The ropes loosed and the small crew worked deftly winching chains, pulling the soggy mooring cords back up on to the ship. Skogafoss, a 120-plus meter cargo ship from Iceland, slipped out into the bay. As the last of the ropes were secured in the forward deck, Boatswain turned and said, “This is our bread and butter.” We are all part of this global network – the contents of our stores, homes and closets show the results of the shipping industry. But we rarely glimpse the world of work that makes our globalized lives possible; the people on ships who move goods across oceans everyday: the work they do maintaining the ships, the idle hours biding time between shifts and ports spent half a world from homes and family, navigating the open ocean. This film is a glimpse into life onboard.
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                                                          Andrew Shea

The Island and The Whale, with expert interviews, explores the current questions and debate in Iceland surrounding the country's recently revived practice of commercial whaling. Nearly 100 years after becoming one of the first nations in the world to ban whaling in 1915, it is now one of the few nations of the world that permits and is developing the practice. The debate within Iceland goes beyond environmental and economic concern, and is often drawn along lines of nationalism on this northern, volcanic island that has been independent for just seventy years. The Island and The Whale shows the 2013 whaling season and processing within the context and history of whaling and the ways in which this highly controversial practice is discussed in Iceland today.

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