Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D.   Philosophy, University of California, San Diego (expected completion June 2020)

               Dissertation: Relational Equality: A Conceptual and Normative Analysis  

 Committee: Drs. David O. Brink (co-chair), Richard Arneson (co-chair), Dana Kay Nelkin, Lucy Allais, Cathy Gere


M.A.    Philosophy, Georgia State University (2013)

Thesis: Adam Smith: A Relational Egalitarian Interpretation, Defended with Distinction

Committee: Drs. Christie Hartley (chair), Andrew Altman, Eric Wilson 


B.A.     Philosophy and Religion, University of North Dakota (2008) Summa cum Laude



 AOS:    Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education

AOC:   Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Moral Psychology 


RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS                                                                                                                                                                     

Peer Reviewed Articles

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice: Predicting What Will Work Locally, with Nancy Cartwright (2019) American Educational Research Journal

The Key Role of Representativeness in Evidence-based Education (2019) Educational Research and Evaluation 25 (1-2). 

Meeting Our Standards for Educational Justice: Doing our Best with the Evidence, with Nancy Cartwright (2018) Theory and Research in Education 16 (1). 

Teaching Philosophy through Role-Immersion Games: Reacting to the Past, with Noel Martin and Andy Lamey (2018) Teaching Philosophy 41(2).

Book Reviews

Doing Ethics by Lewis Vaughn, (forthcoming) Teaching Philosophy. 

Under Review                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Prioritizing Disadvantaged Students in Principle and in Practice

Works in Progress

Democratic Equality and the Value of Responsibility

Is it Fair to Hold Educators Accountable for Students’ Outcomes?



2019     1stPlace Winner, National Graduate Student Essay Contest, Center for Ethics & Education

2018     McPherson Fellowship, Center for Ethics & Education at the University of Wisconsin, Madison  

2016     Center for Ethics & Education Research Grant, supporting Meeting Our Standards for Educational Justice, with Nancy Cartwright 


UC San Diego 

2019     Award for Best Teaching Assistant, Department of Philosophy 

2018     Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar Fellowship, Center for Engaged Teaching 

              Dean’s Travel Award, College of Arts & Sciences 

2017     Award for Best Graduate Student Essay, Department of Philosophy 

2015     Judith and Neil Morgan Endowed Fellowship 

             UC Humanities Council Grant, for inter-campus working group on inclusive pedagogy 

2014     Dean’s Travel Award, UC San Diego College of Arts & Sciences 


Georgia State University 

2012     Ralf F. Munster Fellowship for Best Continuing Graduate Student, Department of Philosophy

Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award, Department of Philosophy 

2011     Phi Sigma Tau (Zeta) Scholar Stipend Recipient 


Professional Affiliations

2018-    American Educational Research Association, member 

               North American Association for Philosophy & Education, member 

2012-    American Philosophical Association, member 

2008-   Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society 

2007-   Phi Sigma Tau International Philosophy Honor Society, member 


Conferences/Workshops Organized

2019     Institute of Practical Ethics Workshop: Evidence and Scientific Method: Rigor vs. Use (2019)

2017     UC San Diego Graduate Conference on the work of Sally Haslanger (commentary, keynote by Haslanger) 

2015     UC Intercampus Conference on Inclusive Pedagogy (2015)


American Philosophical Association Presentations

2020     “Relational Equality and Educational Justice” APA Eastern Division Meeting

2019      “Educational Justice and the Evidence-based Approach to Education” APA Pacific Division Meeting

2018      Comments on “Stereotype Threat and Epistemic Injustice” by A. Catala, APA Pacific Division Meeting


Invited Presentations

2019     Comments on “Relational Sufficientarianism” by K. Lippert-Rasmussen, New Directions in Social Justice  Theorizing Workshop 

2018     “Bridging the Research-Practice Gap in Education” University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg 

2017     “Meeting our Standards for Educational Justice: Doing our Best with the Evidence” Center for Humanities Engaging Science and 

