 Feb 1868-24 Aug 1942), also bur Centenary.


One of the above daughters md J C Arey, lived Granite Quarry, Rowan Co, and supported her father; Sam Lee’s obituary did not name other children, but 6 gch, 6 ggch shown, no names, either. 


Family Group of Finettie Clementine Kennerly (1869-1901)

Spouse: General Kershaw Plyler (31 Jul 1866-7 Apr 1946)

Children, surname PLYLER, all prob b Rowan County NC George Espie (17 May 1890-1 Nov 1918) Lonnie (9 Jul 1892-22 Dec 1971) Jessie (6 Dec 1894-10 Jun 1958) Ollie Glendora (11 May 1896-) md 12 May 1912 William Emmett Basinger 4th (6 Mar 1891-23 Mar 1951), son of George Basinger and Lydia Moose; Will bur Centenary UMCh, Mt Ulla.  Had 5 ch, 1 of whom d young. Lillie (10 Jul 1899-30 Oct 1914), d childbirth, child bur with her[lii]



Family Group of  George William “Will” Kennerly(15 Oct 1871-11 Oct 1935)

Spouse: Martha S. “Mattie”  Koontz (8 Oct 1875-4 Sep 1954)

Children, surname KENNERLY, from Bible record of David Kennerly Charles Odell, b 17 May 1896 md 10 Aug (missing year), Burkhead Parsonage, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County to Annie Covington William Clarence b 27 May 1898, d Richmond VA, 18 Apr (missing year) Webster Glenn b 30 Nov 1904, d Greensboro, 28 Oct 197?

(from David Kennerly’s records, all the children evidently went by their middle names)


Family Group of John Edgar Kennerly (Sr) (25 Oct 1885-31 Jul 1947)

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Williams (25 Sep  1890-29 Aug 1965)

Children, all b Albemarle, Stanly County NC, surname KENNERLY Margie Lee (20 Jul 1909-23 Apr 1960) Francie L. (26 Sep1926-11 Oct 1926) Ernest Frank
(22 Jul 1911-1986) d NH Robert Crowell
(23 May 1923-1 Sep 1967) md 4 Nov 1944 to Virginia LaRae Owen, b 16 Jul 1928, Danville VA John Edgar Jr
b 15 Nov 1935, living[liii]


Appendix A: William F Kennerly Family

William F Kennerly evidently served with  Co G, 42nd NC Infantry; he enlisted 16 Oct 1862 as Private in Rowan County, and was discharged 20 Feb 1863 as disabled due to excessive deafness.  Age was not given.  (This is a major factor in overcoming our ignorance of his lineage.)[liv]


It does seem likely that the following burials at Prospect Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, relate to this family:

L F Kennerly (1829-1889)

N C Kennerly (1839-1897)

L J Kennerly (1861-1892)

E F Kennerly (1875-1897)

E S Kennerly (1877-1885)

H G Kennerly (1879-1893)


Initials only don’t help, but the listing tends to show two parents, followed by 4 children.  The initial initial for William is troublesome, granted.  Otherwise, there is correlation between the cemetery and the census data, relative to the parents and children Laura Jane, Elisabeth, Edmond and perhaps Mary, since we don’t have but one census listing for Mary, and H and M can look similar, after wear and tear.


Family Group of William F. Kennerly (1829-1889), birth year from census consensus

Spouse: Catherine Naomah ? (1839-1897)

Children, surname KENNERLY, in 1880, Mt Ulla Twp, Rowan County NC; 1870 Barringer, Iredell

.1 Laura Jane (1861-1892), bur Prospect

.2 Margaret J b 1864

.3 Jesse L b 1866

.4 Emma Luola b 1868

.5 Franklin b 1870

.6 Allice b 1872

.7 Elisabeth F (1875-1897), bur Prospect

.8 Edmond S (1877-1885), bur Prospect

.9 Mary G (May 1879-1893), bur Prospect


Other Kennerly burials at Prospect seem to involve children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of 1.2 William Kennerly and Mary Correll, also buried there.


It’s certainly possible that one of the “lost” children of the 2nd generation may be responsible for William, as well as for Pinckney, born c1823.  1.3 George Kennerly comes to mind.


