Karakan MIDI karaoke editor

(version 7.2)

What is Karakan?

Karakan is a free and easy to use editor for creating MIDI karaoke files. It runs under Microsoft Windows. You can enter the lyrics of a song as text in Song Text Format. From the lyrics and a given MIDI file (.mid), Karakan makes a karaoke file (.kar). You can test the karaoke file using Karakan's internal playing facilities, or using an external karaoke player, which can be started from Karakan.

Karakan's features include:

    • Easy entering of song lyrics as text (in Song Text Format).

    • Automatic hyphenation of the song text for several languages.

    • Playing facilities: playing from the beginning of the karaoke file or from the current line in the song text.

    • Creating karaoke files either as Soft Karaoke file (for use with a karaoke player) or as MIDI file with lyrics (for use with keyboards).

    • Support for Unicode characters in karaoke files (for creating karaoke files in languages like Chinese or Japanese).

    • Support for right-to-left karaoke.

What's new in version 7?

    • Creating and playing part-songs (songs that contain multiple vocal parts), with up to four vocal parts.

Karakan is freeware. It may be used and distributed under the terms of this license agreement.

Downloading Karakan

    • Karakan version 7.2 (karakan.zip)

      • MIDI karaoke editor.

    • KPlay version 4.2 (kplay.zip)

      • Karaoke player that can play karaoke files with Unicode characters, right-to-left text, and multiple vocal parts (part-songs; up to four vocal parts).

If you don't have a karaoke player yet, try one of the following karaoke players:

  • folksKJ (this karaoke player also supports Unicode karaoke files created with Karakan). The author of this player has created a video tutorial on YouTube.

  • vanBasco's Karaoke Player (this karaoke player does not support Unicode karaoke files created with Karakan).

Last update: April 23, 2021.