Preserve your family’s history for generations to come. Every family has a rich history that has been captured in pictures, film, video, and documents. These items are priceless, irreplaceable, and fading with age. You are a member of the first generation that has the ability to preserve your rich history in a digital format that is expected to last 100 years. Only you can decide what historical information is worth preserving and what should be allowed to naturally deteriorate and fade away.

We are offering a service for individuals who have videotapes that they would like to have transferred and preserved on DVDs. All videotapes deteriorate with time. A good quality tape that has been stored properly and not played too often should still look like new after five years. After ten years, the image will show signs of aging such as dropouts, streaks, and color changes. After fifteen years, the same tape will play quite poorly. After twenty years, you will have little left to look at.

What we are suggesting is that you consider transferring important tapes such as your wedding video, newborn baby videos, and film or video of your family to DVDs. In addition to lasting significantly longer, DVDs are more enjoyable to watch than videotapes. The DVDs we produce have chapter marks that allow you to instantly jump to the scenes you want to watch, pause a clear still image, and jump past the less interesting segments.