Appendix B: Persons not identified: marriage bonds in Cabarrus County, along with a Mecklenburg “stray”


Eliza Adaline “Kenly” b c1820, who married John McClure, the Cabarrus County marriage bond date 23 Jun 1842, with Matthew M Plunkett, bondsman.  They had a son who achieved some prominence as Rev Joseph McClure (c1855-by May 1921).  The 1860 Mecklenburg Census showed John McLure 66, Elizabeth 41, Martha 15, Margaret 1?, Sarah 10, Catharin 8, Pinkney Neely 40, male; “Adeline” McLure 45 was alone on the 1870 Mecklenburg Census, Deweese Township.[lv]


John A Kenley, marriage bond with Polly Carter, 15 Nov 1837


Lucy Kenly, marriage bond with Marshall Alexander, 22 Aug 1838; bondsmen = W C Means, A J Shankle, C P ?McClure?, C J Lax


Elizabeth Kenly, marriage bond 2 Sep 1844, Cabarrus, with Robert Scott, who signed with Nelson Slough; other information suggests groom to be Robert Martin


Crissa Kenely, marriage bond 24 Dec 1845 with Mathias Lowder, signed by John A Wall; there were numerous Lowders in Stanly County, 1850, but I did not find Mathias and Crissa there.  Crissa could well have been a Kindley, some of whom settled at Mount Pleasant in Cabarrus, and would have been within hailing distance of the Lowder clan.


E N Kenly, marriage bond with W M Hunsucker, 4 Feb 1867, J A Hunsucker bondsman (mark)


A Mecklenburg County court action involved Elizabeth Kinly, on whose behalf the State sued McKee Jordan for bastardy, 13 April 1867.  The court ordered Jordan to pay Elizabeth $69 for the first year’s support of the child.[lvi]


From family descendants: Mary Kennerly, b 1846; md James Henderson Crosby, b 1842, on 10 Oct 1886; both were b Iredell County; their daughter Mary Elizabeth Crosby (14 Nov 1868-8 Jan 1940) b&d Iredell was Mary Elizabeth Crosby the oldest child of Mary Jane and James H. Crosby and she married Samuel Burette Brawley.  Other children include:  James Franklin Crosby b. 7 Apt. 1872 Iredell Co NC d. 31 May, 1953 Oakmont, Allegheny Co. PA married Callie Lavana Arthurs, 9 Sept. 1900, Iredell Co. NC.   John Holland Crosby b. 6 Feb. 1876 Iredell Co. NC d. 18 Jan, 1950 Queens, NYC, NY He was an Episcopal Priest, turned to Catholicism, married Lucy Jeanette Miller 1 Jan. 1906 Charlotte, NC.  Margaret Lodema Crosby b. 6 Oct. 1978 Iredell Co. NC d. 30 Aug. 1954 Tampa, FL married Francis Junius Deaton 13 Dec. 1908 York SC.  The youngest and last child of Mary Jane and James H. Brawley was Magaret Lodema Crosby Deaton.  Mary Elizabeth (Kennerly) Crosby was thought to be a daughter of Pinkney A Kennerly and Margaret Hess, but wasn’t named in Margaret’s father Daniel Hess’s 1847 Rowan County will.  James Crosby was born on 12 Nov 1833 in York Co SC. 


Appendix C: Census work in Union County IL, 1850-1880, Kennerly-Cook

1850 Union County Census listing for household 593: Cook—Daniel 59, Gemima 44, Martha 23, Anna 20, Daniel 18, Charles 16, Mary 13, Samuel 9, Jane 6, Margaret 4, and Christena 2—she being the only one born Illinois, hence the family must have moved to Union County c1847.  Marriage, Union County: George H Brown & Anna McBride Cook, 26 Mar 1852; Robert J Weeks and Martha Cook, 27 Oct 1853; Cornelius Frick and Mary Jane Cook, 26 Jan 1858;


Daniel evidently died by 1855, as that state census showed Jemima as head of family, with Males 10-20 and 2 20-30; Females 2 u10, 2 10-20, 40-50 and 60-70.


