The Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club 

Madison Alabama

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ballroom Dancing

 The Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club is all about dancing and having FUN!!!

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We opened in Madison, Alabama,  January 15, 1999, and for the last TWENTY-FIVE years we’ve been having FUN

teaching people in the Huntsville and Madison area to dance. We teach Ballroom, Latin and Swing Dances.

We are a Social Dance Club. By that I mean our focus is on our Students and Members dancing for their FUN!!

When the occasion arises we encourage our students to participate in Dance Showcases.

This provides our members with a forum to exhibit their dance skills to family and friends.

Most members find this to be a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to take their skills to new heights.

Our staff performs exhibition dances, as well, making these evenings both inspiring and entertaining to watch local talent perform live.

In previous years the proceeds from our summer show have been donated to Local Charities.

As a Club we attend several Dinner/Dances through the year.

Members find it fun to get to use what they've learned in a "real world" setting.

We have a Dance Party EVERY Friday night at 8 and Special Dance Parties such as a Halloween Costume party, a dance on Thanksgiving night, 

an Ugly Sweater Party and a Christmas party with a Dirty Santa Gift Game.

During the week we offer Private Lessons and Group Classes in Ballroom and Latin Dances.

No Partner is necessary. If you don't have a partner your instructor will be your partner during your lessons and at the Dance Parties.

Private Lessons are taught Monday through Friday in the Afternoons and Evenings by Appointment.

We teach Group Classes Monday, Thursday and Friday nights at 7.

Monday is for Beginners, Thursday is a little more Advanced and Friday is even More Advanced.

Some of the dances you will learn are Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing and Hustle.

Attending Group Classes,  Private Lessons and Dance Parties increases your Learning Rate and you're up and  DANCING in no time.

Friday night is PARTY night at The Kinesthetic Cue! Every Friday night we host a Dance Party providing our 

members a fun environment for our Members to practice what they are learning and meet other Dance Enthusiasts.

We provide snacks and beverages in our smoke-free, alcohol-free studio so you can dance and have FUN.

Dancing is GREAT quality time and a fun way to exercise for couples and singles.

As you can tell by now if you have read this far, we are not just another place that offers dance instruction.

We are a Social Club focused around dancing. You will make friends here so come on out and start having FUN!!