Kailash and Mansarovar are the names which ignite attraction and devotion in the hearts of Indians. Kailash is the above of lord Shiva where he is engrossed in ecstatic meditation with goddess parvati. At the feet of Kailash hill, crystal like wide spread Mansarovar irrigates “Bharatvarsha” with its magnanimity as a source of great and mighty rivers. Sutleg, Karnali, Sindhu, Brahmaputra. The pilgrimage to Mansarovar is synonymous to existence for shiva devotees. But how difficult it is to reach there! Kailash , Mansarovar are now under the sovereignty of china after the war of 1962. Now pilgrims can reach there under the pact entered into by the government of India with China. The pilgrims costs each pilgrim about Rs. 40.000/- The oter way which leads to Kailash, Mansarovar goes through Nepal, which consumes less time comparatively. But this too does not curtail the expenses of pilgrimage since there is a provision of seeking Nepal Governments permission.

The pilgrims to Kailash, Mansarovar is arduous since it is naturally characterised by the trudging of days together, overcoming hard terrain and braving the challenges of inclement weather. But one has to pass through the ordeal to accomplish such a laudable aim.

The bewitching charms of Kailash , Mansarovar Yatra , SWAMI BIKASH GIRI in his book “SUMERU PARVAT” 12 Years of Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage and Transformation’ SWAMI BIKASH GIRI is genius. He appears thin. Shortstatured and weak physically yet embodies an unusual determination and intense devotion for ‘Lord Shiva’. He is an unparalled meditator who has been visiting Kailash Mansarovar annually for the last twelve years. He has crossed frozen Mansarovar bare-footed in winters. He has incessantly been taking rounds of Kailash Mansarovar in the face of paucity of means, imperiling his life. He has been staying at Dolma pass of Tara ma, Ashtapad, Kailash caves and the banks of Mansarover for the last twelve years. The strange are the experiences of his travels. He has experienced spiritual contectment and magnetic impact of inaccessible corners of natural charm at the same time during these travels. The Book , in which he has incorporated those wonderful experiences, is beyond comparison in many ways. It not only contains the captivating details of this place but also carries beautiful photographs which transport the readers to the realm itself. It contains the photographs of Kailash from different angles and pictures of Mansarovar taken in different seasons. The beautiful pictures extend a warm and intimate invitation to the readers who are connoisseur of majestic pictures. Mansarovar appears equally arresting in a moonlit night as its frozen formenders you in winters. The photograph of famous ‘Om Mountain’ is also eye-catching In addition to his. SWAMI BIKASH GIRI has delineated in a most picturesque manner, the animals and birds, the Neel Kamal, Royal Swans, Him Pushpa and itinerary.

I am of the view that this book carries not only the factual details regarding Kailash Mansarovar but also presents a tempting invitation to its readers. SWAMI BIKASH GIRI has made the ardent admirers of Kailash Mansarovar indebted to him by having authored such a nice book after his visit to Kailash Mansarovar. I am of the firm belif that this book will be reverentially accepted by its devout readers.