1860 Union Census (p208, 14 Aug 60  T13S, R1W, pencil 852) was hard to read: Jemima 54 headed family 1503, with Charles 25, (maybe) Samuel 18, Catherine 14, Caroline 12; Jemima born NC and ditto marks for the kids; On p 203 T13S R2W, hh 1472 is Danl Cook 29, Anna 22, Alice 3, Jane 2/12, Josephine 2/12; Danl b NC, Anna b Germany (later Austria), ch b IL; Isaac Brown 48 b NC is next door. So is previous head, David (illegible); Union County Marriage: Daniel Cook and Anna Duschel, 5 Aug 1855; Robert K: I found a guardianship notation for Robert Cook in 1886 to Joseph Duschell, record 571.



1870, Misenhimer Precinct, p 7, 20 Jun 1870, Jonesboro PO 57/47 Daniel N Cook 38, Ann 34 b Austria Mary A 13, Jane & Josephine each 10, Jeff 7, Robert 3, b (might be) Missouri, Flora 6/12; Danl b NC, rest of kids ‘cept Robert b IL; same twp 13/11 is James Cook 78, Susan 63 both b NC. (I don’t know that connection.)


1880 Misenheimer Twp 1/1 Samuel W Cook 37 grocer, Catherine E 33, Olon N 4 son, Wade H 2 son; Sam & parents all b NC, Catherine IL PA IL, ch follow the parents’ data.  Union County Marriage: Samuel W Cook (31) and Catherine E Brown (26), 24 Dec 1874; They lived in the Misenhimer Precinct and were married at the residence of Sophie Brown by Jacob Grear.  Robert Kennerly, from visit to Union County IL: Gemima Cook died 6 AM 31 July 1882 in the Jonesboro Precinct of a malignant throat ulcer, was ill for one year prior to death and died age 75 yrs, 9 months; born in Cabarrus Co NC, she was a widow and had lived in Illinois for 35 years. She was buried in St John's Cemetery; Physician W. C. Levee(?) of Jonesboro and the undertaker was C H Williford.


8/8 Henry Brown 54, Anne 50, Monroe 26, Sarah Jane 23, Joseph W 20, Henry W 18/19, JEMIMA COOK 74 grandmother; Anne & Jemima b NC; Jemima’s father birthplace N L, otherwise many dittos for NC;


12/12 Chas W Cook 47, Mary J 36, Alelphas L 18, Loie V 15, Clara J 12, Flora H 9, Minnie E 6,  Eureka A 4, Albert L A 7/12; Loie b  Canada, rest of kids b IL. Chas all NC, Mary J all IL.

Union County Marriage: Charles W Cook and Mary J Miller, 29 Aug 1861[lvii]



Appendix D: discussion on Kindley who is part of Davidson County family, but moved to Cabarrus in the 1820’s and remained there


From the 1850 Cabarrus Census, John Kenerley 46, born Davidson County (as stated) md Cabarrus County, (1826)“Milly” Wagoner, with John Shimpock, bond.  “Amelia” is 43, Elizabeth 10, Martha J 6 and John D 2.  John has land, as he is on the Ag schedule for that census.  A William R Kenerly 23 is in Shimpock’s household as “clerk”.  (I find an Amelia Kindley age 72—that matches—in the 1880 Davie County, Jerusalem Twp census, alone.  She is living next to Barnhardts: George 42, Elizabeth 41 (also above?) and numerous children that include a daughter Amelia L, 11 years old.  On the other hand, in Cabarrus County Township 8 (Mt Pleasant), hh 20 in 1880 is William R Kindley 54 merchant & farmer, Mary A 48, Adam W 17 clerk, John S 14, Kate L 10.  In the same township, Albert Kindley 23, Susan R 20 and Lewis W 2 were in the household of Mathias Faggart 64, Eleanor 55 and dau Jane E 23.  Albert was son in law, Susan R daughter and Lewis grandson of said Mathias; Cabarrus records their marriage at 24 Dec 1876, by H C McAllister, JP.



I saw from the 1850 Cabarrus Census that Shimpock was then the Clerk of Court, and William could fit as a child from an 1826 marriage.  Here are Cabarrus census data for John “Kennerly”:

1840 Cabarrus Census: Males 30-40, 20-30, 10-15; Females 30-40, 10-15, u5

1830 Cabarrus Census: Male 20-30, u5; Female 20-30, u5.

Sheets on both censuses contained numerous German families, including Basingers, who were present on the earlier Kenerly enumerations.