                Society, Durham University  


Other Conference Presentations 

2019     “Evidence-based Practice and Equal Educational Opportunity” American Educational Research  Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 

2018     “Evidence-based Practice in Education: Predicting What Will Work Locally” North American Association for Philosophy & Education                       

                Annual Conference

“Prioritizing Disadvantaged Students in Principle and in Practice” International Conference on Educational Justice, Katholische 


2015     “Plugging the Leaky Pipeline: A Summer Program for Women in Philosophy” with Amy Berg, International  Philosophy Workshop at             

                Stockholm University

2012     “Exploring the Role of Equality in Adam Smith’s Political Philosophy” Georgia Philosophical Society 


Presentations at UC San Diego (invited)

2019     “Prioritizing Disadvantaged Students in Principle and in Practice” Moral and Political Philosophy Series

2017     “Teaching Philosophical Writing: Using Peer Review Effectively” Teaching Workshop Series 

2016     “Improving Student Writing through One-on-One Conferences” Teaching Workshop Series 

                Panel on Applying to Graduate School (with co-panelists: D. Brink, R. Grush, C. Rosati) Summer Program  for Women in Philosophy


Graduate Student Conferences 

2017     “Egalitarian Justice for Socially-Embedded Agents” UC San Diego Graduate Conference 

2011     “Hume on Correcting Error in Moral Evaluation” Brown University Graduate Conference 



 2018     Sam’s Salon, Guest for public discussion following play (Actually,A. Ziegler) at San Diego Repertory  Theater

2012     Social Justice and Film Series, Panelist, hosted by Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics

2011     “Trolley Cases and Moral Dilemmas” (presentation for middle school students), Philosophy in the Community Program 

2010     Public Radio: “Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life,” Guest, hosted by Institute for Philosophy in Public Life 



Leadership Roles                                                                                                                                                                                                              Head Teaching Assistant, UC San Diego Department of Philosophy 2017-2018                                                                                                            Senior Teaching Assistant, Warren College Writing Program at UC San Diego 2015-2016

As Instructor                                                                                                                                                                                                                      UC San Diego, Department of Philosophy                                                                                                                                                                           Ethics & Society II (lower division, Summer 2019)

Contemporary Moral Issues: Freedom of Expression (upper division, Summer 2018)

UC San Diego, Warren College Critical Writing Program                                                                                                                                                 Politics of Food (lower division, Spring 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Winter 2017)                                                                                           Happiness (lower division, Fall 2016)                                                                                                                                                                             Technology and Personal Identity (lower division, Fall 2014, Winter, 2015)                                                                                                                        Big Data: Ethical Issues (lower division, Fall 2015)

Georgia State University, Department of Philosophy                                                                                                                                           Contemporary Moral Problems (upper division, Summer 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012)                                                                                    Introduction to Philosophy (lower division, Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

 As Teaching Assistant                                                                                                                                                                                                                UC San Diego, Department of Philosophy                                                                                                                                                                          Introduction to Logic (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Fall 2018)                                                                                                                                            Philosophy of Law (Fall 2017)                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ethics and Society: Burke, Rousseau, and the French Revolution (Spring 2017)                                                                                                                      --taught using Reacting to the Past role-immersion game, independently facilitated two games                                                                     Epistemology and Metaphysics of Witchcraft (Summer Program for Women in Philosophy, 2015)                                                                         Topics in Aesthetics (Summer Program for Women in Philosophy 2015)                                                                                                                Educational Justice (Summer Program for Women in Philosophy, 2014)                                                                                                               Philosophy Between Reason and Despair (Spring 2014)                                                                                                                                            Introduction to Metaphysics (Winter 2014)                                                                                                                                                                             Ethics and Society: Human Rights (Fall 2013)


2018     Course Design Studio, UC San Diego Center for Engaged Teaching (Spring 2018) 

              Introduction to College Teaching Seminar, UC San Diego Center for Engaged Teaching (Winter 2018)

