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Dr. Kay was born at a very young age.

As a child, Dr. Kay had a mysterious illness which was never identified (and what is your excuse?). For all we know, he may still have it.

His first formative contact with business came from employment at Mojonnier Brothers, Inc. He was employed at summer jobs held during his high school and college years. He worked in manufacturing (assembling conveyor equipment, work similar to the "erector set" which he played with as a child), accounting (luckily he had no major responsibilities), inventory management (counting nuts and bolts is certainly fun), and was a key player in company communications (i.e., the mail room). During his lunch breaks, he sometimes played chess (think strategy) with Boris, a janitor who claimed he was a communist (remember the cold war?). By chance and an curious handicap system, he won the company golf championship (this is true-no kidding!). The family-owned company later went through several buyouts and new managers instituted changes which drastically affected quality, reduced profits, and decimated the workforce.

These important experiences taught Dr. Kay an important lesson:

Never take managers seriously!

Dr. Kay hung around the University of Chicago too long (escape from the real world?), severely reducing his earnings capacity. Impoverished, he moved to New York City (why not a bigger Apple?). While pursing his Ph.D., he had a series of absurd jobs (including marketing research), traveled to Japan (remember when the yen was low?), studied with several karate masters (they were very kind and did not damage him), and eventually returned to his roots in front of a Botticelli painting in Florence (a mega-"aha" experience) from which he never recovered.

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