Did John come from the Davidson County Kinleys?  Might the census taker in Cabarrus think that one name was good as another and made him into a Kinnerly?  There were numerous deeds for Wm R Kindley in Cabarrus, as I remember.


David Kennerly submitted the following from Kindley Origins and Frederick Kindley 4th , The John Kindley Family in America, Washington DC:


Shadrack Kindley (c1771-by Jan 1825) md 16 Jun 1791, Rowan Co, to Margaret Briles

Shadrack’s family group shows Wm oldest, then Mary md Wm Varner, Susanna md Andrew Varner, Sarah md David Knoy, Elizabeth (nothing further) John D Kindley


(next generation)

John D Kindley (9 Jan 1804-21 May 1873) md 9 Mar 1826, (Cabarrus Co) to Amelia Nail Wagner (20 Dec 1807-4 Jun 1884) bur Jerusalem Church, Davie Co; “Milly” is named in John’s 17 May 1873 Davie County will as sole executrix, but the children are not named, although an equal division of real estate is mandated.  Will proved 7 Jun 1873 witn Braxton Bailey, W Stonestreet, filed in Davie Wills 2:31.  Here are the definitive deeds:

A 3 Apr 1880 deed from W R & wife P A Kindley, Cabarrus to G E Barnhardt for 372.5A (Davie Deeds 5:492) “an undivided 1/5 part of the lands willed to the 5 children of John Kindley;


Chrissie C Lowder (Davie Deeds 9:147) to said Barnhardt on 14 Mar 1885, same description “subject to life estate of widow Millie Kindley”;


Mortgage deed of 20 Nov 1883 from said Barnhardt, wife E S to E E Pass, “lands willed to E S Barnhardt by her father John Kindley; source given as Orders and Decrees of Probate Court


22 Mar 1884 deed to said Barnhardt from Adam Ridenhour, wife Martha, same description (Davie Deeds 9:150);


(Davie Deeds 7:584) Said Barnhardt from John D Kindley, wife MMC, Ashe Co, 16 Nov 1883, same description. 


(children of John Kindley)

William Riley Kindley (18 Jan 1827-26 Sep 1920) bur Mount Pleasant Church, Cabarrus Co, md

18 Sep 1851, Cabarrus Co to Mary A “Polly” Barnhart


Crissy C Kindley b 27 Oct 1828 md 25 Dec 1845, Cabarrus Co to Mathias Louder (pencil d 28 Jan 1911, bur Jerusalem Church, Davie County with her mother Amelia)


Elizabeth Louise Kindley b 26 Sep 1839, md 10 Sep 1857 to Ephraim Barnhart (pencil d 10 Jun 1910, Davie Co, bur Concord Church


Martha Jane Kindley b 30 Jan 1844, prob d young (in pencil: “md Adam Ridenhour, Davie Co 6 Jun 1867”


John D Kindley jr b 1 Jan 1848, md Mary Matilda Catherine ?, b 28 Feb 1850; 10 children, lived in Rogersville, Hawkins Co TN after 1880

[i] I found a Henry Miller in 1820 in Rowan County, but not in Cabarrus.  That Henry was in the southeast section of Rowan, heavily German, with names also familiar in Cabarrus: Peeler, Powlass, Troutman, Treece, and several other Millers: Phillip, John, Asa, Martin.  Martin’s family had males u10 and 10-16, with he himself 26-45, as was spouse, no other females.  I don’t think he’s the same Miller.  Ironically, there was another Henry Miller in Rowan, “Lexington side” that was in a sequence that contained a Kindley family member, discussed in Appendix C.

[ii] There were numerous Albright families in Rowan County, censuses of 1790-1800.  Most were in the SW corner of present Rowan County, roughly present Enochville-W Kannapolis.

[iii] Carson Rogers was on the 1820 Cabarrus County census, amongst the Keloughs who were often listed near Kenlys on those censuses; Carson and spouse were both +45, with a female 26-45 and 2 each male and female children, all under 16.

