Whether website content, business newsletter, product or services descriptions, or your latest press release, if you are like most busy professionals, you don't have time to rewrite...polish...rewrite...polish. Even if you enjoy writing and have the ability, given the leisure time, that is probably not your primary calling or priority as a business executive, company manager, or small business owner.

Sometimes you need to call in the seasoned talent, the mature wordsmith, to compose and polish your message. You have the great product, the excellent services. You have the staff and equipment, the technical skills and web-presence, the lawyers and tax accountants and bookkeepers and caterers.

Sometimes, in so many businesses and organizations, one of the few overlooked components of a truly successful company is the writer-editor. In Hollywood, reality shows (though they can be fun) often replace great script-writing and story telling. It is much harder to pull that kind of sleight-of-hand in the business world.