Owner and Moderator of the SDR (Software Defined Radio) User’s Discussion Group.

Founder of The SDR Institute project.

First licensed in Cuba in 1958 as CO2ZS.

K4LCD license information at QRZ.com.

Winner of the 1959 World Wide CQDX Contest - 14Mz Single Operator - Division: CUBA.

RADIOS AND AMPS: Transceivers: YAESU FT DX 1200; KENWOOD TS-590S; KENWOOD TS-2000; Yaesu FT-857; Transverter for 472KHz - 505KHz built for me by KB5NJD, John Langridge of Duncanville, TX modified from a design by Roger Lapthorn G3XBM's; RF-Space SDR-IQ Receiver; 2xSoftrock Ensemble II SDR receivers; Jackson Harbor LF/MF RX down converter.

Icom IC-706MKII-G, (Antenna Tuner) and Screwdriver antenna, installed in the 2009 Toyota Corolla.

IRLP Node 8130 w/ICOM Ic-208H Antenna is duoband 145/440 vertical at 60 feet (off the air).

TOWERS: Heavy Duty motorized TRIEX 38' Rotor: Tailtwister; Guyed ROHN 45, 50'; Rotor: Tailtwister.

ANTENNAS: 20M through 10M TENNADYNE T8 LOGPERIODIC AT 52 FEET (16 meter); 160/80M Shunted 50' Rohn 45G Tower;  40M  Slopper fed at 50 foot (15 meter) level of tower; 98 radial ground system; 432 M2 432-9WL YAGI; 144 M2 2M12 YAGI; 54Mhz  M2 6M7JHV Yagi; 

*Lowband receive only antennas: 4xEWE loops for 160/80Mts custom designed by Floyd Koontz (WA2WVL) and 160/80M coax rotatable loop; LF/MF amplified coax loop; . Preamps are Advance Receiver Research. Timewave ANC-4 Noice Canceller.

VHF and UHF AMPLIFIERS: Mirage B1016 and B1010 brick amps; Modified Heathkit SB220 1KW in 6 Meters.

HF AMPLIFIERS AND TUNERS: Ameritron ALS-600 solid state HF amp; Ameritron AL-82 HF amp; Heathkit SB-220 HF Amp; Palstar AT 1500CV Antenna tuner.

2 BIRD WATTMETERS, MFJ-269 Antenna Analyzer, DAIWA WATT METER, 2xASTRON POWER SUPPLIES and Power werx Power Supply.

COMPUTERS: GATEWAY i5 Windows 8 64bits; GATEWAY quattro Windows 7 64bits; Emachine Windows XP;


Plus: complete state of the art mobile station.

Email: k4lcd@bellsouth.net

Skype: juangranados-miami