[iv] Thomas Cooper was on the same 1820 Cabarrus census page as Charles “Kannalley”; Thomas was 18-26, with male under 10, 3 females 16-26.  Galllimores and Weddingtons were on the same page.  Herman White Ferguson and Ralph B Ferguson, Mecklenburg County North Carolina: a 1792 petition, Tax Lists 1797 1798 1799 1806 1807 1808 1810 1811 1815 1823 1824; Rocky Mount NC, 1999

[vi] Cabarrus  County Deeds 8:337-338

[vii] Cabarrus County Deeds 12:357; the land was on waters of “mile creek” and contained approximately 7 acres, if I correctly interpreted the writing.

[viii] David Kennerly scanned this entry from the same page as the marriage listing for E W “Kenney” & Elizabeth White, cited in the family group of Elias and his son Elias Wesley Kennerly

[ix] Advice of Lois Cypert,

[x] Iredell Co 1880 census shows her parents both b PA, and that she was then living with her dau Ellen and son in law Joseph Harvell

[xi] This data plus much of that for the children in the following generation from the Kimmons vertical file in Concord/Cannon library.

[xii] McCubbins Abstracts, Rowan County Library, Salisbury NC.

[xiii] Mecklenburg County North Carolina Cemeteries, volume 1, North Mecklenburg, Olde Mecklenburg Genealogical Society, Charlotte (photo of page sent by David Kennerly); Mecklenburg Marriages 1783-1868 (printed abstract), photo furnished by David Kennerly; this period presumably covers that from the earliest extent bond through the year that bond process was replaced by license.  E W Kennerley, same reference, is shown as bondsman for the marriage of James T. White & Sarah Pucket, 31 Jul 1852; Isaac Wilson JP married them on 19 Aug 1852 and James Parks witnessed the bond.

[xiv] Mark B. Arslan, Cary NC, Blackwelder Family Genealogy (John Adam & Catherine, 6 Generations),2005 furnished by David Kennerly; Blackwelder web site

[xv] Information furnished by David Kennerly shows that 2.2.4 Samuel A and Sarah Kennerly are buried at both St Enoch’s Cemetery, Enochville and at St. Paul’s UCC, likely in the same area, but with a Kannapolis address.  Clarification is needed; this was worse, as I had this fellow descending from 2.4 George Kennerly, as well.  That, I have fixed.

[xvi] McCubbins Files, Rowan Public Library, Salisbury NC

[xvii] A. Bruce Pruitt,  Abstracts of Deeds Anson County NC Books 10,11,& 12 (1839-1849), 2004; Bruce indexed the deeds by consecutive numbers, these being 12807 and 12818.  They were recorded in Anson Deed Book 10, pp 434 and 440.

[xviii] Research of Kathryn Bridges, Concord NC, placed in Kinley family file, Cannon/Concord Public Library.  Kathryn evidently had access to the Poplar Tent records, and clearly indicated certain missing elements, dates being a key example.

[xix] Cabarrus County Deeds: 15:293 reflected Samuel’s purchase of the 155 acres, 15:289 reflected his sale of it to Sidney McKinley; 18:36 reflected the purchase by Samuel from Jeremiah Huie, as administrator of Charles Kenly, decd.  Ellen P Kenly’s successful bid for the 52 acres is reflected in 32:585, where she bought the land from administrator Joseph Cook jr.

[xx] Kathryn Bridges research in Kinley family file, Concord/Cannon library

[xxi] Cabarrus Deeds 44:310

[xxii] Jo White Linn, Rowan County Register, Vol 15, No 2, May 2000, p 3443; signatures of John P (clearly) Kennerly, Levi Correll and David Linn are reproduced.

[xxiii] Albertis Kennerly’s marriage from Marriage and Death Notices from the North Carolna Presbyterian, 1867, 1868, Katharine Kerr Kendall, furnished by David Kennerly

[xxiv] In 1910, R Mack Kimmons 64, widowed, was in houshold 57/57, Cabarrus County Township 3/ Dewese, SD 8, ED 37 sheet 4A, dated 19- 20 Apr 1910

[xxv] Serial 405, page C, blank Jun 1880, p 15, SD 5, SD 3, ED 31

[xxvi] Rowan County 1910 Census, China Grove Township, Landis Precinct: SD 8, ED 92, Sheet 2A, 18 Apr 1910

