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Root canals made by us

posted 19 Jan 2016, 12:50 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 01:19 ]


posted 2 Feb 2014, 12:36 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 01:19 ]

   Most powerful and state of the art rehabilitation material booth for crowns, veneers, and inlays.



posted 2 Feb 2014, 12:35 by Tamás Katona

Front tooth trauma

posted 4 Nov 2013, 11:44 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 11 Feb 2016, 23:55 ]

Trauma, metszőfogtörés

7 years old patient came in on the day of the trauma. Fragment bought in a bottle of water. Pulp was exposed. At this age root formation is not complete, thereforeit is vital to keep the pulp alive, so that root formation can nontinue.

After anaesthesia pulp was amputated approx 2mm deep apical from the wound. After bleeding had stopped, white MTA was applied. A glass ionomer covering was attached to the MTA and the tooth fragment become bonded back to its original place.A regular vitality check is important, and 2 years later the tooth is still vital.

Prettau Zirkonia

posted 24 Apr 2013, 11:53 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 00:31 ]

A difficult situation solved in just two appointments. Prettau zirconia was the material of our choice. Excessive abrasion caused pulp exposure, so root canal treatments were performed. Pictures will tell the whole story:


With few remained teeth...

posted 1 Aug 2010, 13:35 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 00:37 ]

Those patients having only a few remainig teeth have a choice of combined restaurations, with hidden precision anchorage elements. Those hidden elements utilise teeth as ancors for esthetic purposes. Removable parts of the restaurations remain unnoticeable.


posted 1 Aug 2010, 13:15 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 00:47 ]

 Our dental technicians (Kapos-Dent Art ) use the Zirkonzahn  system. (comprised of a premium sort of zirconia.) which is bio friendly and looks like natural tooth enamel. Thus versatile non metallic material isneed to replace the metallic parts of restorations such as crowns bridges, and even removable components. A perfect choice for metal allergic patients.

Fixed restaurations

posted 1 Aug 2010, 06:52 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 00:49 ]

Fixed porcelain fused to metal bridgework; containing nickel-chromium alloy, or nickel-cobalt alloy are the cheapest solution for replacing missing teeth, but not suitable for patient with metal allergies.

Aging of fillings

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:16 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 01:16 ]

Tooth coloured fillings are made up of plastic materials. With the time they get discoloured. Here an example of replacing old fillings.

Educational videos

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:11 by Tamás Katona   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 00:52 ]


You Tube video about caries. How to brush proper Your teeth.


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