2017      Reacting to the Pastrole-immersion game facilitator training (Spring 2017)

2016      Warren College Seminar on Undergraduate Instruction 

               Mentoring the Mentors Diversity-training workshop, Pacific APA

2015      Warren College Seminar on Undergraduate Instruction

2014      Warren College Seminar on Undergraduate Instruction

2011       Georgia State University Center for Instructional Innovation Workshop

2010      Georgia State University Department of Philosophy Seminar on Teaching Philosophy 

2008-9  AmeriCorps Workshops on Active- and Experiential-learning Instruction 



2019       Reviewer, North American Association for Philosophy & Education Annual Conference 

  Chair, Book Symposium: Equal Citizenship and Public Reason by L. Watson & C. Hartley, Pacific APA


UC San Diego 

2017     Committee member, Department of Philosophy Committee on Pre-candidacy Requirements 

              Organizer, Feminist Philosophy Reading Group

2016     Assistant Director, Summer Program for Women in Philosophy   

2016-19   Advisory Board, Summer Program for Women in Philosophy 

2014-16   Admissions Committee, Summer Program for Women in Philosophy 

                 Organizing Committee, Summer Program for Women in Philosophy 


GRADUATE COURSEWORK (*denotes audit)

Ethics, Social & Political 

Equality, Legitimacy, Democracy*   (Gina Schouten, Harvard University) 

Philosophy of Education   (Harry Brighouse, Anthony Laden, Graduate Institute University of Wisconsin, Madison)

The Sex/Gender Distinction  (Michael Hardimon, UC San Diego)

Global Equality: For and Against  (David Wiens, UC San Diego) 

Distributive Justice  (Richard Arneson, UC San Diego)

Facts & Values  (David Wiens, UC San Diego)

Metaethics  (David Brink, UC San Diego)

Blame and Culpability*   (David Brink, Dana Nelkin, UC San Diego)

Responsibility and Excuse*  (David Brink, UC San Diego)

Deliberation and Reasons-Responsiveness*  (Dana Nelkin, UC San Diego)

Philosophy of Race*  (Michael Hardimon, UC San Diego) 

Moral Responsibility & Social Context*  (Manuel Vargas, UC San Diego)

Global Justice  (Andrew Altman, Georgia State University)

Contractualism and Constructivism  (Christie Hartley, Georgia State University)

Contemporary Political Philosophy  (Christie Hartley, Georgia State University)



Kant’s System of Philosophy  (Clinton Tolley, UC San Diego)

Justice and Equality in Plato and Aristotle  (Georgios Anagnostopoulos, UC San Diego)

Kant’s Ethics  (Lucy Allais, Eric Watkins, UC San Diego) 

Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature  (Eric Wilson, Georgia State University)

History of Political Philosophy: Smith & Kant  (Eric Wilson, Georgia State University)

Hannah Arendt  (Sandra Dwyer, Georgia State University)

Plato  (Tim O’Keefe, Georgia State University) 

Ancient Ethics  (Tim O’Keefe, Georgia State University)


Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Mind

Evidence and Singular Causes  (Nancy Cartwright, UC San Diego)

Truth and Scientific Change  (Gila Sher, UC San Diego)

Social Epistemology, Perceptual Justification  (Matt Fulkerson, UC San Diego)

Science, Evidence, and the Law  (Nancy Cartwright, Craig Callender, UC San Diego)

Moral Psychology  (Eddy Nahmias, Georgia State University)



Symbolic Logic  (Gila Sher, UC San Diego)

Modal Logic  (Gila Sher, UC San Diego) 


Outside of Philosophy 

Sociology of Gender*  (Mary Blair-Loy, UC San Diego)

Sex Equality in the Law*  (Catharine MacKinnon, Lori Watson, USD Law School)




2012           Academic Coordinator, Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) Summer Institute

2009-10     Looking Glass Youth & Family Services Independent Living Program, Eugene, OR 

2008-09     Northwest Youth Corps Outdoor High School (AmeriCorps), Eugene, OR 

2004-07     Nursing Assistant, Merit Care Hospital Emergency Room