[xxvii] Holebrooks Township No 4, page 21, SD 3, ED 34, 16 Jun 1880, serial 450 marked A; From the census analysis for the years 1860-1910, I presently have three groups of Kimmons that don’t readily fit into this family: first, in 1900 is Nancy Kimmons b May 1853, age 47, widowed no ch living alone, China Grove Twp, Rowan 161-163 SD 196, ED 702, Sheet 10 (whether A or B blurred); she remains in that Township in 1910 as 28/28 Nancy E Kimmons head 59, widowed with Mary Ann Blusler cousin, age 63 and also widowed; neither had children.  The second group was on the Iredell, Coddle Creek Twp census for 1880, in hh 208: H M Kimmons 22, W A Kimmons 19 brother, E E Kimmons 40 mother. A Kimmons 25 was hired man living next door with W W Williford 31, M J 31, 5 ch 10-10 mo.  The persistent use of initials by the enumerators produced this puzzle.  Finally, there was a 1910 Mecklenburg County, Deweese Twp, 1 Precinct family, 155/159 Kimmons, Hugh M 55 md 30 years; Sallie 48 12ch10liv; Minnie 18, Allie 15 (son), Cora 13, Mattie 11, Jillie 9, Walter 7. Occupations: Hugh = laborer, Minnie = spinner, Allie = dolpher, Cora = spinner, Mattie laborer: all cotton mill, living “Delbury Section”  (Also Burt A Kimmons age 25, living with his family in this same = Deweese Twp, is too young in 1910 to identify.)

[xxviii] D. R. Kennerly provided death certificates for Robert B, shown as Richard, and Edgar Kennerly. The Buncombe death certificate of Richard B Kennerly (1 Jul 1855-18 Dec 1935) shows that he was born in Iredell County to William Kennerly and Ellen Deaton, both born Iredell, and was md to Annie P(atton?) Kennerly.  He lived on Route 4, which may have then have included Leicester as the 1880 Buncombe County Census for Leicester shows Robert Kenerly 25, Addie 23, Nora 2 and Edger 1.

[xxix] Jo White Linn, Rowan County NC Wills 1805-1850, Will Books E through K, Salisbury NC, 1971; Daniel Hess Sr’s will is in Book K, page 66, entered for probate Feb term 1848.  He also mentioned sons Henry I, Elijah, Daniel and John N Hess—appointed Daniel Hess executor—daughter Mary Hess and granddaughters Mary Ann and Eliabeth Hess.  Witnesses were M S McKenie and Wilborn Cranford.

[xxx] D. R. Kennerly furnished photo of death certificate of Mollie Kennerly; that info plus census data I believe establishes Mollie as a 3rd child of Pink and “Katherine/Adeline” Kennerly.  Her absense from Iredell after 1880 may have led Joseph Harvell to forget about her, when he was writing up her family c1905.

[xxxi] George W. Lipe, Lipe: an introduction to some of the Descendants of Johannes Gottfried Leib/Lipe and Barbara Rudisill of York County PA and Mecklenburg County NC, 1998, p 25

[xxxii] George W. Lipe

[xxxiii] William Kennerly family data from manuscript prepared by the spouse of 10 Ellen Caroline Kennerly, Joseph Parker Harvell, not dated but compiled by 1905—the latest date of many that he included in his summary of the family.  A copy of the manuscript is in the family collection at the Charles Cannon Library, Concord NC, placed by David Kennerly.  The information is as complete as was Harvell’s summary, which varied in depth amongst that of his in-laws. Some “post-Joe Harvell” data from a GEDCOM “Kennerly – F392” submitted by D. R. Kennerly.

[xxxiv] Herman White Ferguson, Mecklenburg County North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions volume 6: 1851-1860; Rocky Mount NC, Mar 2004

[xxxv] Burials at Trinity UMC from Mecklenburg County North Carolina Cemeteries, volume 1, North Mecklenburg, Olde Mecklenburg Genealogical Society, Charlotte (photo of page sent by David Kennerly); other information, particularly the correct name of Elias Wesley Kennerly, from descendant Regina Lail’s postings on Kennerly GenForum,  Regina’s latest email address is given there as  A previous one from her postings =  Regina gave 8 children of Elias Wesley Kennerly, and his two wives’ names, without being certain which child belonged to which wife.  Lettie Viola was the other child that she gave, who was missing from the family in the 1880 Mecklenburg County census.  The 1900 Census data clarified and amplified her information.

[xxxvi] Rowan Deed references found in Mamie McCubbins file, held at Rowan County Library, Salisbury NC.

[xxxvii] D. R. Kennerly furnished death certificates for William Cornelius Kennerly (as well as obituary, Salisbury Post, 6 Feb 1960) and Lloyd Lucine Kennerly that named their mother as Elizabeth Burroughs, as well as other expected detail. 

[xxxviii] D. R. Kennerly furnished photo of obituary in Salisbury Post, 2 Apr 1949, plus Rowan County death certificate, also obituary on Will Kennerly, age 101!

[xxxix] Clipping from New York Times, Thursday, 31 August 1933, dateline Fair Haven NJ, 30 August.

[xl] Advice of D. R. Kenerley.

[xli] Detail from family Bible of Robert Lee Kenerly, copy in McCubbins Collection, Rowan County Library, Salisbury NC, by Elizabeth Kenerly Lewis, Falls Church VA

[xlii] The Heritage of Davidson County 1982, Genealogical Society of Davidson County, Lexington NC, 1982      

Article 246: Adam H. Conrad Family by Willie Mae R. Barnes and Paul E. Conrad.

[xliii] R.D.W. Connor A History of North Carolina, vol 1 The Colonial and Revolutionary Periods 1584-1783, Lewis Publishing, Chicago & New York, 1919

[xliv] Geography note: Grant’s Creek runs closest to downtown Salisbury of all the Rowan creeks, that roughly parallel each other, flowing NE into the Yadkin River.

[xlv] Jefferson County 1910 Census (27 April), Sheet 14A, SD 9, ED 123,

[xlvi] Census sheet 16 B, SD 9, ED 19, shows “Birmingham City” but gives no ward number, 12 Jan 1920

[xlvii] Crumly Chapel Cemetery Bookley 1858 to 25 Apr 1966 was published by the Men’s Club of the church, and was furnished in Adobe Acrobat format by D. R. Kennerly; burial info for Helen F Baswell (10 Jun 1925-10 Feb 1996) indicates that she was daughter of Grover Kennerly and Leona Shoemaker; Helen’s spouse Joseph M “Jack” Baswell (29 Jun 1922-10 Sep 1999) was son of Joseph H Baswell and Edith R Walker.

[xlviii] D. R. Kennerly has data on Latta’s descendants.  Much of it is suppressed, because a majority of the grandchildren and some of the children are still alive.

[xlix] Picture of stone and advice from David Kennerly

[l] What looks like Chrissie Bridges, sister in law white female 50 single in Samuel Kenerly’s 1920 Leicester household gives basis for considering Ollie as “Bridges”  This was confirmed by David Kennerly’s submission of Gay R. Kennerly’s obituary, that named all his siblings-living and dead-and provided considerable detail on Gay’s family.

[li] D. R. Kennerly furnished photo of obituary in Salisbury Post, 2 Apr 1949, plus Rowan County death certificate, also obituary on Will Kennerly, age 101!  Marvin Leroy Kennerly, b 6 Jun 1910, was married 15 Oct 1932 to Ethel Hobbs (5 Sep 1913-22 May 1988).  Rowan County Cemeteries, vol 5, shows her burial at Centenary UMeth Church; at the reading, there was no death date for Marvin.

[lii] D. R. Kennerly furnished a writeup: ‘Descendants of General Kershaw Plyler”; General 2nd md Maggie Pearl Basinger, who was sister of Wm Emmett Basinger 4th who md Ollie Glendora Plyler.  General fathered 15 children, overall.

[liii] All information on Charles and Roxie Kennerly and their descendants is from D. R. Kennerly.  He is son of Robert Crowell Kennerly and Virginia LaRae Owen.

[liv] Much of the Civil War data came from the online source

Additionally, D. R. Kennerly said that Wm F Kennerly was born in Iredell County, from Manarin, NC Troops, vol 10.

[lv] Katharine Bridges research, contained in the Kinley vertical file, Concord/Cannon library.

[lvi] Herman White Ferguson, Mecklenburg County North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, volume 7: 1861-1868; Rocky Mount NC, Jan 2005

[lvii] I used Heritage Quest to pull census data for Union County IL, 1860-1880.  The marriage and other census data from